'Multicultural' Germany: War Breaks Out Between Turkish-Arab Gang and Hell's Angels Bikers (Videos)

Germany’s left-wing continues to disregard the fact that the globalist project of multiculturalism has failed in Europe.

Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) Interior Minister Herbert Reul has called images of a turf war between the Hell’s Angels and a Turkish-Arab clan “shocking.” Four people were injured, and 15 arrests were made, reports DW News.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, the region’s Interior Minister discussed the “shocking images” following the shooting in the city of Duisburg in western Germany.

Police secured 19 shell casings at the crime scene, where four were injured on the streets of Duisburg Wednesday.

The incident erupted shortly before 9 p.m. Wednesday night and involved 80 to 100 individuals from the Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang and an unnamed Turkish-Arab crime gang.

Mr. Reul told reporters: “Last night clearly shows how important it is that we stay focused on this issue. Gang crimes are not an invention of public authorities. This major problem terrifies people, especially here in the Ruhr Valley. So keeping silent about this is not a solution”.

Duisburg’s new police chief, Alexander Dierselhuis, an expert on criminal clans, told reporters: “Duisburg has not seen such incidents for a long time.”

Some two-thirds of Germany’s 5.6 million Muslims are of Turkish origin, representing the largest Turkish community outside Turkey and Germany’s largest immigrant group.

Just as recently as 2018, while in Cologne, Erdoğan again urged Turks not to assimilate. The Turkish Islamic leader called the assimilation of migrants in Europe “a crime against humanity.” Erdoğan wants his soldiers to remain part of Turkey and the Ummah, the global Muslim community.

Germany’s left-wing continues to disregard the fact that the globalist project of multiculturalism has failed in Europe. Especially the integration of Muslims from the Middle East and Africa. Their leaders have ignored reality and continue supporting suicidal open border policies destroying Germany and eastern Europe. The question is, why?

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • If this is what they’re showing, I can only imagine the horrendous things
    they are not showing.

  • There are 32 countries in the world with over 90% Muslim populations. There are 8 more with between 75 and 90%. Why, when there are conflicts, are they not eager to seek refuge in countries that share their traditions, values and faith? Could it be that these countries are loathe to have them?

  • The Turks were from foreign workers that were imported to work in the factories back in the ’60’s and ’70’s. The Arabs are all doing the Border Thing like here in the USA.
    The Hell’s Angels are now a multinational corporation…
    What a mess…
    Coming to your neighborhood soon if not there yesterday.

  • “Just as recently as 2018, while in Cologne, Erdoğan again urged Turks not to assimilate.’

    I felt back in 2015 when hoards of Muslims migrants started crossing into Europe that they would never assimilate. I said as much in comments on various internet website. The Muslims are taking the long view to turn Europe into a Muslim continent. In addition to continual migration, their birth rate will be double or triple the birth rate of white Europe and soon enough after one or two generations, they will be the majority. Soon enough as I said way back, all Parisian women will be wearing hair and or face coverings. Worst yet, maybe burkas.

  • The liberals’ push for “multi-culturalism” and “political correctness” is the malignancy responsible for the breakdown in civilization. The world population evolved as it did over the past 5000+ years for good reason . . . scrambling it all together has produced chaos. But that is the “globalists” objective, as they seek to impose a command and control environment on the world’s population (or what’s left of it after the current and impending famine and plandemics run their course).

  • If they don’t want to assimilate – ESPECIALLY under orders from Erdogan – they should be deported posthaste and forcibly if need be. This virtually constitutes an occupying force, right NATO?

  • These people couldn’t hit sand if they fell off a camel. No deaths with all that gun fire? but Lon you are right they do not show 90% of the riots and stuff that happens everyday. Just like France and other countries, they are hiding the crime. Mainly because it does not fit their liberal narrative.

  • I’m old enough to remember that despite the Hell’s Angels signature penchant for ball peen hammers, what I found most striking, was the frequency of significant explosions, that in unconnected incidents, just happened to plague opposition factions…

    Clearly coincidence mind you, and I’ve never heard anybody say differently…

  • The obvious solution would be to kick out the invaders and hang the traitors who imported them. We all know why that won’t be done.

  • I think anyone with 2 firing brain cells knows “why?”. Please, the money power wants the destruction of European civilization. It was the one power it hadn’t been able to destroy so long as it was homogenous.

  • The Germans need to start deporting Turks and other Islamic people urgently. In fact all non whites should also be given the boot unless they are more then useful to the country.
    If these people knew their history, they would realize it does not pay to live in Germany if you are not wanted. They should look at the case of the Jews and these people were no threat to the state, intelligent, hard working and basically fully assimilated.


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