'Multicultural' Spain: Two Moroccans Arrested for Sexually Abusing at Least 8 Young Girls, Including 3 Minors

The acts of violence by migrants in Spain and Europe are a testament to the failure of multiculturalism and mass-Islamic migration.

Two Moroccan migrants, 21 and 31 years old, were brought before the investigative court in the town of Elda in Alicante for alleged sexual abuse of 8 girls, including three minors, according to the national police. The suspected sex attacks were committed during local festivities, while the investigation remains open, as it cannot be ruled out that there are more victims, reports OK Diario.

The investigations were carried out by the Family and Women’s Unit of the National Police (UFAM) in Elda. The same source continues, adding that one of the detainees was linked to a similar event. According to the police report, the events occurred around 3:40 a.m. on Monday, June 6, amid festivities in the town of Elda in Alicante. The alleged victims reported that two men approached them while they were enjoying the festivities and sexually assaulted them. In addition, the Islamic men touched their private parts without the young girl’s consent. Immediately, several members of the National Police went to the scene and succeeded in locating and arresting one of the alleged attackers.

Officers later received a second call from another young woman who said she was being touched by a man who allegedly grabbed her and tried to kiss her against her will. Officers nearby managed to arrest the alleged attacker, who turned out to be the young man that police failed to locate after the previous attack.

Officers discovered that only 24 hours earlier, on the night of June 5, other young women had reported similar events. The description given coincided with that of one of the detainees. For this reason, they summoned the victims of the first night and, after taking their statements, they also charged the arrested person with these alleged crimes.

The police investigation is still open, with a total of 8 victims, including three minors. In addition, the police are currently trying to verify if there are other victims, concludes the same source.

Open Borders Failure

Deputy of Vox party, Rocío de Meer, has previously slammed Spain’s socialist-led government for not protecting its borders or citizens. “Spain is not protecting its sovereignty. It is not protecting Spaniards, and it is not protecting the doors and walls of its house,” stated the deputy leader.

The acts of violence by migrants in Spain and Europe are a testament to the failure of multiculturalism and mass-Islamic migration. Moreover, globalists’ open border policies, heavily supported by legacy media, make life in Europe increasingly unlivable for non-Muslim populations.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist



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