Migrant Crisis: Senegalese Muslim Sentenced for Rape of Italian Woman

Tens of thousands of women and children have been raped, or sexually brutalized in Italy since 2015 when their open-borders government welcomed into the country over a million of mostly male, Islamic, migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Tens of thousands of women and children have been raped, or sexually brutalized in Italy since 2015 when their open-borders government welcomed into the country over a million of mostly male, Islamic, migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

An Italian think-tank, predicts that due to mass migration and the different birth rates of Christians and Muslims, by the end of the century, half of the population of Italy could be Muslim. In just ten years, the number of migrants in Italy has surged by 419%.

This massive shift in demographics puts Italian women’s lives in great danger. Islam places the burden of avoiding sexual encounters of any sort on the woman and her “male guardians”. Islamic law blames and punishes Muslim women for the “crime” of being raped. However, the rape of non-Muslim women is allowed, if they are ‘captured in battle’ or bought as slaves.

The rape of Muslim women is almost impossible to prove under Islamic law.  If the man claims that the act was consensual sex, there is little that the woman can do to refute this.  Rape can only be proven if the rapist confesses or if there are four male witnesses.  Women who allege rape without the benefit of the act having been witnessed by four men are actually confessing to having sex.  If they or the accused happens to be married, then it is considered to be adultery, a crime punishable by death.

The idea that a man is not responsible for rape in most cases, or other forms of sexual assault, and that women bear the blame for such a crime explains why Muslim men in Italy and elsewhere may feel themselves justified in sexually assaulting women. Also, Islam teaches that infidel women are second class humans at best and so forcing a sexual act is not technically rape from a Quranic perspective.

Read the latest woman to be brutally raped by an Islamic migrant in Italy below…

Agents at the scene of the violence

“Rape-Italy: Senegalese sentenced to 6 years in prison and deportation from La Botte” by Mangoné KA, 3/16/2021, at Senego

A 24-year-old Senegalese man was sentenced to more than 6 years in prison for rape in the Monte Stella park, by a 45-year-old Italian woman on July 15, in broad daylight. And the judge ordered his deportation from Italy once his sentence was served.

Six years and eight months in prison, then expulsion from Italy once the sentence has been served. This is the sentence imposed on Ibrahima Camara, the 24-year-old Senegalese who committed one of the most shocking sexual assaults in recent years in Milan, reports, visited by Senego.

The 45-year-old victim

It was on July 15 that in broad daylight, a 45-year-old Italian woman who was walking her dog was raped in Monte Stella Park, the “Montagnetta” of Milan, in San Siro. The rapist is a Senegalese of about 1.80 m.

Arrested then released

Police officers from the “Falchi” section arrested him in the old municipal market of Via Isernia, a structure transformed into a shelter for the homeless and petty criminals, taken to the police station, photographed, identified and regularly released.

Confused by his DNA …

But, a sample of genetic material was also taken from the young Senegalese. While waiting for forensic experts to carry out all the research to find a match between Camara’s DNA and the biological traces found at the scene of the rape.

… Expulsion after sentence

As soon as the result of the comparison arrived, the arrest was immediately triggered. Today, exactly 8 months after this terrible episode, Judge Giulio Fanales accepted the prosecutor’s request for a 10-year sentence, reduced to 6 years and 8 months. The young man, through his lawyer, has always pleaded not guilty.

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