Mike Pompeo: Biden Ignored Trump's Strategy to Leave Afghanistan (Video)

“We had a deterrence model. We knew that strength created peace. We know that weakness begets war.”

In the wake of the installed puppet Joe Biden’s disaster in Afghanistan, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo explained how the Trump Administration was winding down the war in a responsible way that did not put Americans at risk.

Shockingly, the current Department of Defense spokesperson John Kirby has no idea how many Americans are stuck in Afghanistan. “There are certainly thousands of Americans. We don’t have an exact count,” Kirby told John Cooper of CNN. “I would say somewhere – best guess – between five and ten thousand that are near Kabul,” he continued.


If the federal government does not know how many Americans are in Kabul, they obviously would not know how many were kidnapped or murdered by the Taliban.

The situation is dire. It has become so bad that even mainstream media leaders published a statement begging the federal government to help hundreds of journalists and their families safely out of Afghanistan, as reported at RAIR Foundation USA.

“This was a terrible execution of an incredibly important mission.” Pompeo told Laura Ingraham on her show The Ingraham Angle. “President Trump campaigned on – and demanded that we find the path forward in Afghanistan where we got our young men and women home,” he continued.

The former Secretary of State explained that the Trump administration held a position of strength over the Taliban. If the Taliban harmed or “even scared” an American, there would be a “real cost” to their actions, Pompeo said.

“It was the right path that we were headed down. We tried to work – tried to find peace and reconciliation but make no mistake about it – the Taliban knew. They knew that if they didn’t do the things we asked them to do – [if they] didn’t honor their agreements – if they threatened an American – if they even scared an American -that we would bring real cost and we did that, we did that time and time again.”

While the process was slow and painful, Trump’s strategy was working. “We had drawn down from a bit over fifteen thousand to just over 2,500 by the time we departed,” Pompeo said. Despite the limited amount of soldiers on the ground, the Trump Administration was able to ensure the safety of Americans and the security of the embassy:

“And we had managed to keep a stable place. We had managed to make sure we protected Americans. We had the embassy secured. We had all of the things you’ve seen fall apart over the last 96 hours in a way that just reflects so poorly – on all the blood and treasure and work that we had done for twenty years. It didn’t have to be this way.”

Pompeo continued to dismiss the Biden Administration’s talking point that the only goal was to get the military out of the region no matter the cost. For the Trump Administration, it was also about the execution of that goal, which was handled abysmally by the Biden team:

“It’s not about whether we got our folks out. President Biden spent a lot of time talking about that today. It was about the how we execute that and the failures we’d had for all of these years. We had come to an understanding with our adversaries – the Taliban. We weren’t about to recognize them. We weren’t about to beg them to protect our embassy. We made clear these are the expectations. These are conditions that you have to meet. They hadn’t met them so we were continuing our work to get our boys and girls home. But we weren’t about to allow what we’ve seen happen the last 96 hours happen on our watch.”

Pompeo explained that President Trump’s exit strategy was about “deterrence” and “strength”. Further, the Biden strategy of “apologizing, placating, appeasing, being weak” will only put “American security” at risk:

“We had a deterrence model. We knew that strength created peace. We know that weakness begets war. You are seeing the sum result of the weakness of the administration, whether it’s our southern border, whether it’s handing the Russians a pipeline completion that can threaten Europe – all of these things – the whole world watches. Chairman Kim [Jong-un], Xi Jinping – the are all watching what is happening today and I hope this administration comes to understand that apologizing, placating, appeasing, being weak only presents risk to American security.”

The former Secretary of State continued:

“We demonstrated that we could in fact conduct the American security mission in Afghanistan. We had a plan both to get our folks home, and a plan to make sure that we reduced the risk that we’d ever be attacked from that place again. We had a plan to do it. We were well on our way to executing that.”

“President Biden is the one that needs to be held accountable for what’s taking place in Afghanistan today and anything that befalls the United States as a result of the decisions he made, on the way he executed this withdraw in such a hasty, unplanned way that upended so much of the good work that had already been done. He needs to be held accountable.”


Read more of RAIR Foundation USA’s coverage on the Afghanistan Disaster:

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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