Meet the Wealthy Young Socialist who Writes the 'Really American' anti-Trump Videos

As conservatives are being removed without accountability or transparency, radical leftist groups are free to bombard citizens with biased, partisan content.

A young, wealthy socialist named Justin Horwitz has created a social media empire upon which he advertises his factually void but slick videos embraced by leftists and propped up by big tech. Horwitz, the founder and president of the Really American PAC, “writes and produces all of the Donald Trump attack ads released by Really American,” according to their website.

Horwitz, who hails from a long line of personal injury lawyers based in Chicago, decided to go another route, according to his LinkedIn profile, where he describes himself as a “media strategist and political activist.”

“Really American” is largely funded by donations through Act Blue, as well as a Chicago-based group called “JHCH Ventures,” which appears to be an amalgamation of Justin Horwitz and his father Cliff’s initials. Really American paid JHCH Ventures over 160k last year for things like “management & finance consulting” and “strategy consulting” according to FEC Filings.

Cliff and Justin Horwitz via Facebook

Really American boasts a massive social media platform. When the group releases a Trump-bashing video, it is typically accompanied by a hashtag that trends on Twitter. The constant stream of videos were promoted endlessly during the 2020 presidential campaign. The formula of short, anti-Trump videos being blasted on social media has also been used by MeidasTouch, Don Winslow and the Lincoln Project (see RAIR’s article on the Lincoln Project here).

By contrast, pro-Trump content was suppressed and censored on social media by the deceptively-named “Trusted News Initiative,” an “alliance of major media outlets and big tech monopolies,” as reported at RAIR Foundation USA. Similar groups, such as Data & Society and the Clinton-allied Accountable Tech (also see here) are just two of many well-funded organizations relentlessly working behind the scenes to silence opposition, often under the guise of suppressing “disinformation”.

It should be noted that while Really American was founded to “to End the Nightmare of the Trump Presidency and right-wing rule,” they are not limited to anti-Trump content. Really American produced targeted ads for the 2021 Georgia Senate runoff election, as well as content targeting Lindsey Graham. The Really American PAC put up billboards in rural Georgia that deceptively appeared to be supportive of the President, proclaiming: “Perdue/Loeffler Didn’t Deliver For Trump, DON’T Deliver For Them.”

As of today on Twitter, Justin Horwitz has 35.3K Followers, the official Really American page has 270.8K Followers. Really American Senior Advisors James Kosur has 125.5K Followers, and Majid M. Padellan (BrooklynDad_Defiant!) has 859.5K Followers. Really American promoter Tea Pain boasts 689K Followers and Really American’s ally former Illinois State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias also promotes their videos using his 14K followers. Twitter has been actively removing prominent conservative followers from their platform, including the President of the United States, while they promote vicious and inaccurate content from groups like “Really American.”

On Facebook, Justin Horwitz claims to be the founder of the Facebook groups “U.S. Democratic Socialists,” which has over a million followers and “Americans Against Fascism,” which has 261K followers. The “Really American” Facebook page is edging closely to One Million followers. As conservative Facebook pages are being removed without accountability or transparency, radical leftist groups are free to bombard their followers with biased, partisan content.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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