Media Manipulation: Truth Behind Nazi Flag Used to Discredit Canada's Freedom Convoy (Exclusive)

During the first few days of Canada’s Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa, left-wing media seized on a lone man carrying two controversial flags to discredit January’s mass gathering. One flag was the now-iconic F*CK Trudeau image, with the star replaced with a maple leaf, and the other, a Nazi Swastika symbol.

The Nazi flag was perfect media fodder to discredit the Convoy and falsely claim it consisted of radicals. The media and government were anxious to negate the real concerns of Canadians by associating the Freedom movement as a front for fascism, as opposed to denouncing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s fascist Covid mandates and policies.

Without investigating the meaning or purpose behind the individual flying the flags, the media immediately smeared the Freedom Convoy likening it to a Klan rally rather than a demand to have Trudeau restore the constitutional rights of Canadians.

CityNews interviewed controversial Muslim “hate crime researcher” Irfan Chaudhry to opine about the one “Nazi Flags” seen at the rally. Meanwhile, the news station refused to question Chaudhry on the parallels between Nazis and Islam’s genocidal hatred of Jews. Furthermore, they did not attempt to interview or investigate the reasons behind the man carrying the Nazi flag.

Other left-wing Canadian news organizations seized on the one Nazi flag, claiming it was “proof of white supremacist sympathies lurking beneath the movement’s surface.” They spent weeks interviewing victims and their families of Nazi atrocities in Europe, warning that the lone flag at the Freedom Convoy could represent the tens of thousands of Canadians as opposed to the reality that they were protesting for their freedoms and rights.

RAIR Foundation USA had the opportunity to speak with a Kirk who attended the Freedom Convoy protest and personally questioned the flag bearer on why he would promote such a hateful symbol:

The man was yelling he was not a racist. He was yelling out that this is what Trudeau and the government are going to turn Canada into a Nazi regime. I was offended at first when I saw the Nazi flag. So that’s why I approached the gentleman. 

I heard what he said. And then a bunch of other people came around, spoke to him, and said, that was not the idea we want to put across because the media would spin it out. 

A day or two later, the other guy came with a brand new Nazi flag, and that’s when the Media started calling us racist.

From what I got from the man, he was saying. It was not to do with race, nothing to do with anything other than this is what the government is turning our country into.

Watch the exclusive RAIR Foundation USA interview with Kirk:

In a typical left-wing media fashion, they used a Nazi flag held by one individual who meant it to represent Trudeau’s radical government to smear politicians supporting the Freedom Convoy.

Gatineau city councilor Mike Duggan was not only attacked by the media, but their left-wing political allies tried to remove the democratically elected councilor from office. It seems that Duggan’s “crime” was asking his fellow politicians to go see the Freedom Rally for themselves instead of relying on the left-wing media’s skewed interpretation. He hoped elected officials would actually want to hear the feedback of their constituents who were standing in freezing cold temperatures for months begging to be heard.

Watch RAIR’s exclusive interview with Mike Duggan:

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • So? What is in print cannot be believed on it’s face? You see. THAT’S the problem. Whether the actual facts are spun “one way or another”, it’s STILL going to be questionable on the opposing side. Opinionaters just give ‘their’ slant on what they consider news, (more like what they consider ‘should be’ or what they ‘want’ the news to be, not the truth of the matter).

    All I want is the news AS IS! I can figure the rest out for myself. Until the ‘news’ becomes “the news, the whole news and nothing ‘but’ the news” again, I can’t trust any so called journalist’s words.

    Opinionaters have taken the top spot in disingenuous. Until and when news people get back to “JUST THE NEWS”, they’re no different than any other opinionater.

    I very much appreciate those who give me “the REST of the story”. That is, “the news, the whole news and nothing but the news. Thanks for this one!

  • I still have the picture of Trudeaus very own personal photographer being right beside this person as the good Canadians ushered him out of the area.


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