Mother Accuses Government Of Murdering 3-Year-Old Girl: 'Son of a B*tches Forced Us To Get Vaccinated' (Interview)

Ambar Maite Catán died after receiving a mandatory Covid ‘vaccine’ injection in order to attend kindergarten.

A three-year-old healthy little girl, Ambar Maite Catán, died after being forced by the Argentinian government to be “vaccinated.” Ambar’s distraught mother, Miryam, recounted the heartbreaking story of her daughter’s senseless death in a television interview. The mother not only holds the government responsible for “killing” her child but vowed to fight the government to protect other children from receiving the dangerous and deadly experimental Covid injections.

The little girl passed away on Thursday, December 16, 2021, but her story, like many who died following the covid injections, went unreported by the U.S. left-wing news. The day after Ambar passed away, the mother told reporters that her 3-year-old girl died from the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine required for her to enter kindergarten. Argentina approved the vaccine for children between three and eleven in October 2021.

On Wednesday, the perfectly healthy child received her first controversial Covid vaccine injection at the Hippodrome [Covid vaccination hub], and then the next day, she dropped dead.

Yesterday between 10 and 11 am, I took my daughter to the Hipodromo [vaccination hub] to get her vaccinated. Because, well, they were vaccinating children aged three and up.

I had pre-enrolled her in the school. So she would start kindergarten this coming year, where you need to be vaccinated. She was healthy; she was fine. She was not ill at all; she had no Covid, she had nothing.

She had Covid last year, and she was hospitalized. She was hospitalized at the San Lucas Hospital for five days. She had already had Covid; I am not getting why

Today my daughter got up, and she was really fine. She hung out with her friends. And in the afternoon, she collapsed and she fainted. I can’t believe it.

Miryam blames the government for requiring Covid vaccines:

They tell us to get vaccinated repeatedly. They tell us to get our children vaccinated repeatedly. I know it is the vaccine that made my 3-year-old daughter die. It did because my daughter was a healthy child.

That son of a bitch government forces us to get vaccinated. They made my 3-year-old baby die. She was really healthy. She had no pathology; she was not a sick child. She was a healthy child.

In addition, Miryam explained how the events happened the morning her child died:

This morning she got up as usual, like every day. She had breakfast and played with me. She told me: “Mom, I am going to play with my friends.” I told her: “Play right here in the garden, in front of the door.”She was playing with the other girls.

Then I went out for a moment, 10 or 15 minutes. I found my daughter dead. I can’t believe it.

The mother repeatedly emphasized that Ámbar was healthy:

She did not have a fever. I asked her whether she did, because yesterday I got him [Ambar’s brother] vaccinated too, he is 14 years old.

I asked her: “Ambar, does your arm hurt?” “No, mom!”

Whereas his arm did hurt, and mine did too because I got vaccinated too. I got the second jab.

She said: “No, mom, I am fine.”It was her first jab.

Although, according to an autopsy carried out by the government, the girl had “heart disease and a long-standing lung infection.” However, the mom said her daughter was healthy and not sick.

Ambar’s mom does not want another family to suffer the tremendous pain and loss she is experiencing. She vows to fight not to allow the government to ‘kill” another child:

I will fight to the end. I don’t want other Ambars to die. But, because I don’t want this to happen to other children, as it happened to my daughter, the government here in Tucuman demands that everyone be vaccinated to be allowed to do anything. So they kill our children.

Argentina Wants All Children ‘Vaccinated’

Argentina moved aggressively last year to vaccinate every child over three by the end of 2021. “Argentina will finish 2021 with the full coverage and protection of people over three years,” vowed health minister Carla Vizzotti last October.

According to Life Site News, Children and teenagers face virtually no risk of death or serious illness from COVID-19. According to the American Pediatric Association, 0-0.03 percent of COVID cases in the United States under age 18 have resulted in death. In addition, the survival rate for coronavirus has been estimated at no lower than 99.7 percent for all age groups under 60 years old.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


    • It’s Trump’s MAGA juice. Trump could have fired Fauci and Trump launched Operation Warp speed. Trump still promotes the MAGA juice to this day.

      • This troll is a virulent and active pedophile that targets preadolescent children, and holds tranny story-time hour for kindergarten children in public schools…

        He is a NAMBLA member that has been investigated repeatedly, but for some reason never gets prosecuted, despite a long list of crimes against children…

      • It’s not Trumps MAGA juice this vaccine and entire plan was created and planned, wait for it… back I’m 2015 during Obamas time as president

      • Not so fast! Trump never said pump kids full of it – NOR did he have even the slightest desire to mandate it. Get over yourself. Get a brain moran!

