Media Blackout: Left-Wing Radicals Attack Another Catholic Church in Colorado (Video)

Since February 2020, there have been at least 25 attacks on Catholic churches across northern Colorado.

In the latest attack on Catholic Churches in Northern Colorado, left-wing radicals targeted Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Boulder County. The Church, founded in 1873, was spray-painted with anarchist symbols, along with pro-abortion and anti-Christian messaging. Despite an epidemic of crimes against Churches in the area, mainstream media once again remains silent.

This attack comes after the Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church set up thousands of crosses on its front lawn last weekend as its annual recognition of Respect Life Month. Each one of the 4,000 crosses represents a baby aborted daily in the United States. The Church Youth director and Social Communications Director, Mark Everard stated, “We care about our unborn, the sanctity of life, all the way to death.”

The Crime

Boulder police report that the dangerous criminals struck the Catholic Church around 3:30 am Wednesday. The sound of breaking glass woke the priest. They believe the criminals were scared away when he turned on the lights outside. 

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office is investigating damage done by the radicals who ripped the crosses out of the ground, smashed windows, threw eggs, slashed tires, and spray-painted pro-abortion messages in red and black across the church buildings, statues, signs, and vehicles. 

Youth Director Everard reported that the Church has been targeted before but “never to this extent.” Some of the messages left behind stated, “Jesus loves abortion,” “Abort Catholocism,” “No Gods, No Masters,” “Hands off our bodies,” the anarchist “A;” “No wire hangers ever;” “Bans off our bodies;” “Your church is dying LOL;” “My body, my choice;” and “No gods, no master.”

Authorities believe five to seven people carried out the anti-Christian attack and that about six people were captured on church surveillance cameras.

The Church’s response to their attackers is to pray for those responsible,

“We do love people and we care about that person. I really do hope that the person or persons, you know, would get the help that they need, the healing that they need.” Evevard said.

The parish priest, Father Jonathan Dellinger, asked the Christian to “put these brothers at the top of their list of prayer intentions and pray for their conversion.”

For now, the Church leadership is leaving the criminal’s graffiti up as an example to the community. Of course, the Church’s youth director doesn’t expect everyone to feel the way they do, but he expects others to share their opinions in ways other than
vandalism. “It’s sad because they tried to do as much damage,” explains Mr. Everard.

The Sacred Heart of Mary is not the first Catholic Church in the area targeted in recent weeks. On September 5, radicals vandalized St. Louis Catholic Church in Boulder Country with similar pro-abortion graffiti. Police have requested help from the public in identifying the criminals who are still on the run.

Epedemic of Anti-Christian Attacks

A spokesperson for the archdiocese of Denver, Mark Haas, reports that since February 2020, there have been at least 25 attacks on Catholic churches across northern Colorado. Most of the Catholic Churches have been either vandalized or burglarized. Mr. Hass added,

“This included broken windows, damaged and disfigured statues, graffiti, vehicle damage, break-ins, stolen religious objects, and someone setting trees on fire outside a parish. Some incidents clearly targeted the Catholic Church, but not all.”

The Conference of Catholic Bishops in the United States has recorded at least 97 incidents of destruction in 29 states since May 2020, including arson, beheadings, amputations, smashing and painting of tombstones, and anti-Catholic language.

Late Term Abortions

Boulder is home to a famous abortion center, The Boulder Abortion Clinic, run by Warren Hern, accepts late-stage pregnant women from all over the world. The State of Colorado has no laws that prohibit late abortions. Therefore, they can do abortions throughout the pregnancy until the time of the baby’s birth.

Mainstream Media Complicit

Why are mainstream media outlets not reporting on the epidemic of attacks against Catholic Churches in Northern Colorado? If Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church was a Mosque and the perpetrators were conservatives, would this attack garnish national attention? Why don’t crimes against Christians and their houses of worship matter to the left-wing media?

America is following the same dangerous path of Western Europe where day after day, Christian churches and symbols are deliberately attacked and ignored by the media. Furthermore, European media continuously amplifies the very few attacks on Muslims and downplays the malicious and often deadly acts against Christians.

How To Help
  • Donate to the Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church here.
  • Send a message of support to the Pastor and staff of Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Parish here.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • Those actors who support Biden, they are dumped. No more Clooney movies.
    If you support Biden, you also support
    Left-Wing Radicals Attack on Catholic Churches.

    Clooney, a longtime supporter of President Biden, described America as a country that is still recovering from the damage caused by Donald Trump.

  • Perhaps if law enforcement were more “available” then such then such acts of vandalism might not occur. I mean of course if law enforcement were actively patroling instead of laying in wait for things like DUI. In towns across America
    police have turned away from crime prevention to revenue agents – DUI is not criminal – it was once classified as “Traffic” violation.

    A while back I was returning with my daughter from play practice in a neighboring town. A black dog darted in front of me while driving through town – I was certain I made contact with the dog -I was afraid the animal was severely injured. I took my daughter home and returned to where it happened. i found no evidence and the proceeded to the local Police station to try and report the incident. I did not want the animal to suffer if so hurt. The station was locked, the patrol cars gone. I drove around town for ahalf hour trying desperately to find an officer. I concluded that they were “hiding/laying in wait” for DUI violations near bars, clubs restaurants etc.
    That same year an entire street was burglarized at a time of a town fair – no patrols
    since DUI is so much more profitable for the town/county/state.


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