MEP Warns: World Economic Forum is One of the Biggest Threats to the Free World

Davos is where those with thousands of billions of euros meet those who wield political power in countries all over Europe and the world. 

This week, corporations, billionaires, lobbyists, and politicians are gathered at Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “This sect is the greatest threat to the rule of law, democracy, and the free market,” said Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakusic.

The financial interests of the participants prevail over the interests of humanity, the MEP notes. These conspirators hatch their plans in Davos: wars, pandemics, and the so-called green transition, according to Kolakusic.

Malicious Ideas

The result: is poverty, and billions of people have to suffer while the globalists enrich themselves enormously. The World Economic Forum is also where malicious ideas are formed, which are later worked out in detail by the media and politicians the Elites own.

They appoint themselves but do not participate in democratic elections, said Kolakusic, who added that the World Economic Forum is the world’s leading cause of corruption.

Marching Orders

Davos is where those with thousands of billions of euros meet those who wield political power in countries all over Europe and the world. Every year dozens of heads of state attend Davos to receive orders there that they must carry out, Kolakusic explained.

And they are only too happy to do so because they owe their political career to this sect, says the MEP.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • My country,the UK has only days to determine it’s fate.We shall shortly be receiving forms to fill in ,the completion of which will herald in the NWO.15 minute zoning,walking and biking—deletion of most cars as they break down,elimination of competition for goods,all renting and digital id and the evaporation of bank services
    with the stealth of money in return for IOU’s commanded by AI not to talk about food shortages,2 measures of drinks allowed per week,the end of smoking and the end of most of the press favourable to the status quo.Gambling and other entertainments will be virtually forbidden as people will have to produce tax records to show that they are wealthy enough to participate.Some people deserve it,we all know who they are,for the rest there are not too many options.

  • This so called world economic forum should’ve classified as a terrorist organization and dealt with as such ASAP!!!!!!!!!!! For the good of humanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    here are some PRESSTITUTE names :

    Editor-in-Chief Der Standard Austria
    Moritz Koch Bureau Chief, Brussels Handelsblatt Germany
    Sebastian Matthes Editor-in-Chief Handelsblatt Germany
    Stephanie Czerny Managing Director, DLD Hubert Burda Media Germany Tonia Mastrobuoni Correspondent
    Olaf Gersemann Chief Business Editor Welt am Sonntag Germany
    Jan Philipp Burgard Chief Editor WeltN24 Germany
    Stefan von Holtzbrinck Chief Executive Officer Holtzbrinck Germany
    Jochen Wegner Editor-in-Chief Zeit Online Germany or
    Susanne Biedenkopf-Journalist and Manager ZDF Germany
    Ulrich Reitz Head, Business News N-TV Germany

    Thomas Schmall Member of the Board of Volkswagen Group Germany
    Thomas Schäfer Chief Executive Officer, Volkswagen Group Germany
    Silvia Wiesner Managing Director Unilever Germany President & CEO

    Johan Rockström Director Potsdam Institute for Germany

    Of course we also had the NYT, Nato, FBI, Mi6, almost all the EU KOMMISSARS and many many political puppets like olaf scholz

  • Very good Elon Musk!

    Let’s get rid of the WEF, WEF is a terrorist organization, Klaus Schwab and Harari are terrorist leaders and the WEF members are all terrorists!
    The worst terrorists are: Urine von der Leyen, Merkel, Scholz, Macron, Marin, Ardern, Trudeau, Zelensky and all the other WEF brainwashed idiots and psychopaths!
    EU, WHO, UN, NATO, Facebook, Google, YouTube etc are also terrorist organizations.


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