MSM PLOT EXPOSED: ‘Trusted News Initiative’ Leads Coup Against President Trump

MSM PLOT EXPOSED: ‘Trusted News Initiative’ Leads Coup Against President Trump

  • Posted by Renee Nal
  • On November 7, 2020
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While Americans were focused on communist-driven violent riots and Chinese coronavirus tyranny, the most powerful players in the mainstream media were scheming to launch a coup against President Donald Trump using the deceptively-named “Trusted News Initiative.” The TNI was also put in place to silence dissent on the preferred coronavirus narrative.

On July 13, 2020, Variety reported that the TNI “is setting up a shared early warning system of rapid alerts to combat the spread of disinformation during the upcoming U.S. Presidential election.”

The idea is that the mainstream media coordinate their message to shut down voices they deem contrary to their narrative.

It is unclear who elected the mainstream media and massive corporations such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Twitter to be the Arbiters of Truth, yet that is exactly what TNI purports itself to be, referring to their effort as “an industry collaboration of major news and global tech organizations working together to stop the spread of disinformation where it poses risk of real world harm.”

“Some people have tried to turn the term ‘mainstream media’ into a form of abuse to undermine credibility, but we are on the public’s side and will fight tirelessly to get high-quality journalism to as many people as possible,” said Tony Hall, President, European Broadcasting Union.

The effort is reminiscent of JournoList, which was a secret email list run by Vox’s Ezra Klein to coordinate pro-Obama messages. JournoList included dozens of progressive journalists, and even included Jared Bernstein, chief economist for then-Vice President Joe Biden.

The “Trusted News Initiative” is JournoList on steroids.


Partners of TNI include the Associated Press, The Washington Post, Facebook, the BBC, CBC/Radio-Canada, Microsoft, and the New York Times. TNI is behind “Project Origin“, described as “verification technology,” deployed a “digital watermark [which] is attached to media originating from authentic content creators, and can provide an automated signal warning of manipulated or fake media.”

According to Variety, TNI was deployed “during the U.K. 2019 general election, the Taiwan 2020 general election and more recently, harmful coronavirus disinformation.” If Americans continue to depend on radical left sources of information, expect continued propaganda and *actual* disinformation.

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Thank you for the honesty for the American people
Runoff. US military is last trusted institution in this country - and they hold elections in war zones. They can do it here. No recount of phony ballots. CBC/Radio Canada is a bastion of government funded radical leftists, they’re horribly biased.
"The idea is that the mainstream media coordinate their message to shut down voices they deem contrary to their narrative" You mean they're not coordinated now? BTW, you left out the CIA, a little mockingbird told me.
Ministry of Truth...1984
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American Patriot
This is interesting and important information, but it is nothing new. Fox News has often shown videos of mainstream media news service reporters saying exactly, verbatim, the same things about the misdeeds of President Trump and his supporters or the wonders of those on the left.
    Renee Nal
    The coordination has always been there. What is different is that it is now official.
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