Migrants Party in Taxpayer-Funded Resort Pool while Spain Remains in Lockdown (Video)

Just two weeks ago, migrants and Red Cross workers staying at the same resort attacked and injured security guards.

Residents of Mogán, in the south of Gran Canaria, Spain are in an uproar after videos appeared online of illegal migrants bathing and partying in their taxpayer-funded resort pool during a pandemic. The videos appear to have been posted by the illegal migrants themselves. Meanwhile, due to increased Chinese coronavirus cases, the Gran Canaria was raised to a level three lockdown on January 16th, 2021, forcing citizens to live under paralyzing restrictions.

Under the new mandates imposed by the Ministry of Health, all meeting and gatherings are limited to the people you live with. Only individual outdoor sports are permitted, providing that you can maintain a distance of 2 meters from everyone else. Face mask covering are mandatory in public and fines are to be issued to violators who do not adhere.

The Civil Guard appeared at the Apartamentos Tamanaco resort in Mogán, after the videos went viral online. Law enforcement dispersed the crowd of migrants and issued only four tickets: three for disobedience and one for allowing the events to take place. Just two weeks ago, migrants and Red Cross workers staying at the same resort attacked and injured security guards.

For the past several months residents of Mogán, have been warning that illegal immigrants who are accommodated in hotels by the Spain’s socialist government are disregarding all coronavirus restrictions. Furthermore, the migrants are also bringing an unprecedented level of crime and violence.

Just two weeks ago, in another video that has gone viral, a brutal fight is shown in the parking lot of a luxury hotel which is accommodating migrants in the Gran Canaria. According to police sources, the origin of the fight was over “control of the parking lot“.

There are no negative consequences for migrants trying to make their way to Spain. Once they scale the border wall, and invade the country, they are handed food, clothing, money and given shelter. While Spain’s socialist government is busy taking care of migrants, they are crippling the country’s economy and labor market with their mandatory lockdowns. Instead of using the country’s resources to help its own citizens, Spain’s open borders leaders continue to focus their attention on illegal migrants.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • These are the consequences of a communist social government:
    -uncontrolled illegal immigration but financed by the social communist government,,
    -the worst global management of the pandemic (highest number of deaths per million inhabitants) more than 90,000.
    -and economic and social ruin.
    And in just 1 year! Record!

    The culprit of all this Pedro Sanchez

  • Already here in the UK accommodated in 4 star hotels, 3 meals a day, £50 spending money, waiting for their lifetime of benefits, health care free housing etc etc.


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