Media Blackout: Violent Antifa Attack Sends Pro-Trump Latinos to ER (watch)

Media Blackout: Violent Antifa Attack Sends Pro-Trump Latinos to ER (watch)

  • Posted by Renee Nal
  • On October 21, 2020
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A freedom-supporting couple from Latin America were violently assaulted as they attempted to attend a “Free Speech Rally” in San Francisco on Saturday, Oct 17. The rally, coordinated by Philip Anderson of “Team Save America” was abruptly halted as hundreds of militant leftists from the “Youth Liberation Front” descended on the rally as police stood by and watched.

Marc and Gina Lopez shared their story on YouTube after returning from the Emergency Room. “The minute we stepped out of our Uber [to attend the rally],” Marc explains, “We were immediately treated with hate and negativitity. For simply wearing our MAGA hats and shirts, we were harassed, heckled and threatened…”

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It should also be noted that organizer Philip Anderson of Team Save America was punched in the face, and had two of his teeth knocked out. Andy Ngo and Mia Cathell of The Post Millennial compiled social media information on the alleged perpetrator Androa Anderson, 35, who is a militant leftist and has a criminal history. He was arrested and “charged with a hate crime-related assault”.

Another angle of the attack on Mr. Anderson:

Philip Anderson has been since suspended from Twitter.

Berkeley Antifa, however, is still on Twitter smearing Marc and Gina Lopez.

Marc explained that the couple was was “attacked by the Antifa mob.” He continues to say that “And yes, Antifa is real. They were waving Antifa flags. They called themselves Antifa. Don’t let the news tell you otherwise.” Mr. Lopez is clearly referencing recent statements by democrats such as Joe Biden and Jerry Nadler.

He continued:

We did nothing wrong. We are not racists, we are not fascists. In fact, we condemn racism, fascism, and violence in every form. But the hypocrisy we experienced was true fascism and violence in the most undeniable form. The entire mob swarmed us, and we attempted to run.

As explained on their GoFundMe:

As Gina got away, Marc was kicked in the leg, resulting in an injury that will surely cause permanent damage. Marc’s doctor says that his knee cap is fractured and his patellas tendon was also ruptured. Upon falling to the ground, Marc was kicked, stomped and pepper sprayed by the antifa mob. Gina was also hit by an antifa mobster and was pepper sprayed.

Marc will need surgery for his leg. Please help them pay for their medical bills here.

Watch more on the Free Speech Rally, which was silenced (raw video):

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Mary Doering
Antifa members are like savages, ugly savages.
Antifa members are like savages, ugly savages.

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