Merkel Regime Raids AfD Politician's Home For Fact-Based Facebook Post

The targeting of Thuringian AfD state chairman Björn Höcke is Chancellor Merkel’s latest underhanded tactic to stop her only political opposition, the conservative AfD party.

On June 6th, 2021, a new state parliament in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, will be elected. On the first day of the AfD election campaign kick-off event, Thuringian AfD state chairman Björn Höcke’s home was searched by police. The raid took place after the state conjured up “hate speech” and sedition accusations. The conservative politician has laughably been accused of denigrating Antifa activist Carola Rackete and criminal “refugees” in a Facebook post. The move is Chancellor Angela Merkel’s latest underhanded measure aimed at stopping her only opposition, the conservative AfD party.

Merkel’s left-wing CDU party is struggling in the upcoming election polls compared to the fastest-growing political party in Germany, AfD. With losses becoming apparent for Merkel’s party, the state is apparently targeting Björn Höcke to try and besmirch his party’s reputation. The targeted search of his home also kept the popular politician from the important AfD election campaign kick-off event.

House Search for Reporting on Facts about Carola Rackete and “Refugees”

The AfD state leader posted a picture of Carola Rackete, a ship captain who works for the controversial German NGO organization Sea-Watch, with the text “I imported torture, sexual violence, human trafficking, and murder.” As previously reported at RAIR Foundation USA, the NGO Sea-Watch not only expressed their solidarity with Antifa but released a statement of admission that they are “Antifa on the sea.” Underneath the picture posted to Facebook, Höcke wrote facts about the left-wing activist,

Carola Rakete became known when she captained the “Sea-Watch 3” in June 2019, smuggling immigrants across the Mediterranean Sea and forcibly entering the port of Lampedusa despite a ban by the Italian authorities. For this, she was celebrated by the leading media and the left-wing establishment.

Now, three of her protégés from that spectacular crossing have each been sentenced to 20 years in prison. The list of offenses is long: it ranges from torture, sexual violence, and membership in criminal organizations to human trafficking and murder.

Höcke’s post specifically addressed an incident from June 2019 that garnished international attention and criminal charges involving Rackete. The left-wing Sea-Watch 3 captain ignored orders from the Italian military and entered Lampedusa’s port to smuggle in migrants, including three dangerous criminals. The three men trafficked into Italy by Rackete were arrested and sentenced to prison for 20 years. The men were guilty of raping, torturing, and murdering migrants in a camp in Libya. Subsequently, Rackete was herself arrested by Italian police “on charges of resistance and violence against warships.”

RAIR previously released an exclusively translated video of former Deputy Italian Prime Minister Matteo Salvini criticizing Leftist politicians and the media for hailing human smuggler Rackete as a heroine for her illegal actions. Like Salvini, Höcke also criticized the “media and the left-wing establishment” for celebrating Rackete’s defiance of Italian sovereignty. 

The left-wing Mulhouse public prosecutor’s office claims the politician’s statements about Rackete and the imprisoned “refugees” are a criminal act. Last December, the state parliament had already lifted Höcke’s immunity to clear the way for investigations by the public prosecutor’s office. A spokesman for authorities claims police searched Höcke’s home to provide information about the authorship of the social media statements.

The fact that police searched the politician’s house on the day of the start of the election campaign because of alleged incitement to hatred gives the impression that it is more than a coincidence. Höcke’s testimony should not be a crime in a democratic state, nor should one overturn one’s immunity because of political orientation.  Moreover, even the accusation of “hate speech” does not justify a raid.

“The house search of the chairman of the strongest opposition faction in the Thuringian state parliament based on a Facebook post that is obviously covered by the fundamental right of freedom of expression is another low point in the abuse of the judiciary against supposedly insubordinate political opinions,“ stated AfD spokesman Stefan Möller on Saturday evening.

The AfD will “support all legal and political measures to determine how far the public prosecutor’s office has removed itself from the Constitution with this serious encroachment on the family’s privacy.”

Left-Wing History of Targeting AfD

The targeting of the AfD by Chancellor Merkel’s government comes with little surprise. For the past several years, Germany’s left-wing government and political parties have taken extreme and even violent measures to eliminate their only conservative political opposition, the AfD.

This past March, German authorities labeled the entire AfD a threat to the constitution and a “right-wing” extremist political group, allowing authorities to monitor all communications from the party’s members, including all emails and phone calls, even if they are unrelated to politics. This highly controversial move came a few months before September 26, 2021, elections for the German federal parliament (Bundestag) and weeks before regional State elections.

Although the ruling has been temporarily paused in the courts, several states in Germany continue to monitor members within the state, including Thuringia. Critics accused the government once again of running an undemocratic operation designed to silence the country’s largest opposition party. 

Meanwhile, the German government and left-wing media smear the AfD as extremists yet are in bed with the terrorist group Antifa. Germany’s ruling government, left-wing parties, and the media financially and politically support Antifa, which frequently shut down conservative opposition to their radical globalist agendas.

The AfD has experienced thousands of criminal attacks against its institutions and members by government-funded Antifa. The attacks range from arson, harassment, intimidation, doxing, major acts of vandalism, incidences at their homes, burglary, assassination attempts to canceling major political AfD conventions. Last year, an Antifa website “Indymedia” even published “assassination instructions” for attacks on AfD members.

Global Effort To Destroy Conservative Parties

This move to target Germany’s only conservative party is the latest in a coordinated global effort by left-wing powerful elites and governments to eliminate all opposition to what increasingly appears to be an international effort at installing left-wing authoritarian governments.

This attack on the AfD’s Björn Höcke can be seen as the German application of the exact tactics used against Matteo Salvini in Italy, Marine Le Pen in France, Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, Hungary’s Viktor Orbán, Spain’s Santiago Abascal, and of course against successful and popular US president, Donald J. Trump.

The world recently witnessed ridiculous impeachment hearings in Washington that claimed the President incited a violent mob to stormed the Capitol on January 6. Democrats continue to falsely imply that there are links between Republican party members and “right-wing” extremist groups.

While the left In both countries purports to condemn extremists, they are demonstrably in bed with the most dangerous subversive groups, such as Antifa, the Democratic Socialists of America, HAMAS-Linked Council on American Islamic Relations, Students for Justice Palestine, Black Lives Matter, J Street, Women’s March, Muslim Brotherhood, etc.

The left has had incredible success eliminating individuals by smearing them as “far-right” and “right-wing extremists,” now, they are using the tactic to eliminate political parties and entire movements. This is just the left’s latest tyrannical attempt to undermine the will of the voters and chip away at the foundations of democratic institutions.


Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Globalist cabal leaders = Earth’s worst criminals
    Perhaps it may turn out that they are the worst in recorded history, only time will tell…

  • Fyhrer Merkel’s next move is the elimination of AfD leaders, as Merkel’s predecessor did with Ernst Röhm.

    “Hitler had come to see Röhm as a potential rival, so he was executed during the Night of the Long Knives.”

  • The children wanted socialism/communism and now they will learn the hard way how easy their lives can be reduced to servitude of evil ! MILLIONS KILLED BY COMMUNISM aka SOCIALISM!


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