MEP Shocks Parliament: Doubts Ukraine's Version of Bucha Massacre, Calls for 'Investigation' (Video)

“The Ukrainian government’s truthfulness has already been doubted.” – Italian MEP Francesca Donato

From the floor of the European Parliament, Francesca Donato expressed her objections to the dominant anti-Russia narrative on the war in Ukraine. Donato, who was a member of the Lega, but resigned in September after Matteo Salvini, the party’s leader, expressed his support for the “green pass” and other restrictive Covid measures, questioned the massacre of Ukrainian civilians by the Russians in Bucha. The chair of the parliament debate, socialist Pina Picerno, attacked Donato for daring to pose a question that challenged the left’s narrative.

Talking about the massacre of Ukrainian civilians in Bucha, she questioned the legitimacy of the Ukrainian government’s reports. She called for an independent inquiry into the events in the town west of Kyiv. She noted people are calling to end trade with Russia without knowing all of the facts about the massacre,

“The sanctions toward the people of Russia and Belarus have had no effect on the warfare scenario. Whereas they have triggered a very serious energy crisis, with impacts on the industrial, agricultural, and food systems within European countries.

Today I have heard people supporting a total Russian gas embargo. Which is absolutely unsustainable for our economy, actually. This is on the basis of the Bucha facts reported by the Ukrainian government. Whose truthfulness has already been doubted?”

Donato then went on to ask for an “independent inquiry into Ukraine” to “investigate the facts of what occurred and the real responsibilities for the violence and massacres towards civilians.” She noted that the UN Under-Secretary-General” has already mentioned that “rapes committed by Ukrainian forces and Civil Protection militias were reported.”

In her speech, she also accused Ukraine of not being “neither democratic nor peaceful” towards the Russian-speaking populations before the conflict:

“I remind you, that before February 24 last, Ukraine was not exactly a peaceful country. Given that there has been a war in Donbas for eight years. In Donbas too, there have been massacres of Ukrainian civilians, women and children. And we remained indifferent to that. And it was not even a democratic country, given the government’s repressive measures against Russian-speaking citizens and the political opposition.”

Socialist Pina Picerno, who chaired the debate, immediately rebuked her remarks, stating:  

“This Chamber cannot give voice to stances which are absolutely unacceptable.

The Bucha massacre images, Mrs. Donato, were seen by everyone. And I am going to speak clearly, we cannot accept that people in this Chamber cast doubt on that. The images of the massacres of innocent civilians that have been occurring right now are being seen by everyone. And we cannot accept that this may be questioned, in this Chamber.

Mrs. Donato, this Chamber is not super partes. There is an attacker, Putin and there are the attacked, the Ukrainian citizens. Whom this Chamber and the EU institutions defend. Please, deal with it. Let us give the floor to Mr. Bogdan, now.”

Following Picierno’s attack on Donato for calling for an investigation into the Bucha massacre, she released a written statement slamming the Parliament for denying her the right to speak and denying her freedom of expression:

At the end of my speech today in Plenary in Strasbourg, the Hon. Pina Picierno (PD), who chaired the session as vice president, irritably replied to my words with tones inadequate for the role she held. 

She affirmed that ‘this Parliament cannot be a megaphone of unacceptable positions’ and ‘I do not allow these theses to be supported in this chamber,’ adding that “the Bucha massacre cannot be doubted” (although I do not have at all questioned, but has asked for an investigation to ascertain the responsibility, in the face of objective elements of ambiguity) and arguing that Russian responsibility is undeniable. 

Finally, she concluded with, ‘this Parliament is not equidistant if you are right.” Unfortunately, today we have witnessed a truly degrading page for what should be the symbolic institution of European democracy: the right to speak and the freedom of expression of an MEP, in the exercise of his functions, is denied by the President during the debate in the classroom, distorting the essence of the debate itself. Really a disturbing page and a bad show for citizens who believe in democracy.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • She must be all right if the leftist rats are afraid of what she says. I have been asking why the Ukranian massacre of people in Donbas is not news, Nor is the rape and murder committed by the Nazi Battalion. The Bucha massacre was deserving of an Oscar for the false portrayal of mayhem. Well done, Amy Mek.

