Moroccan Migrants Wage War on Police in Spain: Officers Forced To Retreat, Riots Ensue (Videos)

A traffic ticket in a migrant-dense neighborhood ends in hundreds of Moroccans attacking Police and setting fires.

The migrant-dense neighborhood of Rocafonda de Mataró in Maresme, Spain, is again the focus of violence. On Tuesday, April 26, hundreds of people, primarily Moroccan migrants, attacked police officers trying to ticket a vehicle parked illegally. The mob shouted and threw objects, even from balconies, at authorities. The owner of the car, who “has numerous records,” ended up arrested for disobedience, resistance, and attacks on officers.

Unfortunately, due to Spain’s socialist government’s open border policies, there are many areas where dangerous foreign immigrant forces, most of which are Islamic, have seized control and created “no-go zones.”

Residents recorded and broadcast the attacks on authorities via social media. Migrants are heard screaming “sons of bitches”, “bitches” or “bastards,” among other things, at the agents. In addition, residents can be seen throwing glass bottles, stones, plates, garbage bags, helmets, meats, fruits, etc., at the officers from their balconies.

Officers were forced to retreat and call for backups due to migrants throwing objects at them. Police were finally able to arrest the offender; however, the riots continued throughout the night and led to migrants setting fires.

Watch the following videos posted by residents:

At nightfall, the rioting migrants set fires throughout the neighborhood:

Deputy of Vox party, Rocío de Meer, has previously slammed Spain’s socialist-led government for not protecting its borders or citizens. “Spain is not protecting its sovereignty. It is not protecting Spaniards, and it is not protecting the doors and walls of its house,” stated the deputy leader.

The acts of violence by migrants in Spain and Europe are a testament to the failure of multiculturalism and mass-Islamic migration. Moreover, globalists’ open border policies, heavily supported by legacy media, make life in Europe increasingly unlivable for non-Muslim populations.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • You want these people to leave your country? First thing, stop “all” welfare programs, which would include housing vouchers!! Do not give them money to set up their shops!
    In 3 months tops, they will beg for the food stamps and welfare. Yes they will destroy the area.they live in, steal all the food, that will only last as I said 3 months tops. Have cops and military set up, so they can not migrate to other towns to loot and steal.
    Now, this is where the government can step in and, tell the migrants, if they go back to home countries, the government will give them all 3 grand (lot cheaper then yr on welfare) to move out. This will clean out at least 95%.
    But the key is, zero food stamps, zero welfare cash, and zero housing vouchers. In 3 months they should burn themselves out of their homes. That is all they know, fire, and stealing, and of course violence!!!!


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