      • Trump would never allow the clot shot to be forced on anyone against their will. God hating leftists are the ones forcing it on children and killing them.

      • You’re a fool and no the president can’t fire Fauci
        All it takes is a google search and you would’ve known that.. But instead you show your ignorance..

        • The fact that you use Google is a bit of an ignorance indicator I’d say.

          Look, Trump didn’t invent the clot shot, but he sure has heck kept the plane of the evil ones floating in down the river unobstructed.

          I hope him, and all prominent people that didn’t try with all their might equally responsible and equally accountable.

  • And Fuellmich’s team is still sleeping.
    I bet Fuellmich’s team haven’t even yet added the responsibles at the Rockefeller Foundation to the list of those that must be arrested for GENOCIDE!
    And all the rest of those genocide criminals still walking free and laughing on the way to the bank.
    And Gebreyesus still enjoying his high salary and billion bonuses from friend Bill Gates.
    Wonderful perfect genocide plan!

  • I’m so sorry for your daughter’s death. Please continue to fight to make sure that her death was not in vain. They want us all dead.

  • Argentina is the birthplace of that Roman monster, you know of the one, wearing those goofy looking ceremonial gold-adorned worship outfits, waving falsehood everywhere it faces. Now this:

    Interesting find (3 sources):

    American writes to Putin Re: backing the “special de-nazification operation”
    and pointing to the KM name stealers

    See links:

    American writes to Russian leader…

    Recent letter to Vladimir Putin, backing him. Then listing the biggest lies told to generations of earthlings:

    You can listen to the Blurry Creatures podcast, The Khazarian Kid(s) with Dr. Laura Sanger, HERE >>>

  • They want you Dead, Diseased and Damaged for Life- F=ing Globalist$ in their DePOPULATION Plan$
    USA Child Casket orders are up like 4,000%

  • Yes, mother knows. That is what happened. I’m still shocked nobody up there has been hanged for this.

  • I am so sorry. What a beautiful innocent child of God.
    Anyone comes near one on my children with a hypo, I will rip it out of their hands and jam in in the side of their throat.

  • “EU-Mitarbeiter zählen bereits jetzt zu den bestbezahltesten Angehörigen eines öffentlichen Dienstes weltweit. Alleine in der niedrigsten Gehaltsstufe bedeutet der geplante Inflationsausgleich rund 260 Euro mehr auf dem Konto, rechnete der österreichische Express aus. EU-Kommissionspräsidentin Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) bekommt monatlich sogar rund 2.483 Euro zusätzlich.”

    EU’s leading terrorist Ursula von der Leyen receives huge salary compensation but “ordinary” people struggle with rising cost of living.
    The evil elite is immune against their own terrorism towards the citizens!
    HANG THE EU LEADERS! (Except Orban!)

  • We need to finish building the wall.
    Then make sure every democrat is triple vaxxed and boosted with their own poisonous juice. Then throw them over the wall with no chance of returning. MAGA 2024.

  • No one was actually “forced” to get the shots. It was the fear generated by the politicians, the medical conspiracy and the MSM combining making appear that getting shot was the only thing to do. More people need to get together to create a bloc to sue all parties involved in a huge class action law suit. Millions have either died or had been maimed and something needs to be done to protect everyone.

  • The WEF’s and SCHWAB’s, and all the other genocide criminals genocide program is very much same as the Nazis Final Solution plan for the Jews.
    This time just carried out in a “cleaner” way by mRNA injections, while Fauci, Gates, Daszak, von der Leyen and the Young Global Terrorists are laughing.

  • Don’t say that you were forced to let them murder your child, no body pinned your child down, you are fully responsible for this because you just want your child to be in kindergarten. This applies also to people who took the kill shot because they didn’t want to loose their jobs, want to travel or playing sport. Stop explaining yourself saying “forced”, it sounds ridiculous.

  • What the hell do the people who are pushing these vaccines think will happen when the populace find out they are being exterminated? The will become the hunted.

  • If we don’t stop the evil ones running the government, they will become our Fauci and we will become there captive beagle puppies to torture and torment and kill as they pleases them. We will become their entertainment, for the sadistic pleasure of the devils who are the government. Evil experiment after experiment, captives with no free will. That is what they want. We will become the monkeys Elon used to put chips in their brains, that kill and torture them. We will all be in Hell being tortured and tormented for eternity by these demonic creatures, that use the sketchy, shady, criminal, mafia medical system as an excuse to make us live in Hell on earth. The governments of the world have been taken over by alien demonic entities from Hell.

  • You can’t force people to get vaccinated! If your stupid enough to do it it’s your fault!!


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