Mind Control: Germany Models COVID Restrictions After Chinese Torture Methods (Video)

Once mentally broken, the government can more fully control its citizenry.

Journalist and television writer Gerhard Wisnewski reports Germany’s left-wing government’s deliberate capricious lockdown measures are modeled after China’s torture methods. As Wisnewski explains, the goal of these methods are to destroy people psychologically. Once mentally broken, the government can more fully control its citizenry.

These methods of psychological torture have long been deployed by China to control its political prisoners and prisoners of war. Now these very same torture methods have been deployed in Germany to leave the public in a constant state of confusion and susceptible to complete control.

Watch the following interview with journalist Gerhard Wisnewski:

Many thanks to Miss Piggy for the translation:

We’ve all been subject to this guessing game on a daily basis about these Corona measures.

(Bavaria opposition party criticizes contradictory Corona rules) We ask ourselves why this or that?

Why not this way or that? Why are masks required in local public transport but not on long distance train travel? Why did restaurants have to close at 10pm? Is the virus only contagious after 10pm?

Completely nonsensical and contradictory measures.

The craziest part about it is that there is a method behind this madness.

It is actually a method of torture.

Keeping people in constant confusion and plunging them into uncertainty.

Completely leaving people in the lurch and totally destroying lifestyles.

None of us can plan anything anymore or lead our normal lifestyle.

I have found a significant amount of information about these methods, and interestingly enough, they were developed in China.

The Americans identified this in prisoners of war from Korea, who were questioned by Chinese there. These prisoners of war were permanently harassed with contradictory measures. They could never be sure if they were doing everything right or not.

There was even an easing of measures, which is also a part of the game.

This is to ensure that no one gets used to these measures, and that the method remains effective. To avoid desensitization. After that, the reins are tightened once again.

What Söder or Merkel or people like them are doing, it isn’t a coincidence.

On the contrary, they are trying to destroy people psychologically, in my opinion.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


    video – 51 mins 53 secs
    We should acknowledge the strange situation we find ourselves as a nation and as churches. From a Scottish perspective two precious principles cherished by our forefathers, have been seriously undermined by government policy. Whether these can ever be redeemed is a moot point at this stage. These two principles are: (1) The Establishment Principle, and (2) The principal of democratic politics. More and more we are now living in a socialist state, especially here in Scotland. Where our First Minister has become like many of the political leaders that emerged in numerous African states, following their independence in post-war years – especially from the late 1950s onwards. In their haste to abandon all their colonial rags, these leaders adopted a socialist approach; many of them borrowing unashamedly from Communist regimes in China, Russia and Cuba. And those emerging leaders, some of which began, it has to be said, with the best intentions, in reality turned into dictators and demagogues – as bad, if not worse, in some cases at least, as their Communist heroes and role-models. Now, this once bastion of democracy, the entire UK finds itself living under rules and regulations which were hatched where? In Communist China! The designer of our present lockdowns – a Professor Neil Ferguson has openly admitted in an interview with the Times of London, that he borrowed the lockdown idea from the Chinese and passed it on to our leaders without a murmur of opposition. To say the least, my friends, that is a disturbing revelation. We should recognize the important distinction between what the Church can voluntarily do and what is being imposed upon the Church by political legislation. The start point in all relationships between church/state relations, as far as Christians are concerned, is the supreme headship of Jesus Christ over His own Kingdom. Rev Iain Smith

  • Sounds reasonable but as far as I know our German government it could be incompetence. But they could be carmouflageing their evil plans behind a facade of incompetence.


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