    • BRAVO to Amy Mek and her courage. We need millions of her, citizen, civilian journalists who fight to get the truth out to the people. We cannot be sitting victims of a corrupt, psychopathic, sock-puppet media that is nothing more than the apparatchick of the left and the globalist shills that they bow down to. It’s astounding that there are so many people who have learned nothing from Covid and are still in the fog of delusion and self defeating perception because even considering the truth is too much to take.

  • AWESOME stance MEP Francesca Donato! Independent inquiry IS THE WAY to go!
    That low level personnel with an equally low level agenda! Are afraid of such a basic requirement?!
    WE, as in all of us, should ask why? Why are they so afraid of an independent investigation! Specially considering the more than obvious evidence that this entire Bucha story stinks of fabrication and cover up! If those Ukonazis are innocent great, if Russian is innocent great also! Serve Justice before serving the not so hidden agendas!
    WELL DONE Francesca Donato! 🙂

  • Oh, oh, EU Terrorist Leader von der Leyen-Göbbels is not happy about this.
    Francesca, you can’t tell the truth to the citizens!


    • Filthy “ukrainian” liars comitted the massacre to blame Russia. It is only logical given the leftist-like ideology of victimhood they promote.

  • Le proverbe dit : le mensonge prend l’ascenseur, la vérité prend l’escalier.
    Comme avant avec l’Irak, ce conflit part sur un mensonge : la guerre n’a pas commencé le 24 février mais en 2014 au lendemain de la révolution de Maidan.
    Ces derniers mois, ce ne furent que bombardements incessants sur le Donbass, avec l’aval de l’UE, vassale des États-Unis, ce qui a amené Poutine à intervenir pour protéger les populations russophones. Les pénuries à venir vont détruire la naïve UE.

  • Sorry to say, there’s not going to be any “mid-term” elections later this year.
    Satan has commanded his slaves to DESTROY! DESTROY! DESTROY! at ALL
    They are in Satan’s thrall and cannot disobey. They will succeed through a
    combination of Ukraine and Covid lies. The MSM is their propaganda arm.
    Don’t worry about “A Great Reset.” You won’t be alive to see it.
    The 1% Power Elite doesn’t need your help. Robots will do it.

  • And Jacob Wallenberg and Niinisto dreaming wet dreams about joining NATO, so their pockets will be filled with bloody money from nice weapon system deals!
    NATO = a goose that lays the golden eggs for the Wallenberg family.

  • Too right, have you seen the satellite photos offered as proof of the alleged massacre? The dark patches on the street that we’ve been told are bodies could be absolutely anything, skid mark from cheap tyres, piles of mud, almost anything, they are so indistinct.
    And then the photo is dated three or four days after Russian troops were reported to have quit Bucha. So we are expected to believe that in four days the Ukrainians did not either move or even cover up these bodies. Pictures in this report from London newspaper The Metro show ‘The Evidence’:

    Retired England international footballer Matt Le Tissier got himself fired from a role as a TV sports pudit because he publicly questioned the narrative. Another victim on the elite’s war on truth?

  • Leftists are fully supportive of the NWO and Schwab’s Great Reset. For proof, see all the French Left massively favoring Macron’s re-election while Macron is a major player of the New World order as everybody should know, one of K. Schwab’s “young leaders”.
    Leftists revel in lockdowns, mass vaccination, green pass, ruinous sanctions, and anything that can bring down western civilization and sovereign states. in order to implement their socialist one-world government.
    The EU hates democracy. Ursula van der Leyen who is unelected but appointed by Big Banks is now “sanctioning Hungary” because she doesn’t like the result of their democratic election. So much for their “democracy”.
    Too bad the President of the EU parliament is a socialist aka a Globalist stooge.
    May God bless Mrs. Donato for bravely confronting these wicked, lying, hypocritical hyenas parading in the EU parliament.

  • Putin is an aggressor. No doubt.
    But Zelensky and his handlers (the NWO cabal) is the evil that lurks within.
    The MEP is absolutely right.


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