MEP Warns: 'EU is Planning the Africanization of Europe' (Video)

“The reasoning for increased immigration from Africa was already established in 2019 due to the collective guilt that all Europeans owe all Africans.” – MEP Gunnar Beck

President of the European Commission (EC) Ursula von der Leyen is promoting the “Africanization” of Europe, warned German MEP Gunnar Beck. In a shocking report, he reveals the EC’s plans to replace the population of Europe with African asylum seekers. As Bech explains, “This will include war and climate refugees, which just about includes the entirety of Africans — all the way to Botswana in South Africa.”

Watch Beck’s powerful testimony which has been exclusively translated by RAIR Foundation USA:

Video Transcript

This is a grotesque attempt to falsify history and politically dictate a curriculum that will brainwash our students.

What’s happening in the EU Parliament? Gunnar Beck, over to you in the EU Parliament.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, dear viewers. Ursula von der Leyen is planning the Africanization of Europe. This claim is neither fantasy nor is it populist fear-mongering, as the EU’s Vice President Reiner Wieland accused me of on May 15th in Strasburg. Actually, this is the only logical conclusion of Mrs. Von der Leyen’s migration policy since she took office three years ago.

Even during her acceptance speech in parliament, she made it clear. 

She declared Africa to be her favorite partner in the future. Naming them in English “The EU’s preferred partner” or “Partner of choice.” In March 2020, Mrs. Von der Leyen published her newest Africa strategy. 

The paper is, for the most part, a grotesque distortion of reality, in which Africa, with its population of 1.4 billion, will morph into a gigantic Silicon Valley in the future. This will be driven by Africa’s dynamic African women and the exploding younger population, compensating for waning demographic development in Europe.

According to Mrs. Von der Leyen’s paper, this creates great opportunities for Europe. For this reason, the EU Commission suggests a comprehensive migration and mobility partnership with two primary goals.

First, the EU will strengthen efforts and develop more infrastructure to receive even more African Asylum seekers. This will include war and climate refugees, which just about includes the entirety of Africans — all the way to Botswana in South Africa.

Secondly, improving educational and vocational opportunities for Africans. However, not in Africa. This will be done in Europe.

The reasoning for increased immigration from Africa was already established in 2019 due to the collective guilt that all Europeans owe all Africans. This is the core idea of the so-called Resolution of the European Parliament on Fundamental Rights of African People in Europe from 2019. Then up until the present, evenly distributed unconditional collective guilt is founded on centuries of mistreatment and disregard.

The following are my observations:

First, mistreatment due to slavery and colonialism is, to some extent, undeniable, but it is by no means obvious which African’s lives were worsened by colonization and which actually improved as a result of decolonization.

It is indisputable that the crime of slavery was practiced not only by Europeans, but Arabs also enslaved Africans, and the Romans enslaved Germanic peoples. The Turks also enslaved other peoples and so on and so on. German people aren’t demanding compensation from today’s Italians for being enslaved, and no one is demanding reparations from Arab states.

Secondly, the EU Commission accuses Europeans of being contemptuous, and I quote, “of the tremendous achievements and positive contributions by Africans to our culture and civilization in Europe.” This argument makes everything immediately obvious.

It’s quite clear to us all that ancient philosophy, the sacred Gothic buildings of the Middle Ages, as well as the palaces of the Renaissance and the High Baroque, our literature and the modern sciences and classical music from Gregorian chant to Bach and Beethoven and into the 20th century are all achievements that we owe primarily to people of African descent.

Therefore, the commission calls on the member states, and I quote, “to take into consideration that people of African descent over the course of history have contributed significantly to the construction of European society and therefore the history of people of African descent must be included in school curricula and black history months introduced;” end of quote. So you can already see where this is headed.

This is a grotesque attempt to falsify history, which is intended to brainwash our students by means of politically dictated curricula.

Only those who are convinced that dozens of millions of Africans have been living among us since the Middle Ages will be permitted to graduate from high school.

Migration, as Mrs. Von der Leyen has said several times in the EU parliament, meaning mass migration, is, and I quote: “completely normal.”

The fact is, migration is NOT normal. Sedentariness is. Even today, 98% of the world’s population is sedentary.

Thank you for your interest and for watching. Gunnar Beck from Strasbourg.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.



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