Miracle: Learn How COVID Cases In Thailand Nearly Non-Existent (Video)

“Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, Thailand has had one Corona-associated death for every one million inhabitants” – Dr. Thomas Ly

Dr. Thomas Ly is a renowned specialist in infectious diseases in Bangkok, Thailand, at one of the most modern and prestigious hospitals recognized globally. The country has had some of the fewest cases and deaths from the coronavirus of any in the world. Dr. Ly mainly attributes the low case numbers to very simply not testing healthy people.

“Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, Thailand has had one Corona-associated death for every one million inhabitants,” explains the doctor. According to worldometer, a site that tracks the number of people affected worldwide by the virus,” based on its population, Thailand has 80 times fewer cases of Covid-19 and 650 times fewer deaths.”

Dr. Ly and his team’s approach to the pandemic has been different from most countries. First, he investigates all possibilities for a patient’s illness before running to look for a coronavirus. Furthermore, if a patient does come to the hospital with symptoms, they do not test them for coronavirus immediately, “We do a complete differential diagnostic consideration of what the patient has.” Only after ruling out potential causes for a client being sick will a doctor administer a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test to “patients with symptoms.”

For months, many scientists and doctors have criticized and warned that PCR test practices are flawed and lead to an excessive number of coronavirus cases. As renowned pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson said, “positive test results do not, underlined in neon, mean a clinical infection.” Despite their warnings, governments worldwide still implemented harsh lockdown policies based on potentially false-positive tests.

Doctors in Thailand have taken a sensible approach to diagnose the coronavirus. First, you do not test healthy people for a disease in which they are not experiencing symptoms. Second, if people are sick, do a thorough assessment before assuming coronavirus. Third, if doctors suspect a virus administer the necessary treatment. Finally, use the substandard PCR tests as sparingly as possible.

Watch the video interview with Dr. Thomas Ly:

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation!

One of the best hospitals in the world is located in Thailand’s capital Bangkok, which in a group of 49 hospitals in a single year treats 1.5 million foreign patients from over 160 countries.

The man responsible for the infectious expertise of this hospital group is Dr. Thomas Ly, who looks after many personalities himself, among them the Dalai Lama.

A few days ago I consulted one of the well-known sources, namely the “Worldometer”, and was able to find out that based on its population, Thailand has… 80 times fewer cases of Covid-19, and 650 times fewer DEATHS.

In other words, there is obviously a discrepancy here that is not apparent.

What would your explanation be for why these numbers differ so much?

Um, of course you always have to calculate it down to the population and the numbers concerned; we do that too, um… We look after, from Bangkok Hospital, from the head office, among other things, support, health care in Bhutan a country that is very different from Thailand climatically, and if you look at those numbers regarding Corona, SARS-Cov2, in Bhutan we have had, since the beginning of the pandemic that is now a year past, one associated death for every one million inhabitants.

In Thailand, since the beginning the Corona pandemic we have had one Corona-associated death for every one million inhabitants.

In China, in the country where the NEW coronavirus is said to come from, since the beginning of the Corona pandemic we have had three Corona-associated deaths per one million inhabitants. Today, March 9, in Germany we have had 866 Corona-associated deaths for every one million inhabitants.

The question there is of course justified; “What is the difference?”

I think the difference is easy to explain, In Thailand and Bhutan we examine only patients with symptoms, because for us there is no reason to say to a person who has no symptoms, please come over here and I’ll look to see if you have anything, or I’ll look here or there for something. We don’t do that.

These people don’t go to the doctor, either; only those who have symptoms go to the doctor, and so it is there, too. And when someone comes to us and has respiratory symptoms, then we do what we’ve been doing for the last few years.

Then we’ll take the most likely route if he has a cough now.

Then I have to think about it: the cough can be triggered because he choked, but then he will not go to the doctor because it will be over after a few minutes.

But it can also be that he has open tuberculosis; but it can also be that he has a lung tumor; but it could also be that he has a heart problem, that’s why he coughs.

That means when someone with respiratory symptoms comes along we don’t even get the idea to do a PCR test for Corona first. But we say: Let’s see what it is, what the colour is, whether there is plaque in the throat.

Is there anything? And then we treat it accordingly Then somehow the differential diagnosis for Corona is gone, because there are only very few left where we have not found anything.

And then we say; let’s go and look for a virus.

Because with viruses we can only treat symptomatically anyway.

And then we will also do a PCR test But in contrast to other countries, we have chosen a different approach, where we say: A) we limit the Ct [cycle threshold] level, and at the same time we look for at least three sequences.

And we only do that if one has symptoms, because none of the others come to us.

This reduces the number of those who test positive and those who were symptomatic drastically downwards. We have at the moment I believe 26,500 Corona-positive tests in Thailand since the beginning of the pandemic.

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