Media Blackout: German Party Reveals Smoking Gun 'Vaccine' Data, Explosion of ‘Sudden and Unexpected’ Deaths (Videos)

Germany’s Conservative AfD party released what might be considered the most critical data yet that indicates the harms the mRNA covid injections are inflicting upon populations worldwide.

In a press conference held shortly before Christmas, Germany’s Conservative Alternative für Deutschland (AfD party) released what might be considered the most important data yet that indicates the harms that mRNA covid injections are inflicting upon populations worldwide. 

Thanks to Germany’s statistical tracking system for vaccine injuries, data scientists have been able to perform comparison studies for vaccine injuries of many types, comparing data from 2016 to the first quarter of 2022. And while under-reporting for Covid vaccines is likely by order of 90 percent, the German data collected before the administration of Covid mRNA vaccines allow for a useful comparison group before and after the start of this inoculation campaign. 

“We have come across various increases in 2021,” explains Martin Sichert, health policy spokesman for the AfD, the only German political party to oppose vaccine mandates. “In cancer cases, in cases of intestinal diseases, and so on. However, we also found figures that are so shocking that we said, I said, this has to be the focus of our press conference.” 

Sickert and his data analyst Tom Lausen found a massive increase in sudden and unexpected deaths. For nearly a year now, there have been anecdotal stories from insurance companies about the staggering increase in excess mortality figures. Still, the release of this data appears to be the first time correlated numbers confirm what on-the-ground stories have been telling us. 

“In 2017, there were 14 deaths per day. In 2018 there were 14 deaths per day. In 2019 there were 18 deaths per day. Then, in 2021 suddenly, there’s a jump to 97 deaths per day. We have, in fact, since the first quarter of 2021, in each subsequent quarter, more ‘sudden and unexpected’ deaths than in all previous years combined. So that’s more than a quadrupling of ‘sudden and unexpected’ that we see here,” said Sickert. “It was completely unexpected and really shocking. So effectively, this means that 70 or more ‘sudden and unexpected’ deaths occurred per day.” 

This sounds much like the tally of vaccine injuries reported to the American system VAERS, which long ago surpassed the number of injuries reported for these Covid vaccines than for all injury reports for all other vaccines combined since reporting began. And that’s to say nothing of deaths. 

The German data has been brought to light by an access to information request brought by AfD to the KBV, an association that represents all German physicians who receive insurance; that’s 72 million people who receive statutory health insurance in Germany. 

However, this information has been disputed by legacy media and ZI, a medical research institute in Germany, over questions of data interpretation. As anyone who has been following the Covid story and subsequent vaccine debate must surely know, data can lie and has been used to do so widely over the last three years. An excellent essay on the release of this data can be found here: it is important to read the comments where there’s an open discussion. 

As the writer, A MidWestern Doctor, rightfully points out, Big Pharma has been afforded a special type of privilege absent critical thinking, whereby it has become almost impossible to demonstrate that a vaccine can ever be at fault for anything. This starting point and the collusion of mainstream media, combined with censorship and a flood of propaganda, almost ensures that even startling data such as this release by AfD will not receive widespread balanced coverage. 

But this graph simplifies all the codes provided by KBV and is an easy read for the lay data scientist. And the explosion of deaths from 2021 is clear. 

However, while correlation does not prove causation, it’s mighty suspicious. “We can’t say it is definitely from the vaccination, but it is one of the factors that we know started in the first quarter of 2021,” says Sickert. “Until the opposite is proven, the suspicion that there is a connection is so strong that the inoculation with these vaccines should be suspended, just as it would have been with all other medicines.” 

Sickert and Lausen pointed the finger at the Robert Koch Institute and the Paul Ehrlich Institute for failing to do their jobs to evaluate data to ensure safety of medical products. He asserts that, in fact, they’ve done their best not to evaluate data in order to ascertain the safety of these experimental vaccines. Moreover, the Paul Ehrlich Institute concedes that over 90 percent of deaths and adverse events are not reported by doctors but by relatives, which is likely to lead to severe underreporting. 

Sickert called for the resumption of autopsies as a clear and easy way to understand the cause of death and demonstrate possible links to vaccine status.  

Watch the following Alternative für Deutschland press conference, which RAIR Foundation USA has exclusively translated:

Part One:


Part Two:


Part Three


Part Four:


Part Five:

Miranda Sellick

Miranda Sellick has been a journalist for more than 25 years. She has worked for newspapers in the U.K. and Canada and is the author of two books. She was aware that the covid play was not what it appeared to be very soon after it was unleashed on the world.


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  • The vaccinations started at low volume and then ramped-up through the year. It’s not plausible that a rising rate of daily vaccinations would cause a constant level of unexplained deaths. Simple logic dictates there must be another explanation.


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