Meet Lorenzo Fioramonti: The Dangerous Neo-Malthusian Salvini-Hater Imposing Fake Global Warming Studies on Italian School Children

“…we have done the research. Now it’s time for the action for politics and for governance. And in a sense, my entire life has been about this…” -Lorenzo Fioramonti

Italy’s new Deputy Minister of Education, University and Research Lorenzo Fioramonti is a neo-Malthusian “economist” who made breathless international headlines earlier this month for his sweeping new requirement of all schoolchildren to have mandatory courses in global warming, in addition to politicizing “geography, mathematics and physics,” which are “to be studied from the perspective of sustainable development”. Fioramonti has also called for Crucifixes to be removed from all of the classrooms of Italy.

An opponent of free enterprise, Fioramonti’s thesis is that Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as a sign of economic growth should be abolished because it does not measure “wellbeing”. His beliefs were inspired by the Malthusian false premise that resources on earth are finite and will not sustain the growing population. As reported at RAIR Foundation USA, the discredited theories of Thomas Malthus are closely aligned with the eugenics movement and were popular among 20th century socialists such as Margaret Sanger, H.G. Wells, Marie Stopes, George Bernard Shaw and Adolf Hitler.

Nevertheless, these ideas persist and are prevalent in the alarmist nature of man-made global warming, where they are masked as “science” and used to justify outrageous proposals for sweeping changes around the globe.

Extinction Rebellion uses Global Warming Alarmism to justify sweeping changes to the West

Fioramonti is currently on leave from his position as Professor of Political Economy at the University of Pretoria (South Africa), where he is a “leader” in the “Wellbeing Economy Alliance,” which “exists to help bring about a transformation of the economic system, of society and of institutions so that all actors prioritise shared wellbeing on a healthy planet.”

During a revealing interview from April 2018, Fioramonti discusses his initiative, saying that their ideas must be incorporated into governments around the world, as well as to “make sure that all the different activists operating at the local level anywhere around the world starting from the country where I’m living now – Italy – don’t have to swim against the tide…” Now Fioramonti is in the Italian Government, where he is imposing his warped ideology on young Italians.

Not surprisingly, Fioramonti is not a fan of President Trump, as clearly revealed by some of his tweets:

File:Fioramonti-lorenzo tweet.JPG
File:Fioramonti-lorenzo tweet1.JPG

A little over a year ago, Fioramonti addressed the Club of Rome, a neo-Malthusian organization whose claim to fame stemmed from their 1972 Malthusian propaganda booklet, “The Limits to Growth,” a doomsday publication reminiscent of the intense global warming fear-mongering in contemporary times.

During his address, Fioramonti gushed over one of the authors of the publication, Donella Meadows, saying that she was a “political visionary” who “inspired” his work. He also said that it is “time for action for politics and governance…”

“Donella Meadows has always been one of – I suppose, one of those people able to inspire my work and the work of many other people across generations. And I still find her work – speaking of women that made a difference – her work extremely inspiring not only from a biological as well as from a physical point of view but also as political -um – as a political visionary. You know. And I think what I want to say is basically… I think the time for research is over in a sense. Like, we have done the research. Now it’s time for the action for politics and for governance. And in a sense, my entire life has been about this… Power to the people! It is time we go back to the basics…”


As dutifully reported at Reuters, Fioramonti openly reviles former Deputy Italian Prime Minister Matteo Salvini. “I want to represent the Italy that stands against all the things that Salvini does,” Fioramonti said. “We have to build a different narrative and not be afraid of saying something Salvini may not like, because that’s why we exist.”


Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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