Migrants in Germany Send Warning: 'We have to make a Caliphate - An Islamic Europe" (Watch)

Mobilizing the Umma (the global Muslim community) to establish their Islamic Civilization is their admitted goal.

In the following video translated for RAIR Foundation USA, migrants at a demonstration in Germany discuss the importance of establishing a worldwide caliphate in order to protect “oppressed” Muslims – i.e., those who are not living in an Islamic state. Mobilizing the Umma (the global Muslim community) to establish their Islamic Civilization is their admitted goal.


Will European countries heed the warnings or waste billions of euros on migrant “integration measures” that continue to be proven as completely pointless?  According to Gatestone Institute, A Six Country Immigrant Integration Comparative Survey (SCIICS) conducted 9,000 telephone interviews in Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium and Sweden, two-thirds of the Muslims interviewed said that religious rules were more important to them than the laws of the country in which they lived.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel continues to disregard the fact that the globalist project of multiculturalism has failed in Europe. Especially the integration of Muslims from the Middle East and Africa. Merkel has chosen to ignore reality and continues supporting her suicidal open border policies destroying Germany and eastern Europe as a whole. The question is why?

For those seeking a deeper understanding of the video above, RAIR’s Vlad Tepes has provided the following commentary:

Its important to understand the effect that a Caliphate has on Islamic law. The existence or non-existence of a Caliphate, a sort of Islamic Kingdom headed by a man who represents Mohammad in position as leader, has a huge impact on what Muslims may do under sharia or Islamic law.

For example, when there is no Caliphate, there is no legal basis for offensive jihad, or war against the unbeliever for conquest. All jihad that is waged when there is no Caliphate or sitting Caliph, has to at least have a pretense of defending the religion, or otherwise be defensive in nature.

But once a Caliphate is established, there is legal basis under Sharia to wage offensive jihad for the purpose of Islamic manifest destiny. In other words, wars of conquest of infidel (non-muslim) territory.

The legal basis for the taking of sex slaves and other aspects of Koranic life and laws all require a Caliphate with a Caliph, (The political and military leader of the Caliphate) as a percentage of all booty taken in war, up to and including sex slaves, have to be paid to the Caliph, much as MAFIA crews pay up to Captains who pay up to a Don.

Evidence of these Koranic rules can be seen in history, most recently in 2014, when several Islamic jihad groups merged to create an emerging Caliphate in Syria and the Levant. This new state was named by the Obama administration as, ISIL, or Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. But rapidly expanded into Afghanistan and parts of Africa as well as other areas of the Middle East. At this time we saw the classical behavior of aggressive jihad, the taking of booty and sex slaves, as well as the more harsh aspects of the “hudud” (Sharia physical punishments like amputations and stoning) manifesting across the region.

For a good understanding of how critical a difference it makes for Muslims to have a Sharia state or Caliphate, please see the following video:

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Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation:

Why do you have Europe but not an Islamic Europe? Why aren’t we all together? Why aren’t we 
making an Islamic Europe? What is the reason? Why do we all hold back?

First answer:

"If we don’t solve China, is then everything is over."

We have more places, like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran; we have Yemen; we have Burma; we have Kashmir.


What is the solution to all of this?


A Final Solution is our greatest goal. The solution — Our greatest problem,
honestly, in my opinion, all Muslims have to stick together. All Muslim countries have to 
stick together, and run together. Kick everything down that comes against us. 

That’s my opinion and I stand by it. We have to unite, that’s the most important thing. 

The problem is, firstly, that we don’t have an Islamic civilization. Secondly, because we don’t 
have a Caliphate.

It’s because we — you saw it here today, for example, how many Muslims we have in Germany. 
Officially they say four million, but I believe it’s more than 10 million. You should be able to,
with 40,000 people in front of the Brandenburg Gate every weekend, and the economy will stand 
still and the matter is settled.


You mean we need to become ONE unit, an Ummah [unintelligible] to really stick together?


after Islam. That’s it, that’s the best solution there is, nothing else; we see it here.

The Caliphate is a solution, an Islamic civilization, the solution, because the Caliphate is 
the protective shield for every Muslim. 

It doesn’t matter if it is a Muslim in Canada. Even if there’s only one who suffers there, 
the Caliphate is committed to freeing this Muslim, and as I said, whether or not the Uighurs will 
now be liberated, the problem isn’t solved, since Muslims suffer throughout the entire world. 
That’s the problem, because we don’t have a Caliphate, and because of that are all Muslims 


Again, Europe, why isn’t there a Islamic Europe? Why aren’t they all together? How many Muslim 
countries are there?


When we stick together, they’ll tremble, they’ll flee. But we’re not bad people, we Muslims.

We only want peace and quiet, living in peace. Live and let live is what the Germans say, 
and where is it, where is it?

Muslims must finally get up [Arabic] unite [?] into a single Caliphate [unintelligible] the 
solution lies not with the Europeans or the Americans, or a democratic system. The solution 
is with Islam, with Allah, the Ummah, the Caliphate, only like that can we help the Ummah. 
It’s the only way to solve the problem with Syria.

It’s the only way to solve the problem of the Uighurs,  in Turkestan, in Burma, in Yemen, 
in Afghanistan, in Iraq. Everywhere they just watched. Tomorrow it could be Turkey.

The day after it could be another country. Muslims must wake up, must gather under Allah, until 
the worldwide oppression stops, otherwise the oppression will never stop.

Here you can see the people who have gathered against the oppression…

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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