MEP Compares Covid 'Vaccine' Makers to 'Unscrupulous Mafia' (Video)

“Mandatory vaccinations represent the death penalty and will result in the execution of many citizens.” – Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakusic

Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakusic warned the European Parliament about the emergence of “powerful, unscrupulous mafia-pandemic profiteers who are more dangerous than all previous forms of organized crime.”

We are dealing with a mafia that uses the media instead of weapons for a fear campaign to sell billions of its products, said the former Croatian judge MEP Kolakušić.

Over the past year, virtually all mainstream media in Europe and worldwide have been spreading misinformation and publishing falsehoods, the MEP said.

No End to Their Fear Campaigns

The source of the misinformation is the Covid “vaccine” makers, who want to sell several billions of their products every year by propagating fear campaigns, Kolakusic emphasized. “There is no end to this fear campaign because they earn tens of billions a year.”

“They are organized, spread fear, and influence policymakers,” he warns.

Death Penalty

The Croatian MEP recently said in Parliament that mandatory vaccination “means the death penalty.” Kolakušić stated, “Tens of thousands of citizens have died from the side effects of vaccines. Mandatory vaccinations represent the death penalty and will result in the execution of many citizens.”

The leader previously blamed the European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s Covid policies for dividing citizens and violating their rights and scientific advice. “Fundamental human rights have never been more seriously violated in the past 80 years since Nazism: freedom to travel, the right to work, health care, and the right to ban medical experiments performed on more than 500 million people. Furthermore, every citizen has the right to self-determination,” emphasized the MEP.

He also slammed the Covid passes, stating, “Corona certificates that only allow the vaccinated to travel freely – while spreading the virus just as easily as the unvaccinated – are insane.”

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • It is actually a Mafia within the Mafia controlled by a Mafia above it which is controlled by Money which is controlled by the Rothschilds.
    Then we have the media a Mafia within the Mafia controlled by a Mafia above it which is controlled by Money which is controlled by the Rothschilds who control Reuters and AP that controls the Information going to the media which is a Mafia Family related to the Rothschilds sponsored and controlled by it.
    Then we have the Religious Mafia which is more of the same.
    And the Government who are the Mafia.
    All of them work together as one Mafia to coerce you threaten you lie to you and push you by any means necessary into taken which what is pure poison and deadly to the human race.
    Does that answer your question?

  • Yes, Ursula von der Leyen-Göbbels is part of this mafia, as the other followers and members of Klaus Schwabe’s terrorist school for young global terrorists, as we all see, our great terrorists and mafia members:
    Justin Trudeau, Jacinda Ardern, Sanna Marin, Emmanuelle(!) Macron and all the rest.

  • “ also originally reported in Jan. 2021 that Fauci’s salary had been listed at $417,608, the highest salary listed for any government figure including President Biden. In addition, Fauci has a retirement package that is expected to take in approximately $350,000 per year.”

    Fauci’s, Gate’s, Soros’, Biden’s, Daszac’s, all Big Pharma CEO’s, etc. all assets must be seized and the money shall go to the mRNA genocide victims and their relatives.
    Fauci’s whole retirement package must be reserved for the mRNA genocide victims.

  • “Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said banks are obligated to flag, freeze, or suspend accounts financing the “illegal blockades.” Blair Gable/REUTERS”


    ( What a joke “Freeland” !!!!!!!!! )

  • “Biden warns Russia against ‘bloody, destructive war’
    President Biden made a direct appeal to the citizens of Russia, warning against what would be a “bloody, destructive war” against Ukraine.

    “To the citizens of Russia, you are not our enemy,” Biden said during a Tuesday address. “And I do not believe you want a bloody destructive war against Ukraine, a country and the people with whom you share such deep ties of family history and culture.” ”

    The fucking Biden shit want to divert citizens from discovering the ongoing genocide and communist take over by quickly disguise it with some totally unnecessary war by fucking with Putin.
    That is the plan, by order of Soros, Gates and WEF’s Klaus Schwab-Schicklgruber.

    Putin surely just laughing looking at that dementiashit Joe escaped from some mental institution.


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