Monsey Synagogue Machete Attack Suspect Identified as Grafton Thomas

This is only one in a string of attacks on the Jewish population in New York and surrounding areas.

A horrific attack resulted in injuries to five people Saturday night, which took place in the home of a Hasidic rabbi in Monsey, New York. Rabbi Yosef Neiman, Chaim Rottenburg, Shlomo Rottenburg, and Meir Rottenburg are among those wounded. The suspect has been identified as Grafton Thomas, according to Heavy.

This is only one in a string of attacks on the Jewish population in New York and surrounding areas. Steve Herman of VOA News reports that there have been “at least nine anti-Semitic attacks in the NYC area in the past week, according to local news outlets.” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said there have been “at least 13 anti-Semitic attacks in New York state since December 8.”

Some, including Amy Mek, have been desperately sounding the alarm about the ongoing attacks, which do not receive much media attention.

In fact, leftist journalists such as David Klion responded negatively to the “optics” of police officers protecting Jewish people from black attackers in New York as Bill de Blasio has been forced to respond to the epidemic. Klion received much heat for the below tweet, which took place before the Monsey attack.

Klion is doubling down and receiving much support from his socialist allies.

The leftist outlet Daily Beast reports that Grafton “has several previous arrests on his record, including one for punching a police horse.” The New York Daily News reports that Grafton has only one sealed prior arrest. The suspect does not appear to have a social media presence and CNN, who reported the suspect’s name, does not reveal much about him other than that he was arrested around midnight while he was driving a Nissan Sentra.

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Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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