Multiple Terrorist Attacks in France: Jihadi spared the life of a Muslim who could recite a Prayer in Arabic (Video)

Multiple Terrorist Attacks in France: Jihadi spared the life of a Muslim who could recite a Prayer in Arabic (Video)

  • Posted by Amy Mek
  • On January 5, 2020
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Créteil public prosecutor Laure Beccuau held a press conference on January 4, 2020 – the day after a knife attack in Villejuif by a terrorist screaming Islamic battle cry of “Allahu Akbar” which claimed the life of one man and injured two women.

Prosecutor Beccuau reported that a person of Muslim faith was spared by the 22-year-old jihadi, Nathan C., when the attacker asked him to recite a prayer in Arabic.

Nathan C., a recent islamic convert, was found at the scene of the attacks with a Qur’an in his backpack and islamic literature characterized as Salafist in a bag.

French police reported that there was also a letter “with phrases fairly typical of a Muslim man who self-flagellates and who knows that he may be about to take the plunge”.

In virtually every instance of jihad attacks in France, politicians and media hide the identity of the attackers. In rare instances when the identity of an attacked is leaked, the suspect is presented as possibly suffering from mental health issues.

As evidenced in this latest jihad attack, despite the overwhelming evidence of an islamic terrorist attack, leftist media continues to mislead the public and report the jihadi was motivated by “mental illness issues”.

Breaking terrorist attack in Metz, France:

Just hours ago, another jihad terror attack occurred in Metz, France. A knife wielding muslim who was well known to Police was shot dead by officers.

The terrorist rushed towards a group of policemen with a knife shouting “Allahu akbar”, the islamic battle cry. in the eastern city of Metz.

What the phrase “Allahu Akbar” actually means is that “Allah is greater” than any other god. When recited, it empowers Muslims, making them feel superior to the rest of mankind. “Allahu Akbar” has, in fact, been a jihadist tool since the early years of Islam.


The Metz local prosecutor’s office said the suspect suffered gunshot wounds to the thigh. The suspect, whom it did not name, was on an official list of those monitored for links to militant groups.

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Transcript: Many thanks to Miss Piggy and Sassy for the translation.

The assailant showed up at the Hautes-Bruyères park, which is located in Villejuif, accosted a first person, accosting him in a threatening manner, as I have already said, to the cries of Allahu Akhbar.

That person explained that he was Muslim. The assailant stopped his motion to hit him and asked him to recite a prayer in Arabic, which he did.

So at that point, the assailant turned away from him and proceeded to attack the couple you were already told about in the previous report.


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