Migrant Slaughters Wife on Bus in Town that Protested 'Inhumane' Afghani Deportations (Watch)

The illegal 37-year-old Afghani already had a police record because of an earlier assault from November 2019.

An Afghanistan migrant imported by German Chancellor Angela Merkel stabbed his ex-wife, also from Afghanistan, to death in a bus full of school children in the Allgäu region of Germany. The idyllic Bavarian village of 6,500 in Obergünzburg is in shock. In 2017, the Asylum Helper Group of Obergünzburg held a largely attended demonstration against migrant deportations of Afghanis which they considered “inhumane.”

Around 500 people demonstrated in Obergünzburg against the deportation of refugees to Afghanistan.

Children who were passengers on the bus and witnessed the incident are being offered psychological support. The illegal 37-year-old Afghani already had a police record because of an earlier assault on his separated wife from November 2019. His deportation might have saved the woman’s life and protected German children from witnessing the horrible slaughter.

The murderer fled the bus on foot immediately after the slaughtering his ex, but was caught and arrested a short time later. Before fleeing the bus, he left the knife in the bus.

Watch the following news report exclusively translated by RAIR Foundation USA:
Mark Grigi
Many thanks to Miss Piggy for the translation: 

Asylum Helper Group of Obergünzburg — Demonstration against deportation of Afghan refugees

Asylum Helper Group of Obergünzburg — Demonstration against deportation of Afghan refugees
We are fighting for people from Afghanistan and other countries to come here.

Man stabs his EX in bus — Afghani had a police record — 

Schoolchildren were on board the bus and saw everything 

In front of other passengers, a man stabbed his former wife to death on a bus.

Afghan had a police record 

The 37-year-old man stabbed his former partner o the bus in Obergünzburg on Monday, at noon.

The 27-year-old woman later died of her severe injuries in the hospital.

The bus driver and the other passengers received psychological support after the crime.
School children had to witness everything

The suspected perpetrator is an Afghan citizen and was caught after fleeing the scene.

The victim also had Afghan citizenship.

The man fled from the bus on foot right after the crime, which immediately led to a manhunt
with numerous forces and the temporary arrest.

The man left the knife in the bus before fleeing. Bus driver held the killer in a head lock. 
School children had to witness everything.

Those people coming to us are welcomed warmly. —

Asylum Helper Group of Obergünzburg

2017 — Demonstration against deportation — Madame Chancellor [Merkel] did the right thing when she said:

We can do it! This created a welcoming culture in Germany.

Especially here, as I’ve said, in Allgäu and Obergünzburg as well.

I travel a lot on my bike. I have received only positive feedback from our customers everywhere.

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