Murder: Two Young Boys Found Dead in Bed after Second Pfizer Shot

Medical researchers discovered the risk of myocarditis in young men increases after each Pfizer injection, especially after the second dose.

Two teenage American boys have died after receiving the Covid “vaccine,” according to an article in the journal Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine. The children were found dead in bed three and four days after their second Pfizer injections. The boys were pronounced dead at home and never given a chance to be resuscitated.

One boy complained of headaches and stomach complaints but felt better three days after the injection. The other boy had no complaints. According to autopsies that were performed, they didn’t have corona, but they did have myocarditis. The report suggested a hyper-inflammatory cytokine response could have driven the damage.

According to The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), “Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle, and pericarditis is inflammation of the outer lining of the heart.” 

Greatest Risk for Death

Medical researchers Dr. James R. Gill, Dr. Randy Tashjian, and Dr. Emily Duncanson discovered that the risk of myocarditis in young men increases after each Pfizer injection, especially after the second dose. The risk is most significant in the first week after the second dose.

“Two fatal cases of myocarditis in teenage boys a few days after the second dose,” reports US internist and cardiologist Peter McCullough on his Twitter account. They were “found dead at home, without a chance of resuscitation.”

More Deaths Coming

“I testified in US Senate on January 24 that ‘one case is one too many!’” exclaimed McCullough. “Parents and children should know that more deaths will occur.”

Dr. Peter McCullough’s Twitter

Even the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) safety panel determined a “likely association” between the Pfizer and Moderna shots and cases of myocarditis and pericarditis in vaccine recipients.

Japan labels Covid “vaccines” with warnings of their dangerous and potentially deadly side effects. They are particularly raising concerns about the risks of myocarditis in young men injected with Pfizer or Moderna’s mRNA genetherapy treatment.

Proimenant Doctors Warned Parents Not to Inject Their Children

Why are healthy young people receiving the “vaccines” when teenagers are virtually immune to Covid? However, myocarditis requiring hospitalization occurs in up to 1 in 2,000 teenage boys and young men at rates following mRNA jabs, a rate far higher than the rate caused by Covid.

RAIR Foundation USA has continuously reported on the risk of myocarditis from the “vaccines,” especially in children. During an interview with RAIR, Dr. Roger Hodkinson warned that saying that the vaccines are “safe” is the “most grotesque form of medical malpractice.” The doctor explained that “In a normal clinical trial, this number of young men coming down with myocarditis, the trial would have been stopped in its tracks. Boom! Finished! Done.”

Virologist Sucharit Bhakdi tried to warn parents in a video statement not to have their children take the potentially “lethal” Covid “vaccines,”

Do not give the shot to children because they are absolutely without any possibility of defending themselves, if you give that jab to your child you are committing a crime.

Dr. Robert Malone, the highly respected inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, also released a powerful statement warning parents about injecting their children with the gene therapies,

Dr. Malone explains that if parents opt to give their children the Covid vaccine, “a viral gene will be injected into your children’s cells.” “This gene forces your child’s body to make toxic spike proteins,” he says, which “often cause permanent damage in children’s critical organs” and can “trigger fundamental changes to their immune system.” Dr. Malone continues to say that damage done would be “irreparable”. Further, he warns that “this novel technology has not been adequately tested.”

Weeks ago, whistleblowers provided information that Covid ‘vaccine’ Injuries in the military, specifically myocarditis diagnoses, were being scrubbed from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED).

How many more lives must be destroyed or lost before governments worldwide stop demanding and pressuring their citizens to receive the controversial injections. The threat to children does not seem to be Covid, but the “vaccines” meant to protect them supposedly. At what point is it considered premeditated murder to give a child an injection that has been shown to potentially kill them?

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • So, what else can you expect from a veterinarian?

    “Albert Bourla (Greek: Άλμπερτ Μπουρλά; born October 21, 1961) is a Greek-American veterinarian”

    Albert, time to go into hiding.
    Sure you emptied your bank account already?

      • Time to get a clue momma. Keep following the “science” like a clueless zombie.

        Bourla should be prosecuted and held to full account. He didn’t even take his own company’s vaccine shot – wonder why? Then, it was made public and he had to take it . . . and most likely a saline shot.

      • I see the “new world order”, “great reset ” communist scumbags have you CONTROLLED and BRAINWASHED…Just keep getting those “DEATH JABS”, and continual “boosters”, SHEEP, then (like many others) you will not be around long to post your B.S on these sites. CHEERS!

  • Based on the number of heart related adverse reactions in young people, it won’t be long before a segment of the population find these reactions to be “normal.”
    Sad times for the children, and our country.

    • VERY sad times for the young generation.. I’m seeing clips on the news stations where schools are going to put defibrillators in the hallways so children can be resuscitated from heart attacks, etc. Unbelievable what “normal” has become..

    • Why isn’t CNN and MSNBC reporting on this,is it because it goes against thier agenda which is telling the people the true story about these vaccines

  • “How many more lives must be destroyed or lost before governments worldwide stop…”

    Haven’t you all figured out yet that the government is the enemy at this point? What made you think that the government is here to save us?

    Wake up, people, and take your power back from your government before its too late!

  • Everyone in a position power, or via medical advice, who has forced this vaccine on children should be imprisoned… everyone. And I do not mean the misinformed parents. Or the parents who were forced into it.

    • “Everyone in a position power, or via medical advice, who has forced this vaccine on children should be imprisoned… everyone. ”

      I would include any police, lawyers, or judges, who enforced the various illegal and over-reaching mandates. As you say, EVERYONE who forced this murderous scam on the public should go to prison. If they left free to walk the streets and free to exert any power over We The People they will attempt some new scam to kill us or make us into slaves. They are a clear and present danger and MUST BE REMOVED from our society.

  • There are many more diseases and viruses in the world that are more deadly and more contagious……..and yet, we NEVER need vaccines for them, until AFTER we are infected. Why? Because what good is a vaccine if it isn’t going to fight the virus or disease you are taking it for?

    If you take this kind of injection, it has to attack SOMETHING, because that’s what it’s programmed for. If it doesn’t have a virus or disease to fight, it’s got to fight something in your body, which obviously ends up being YOUR CELLS!!!

    • Great answer.. Wish I could convince my brainwashed family of this. Some are elderly, & the fear porn from the beginning caused most of it. I figured by now, they’d see through some of the nonsense.. They actually believe if they catch it–it’s an automatic death sentence. I refuse to get a jab just to be able to go in their house. I knew from the get-go not to put some new unknown crap in my body. They all lined up the day it was given out.

  • Thank you for continuing to educate people about the dangers of these shots. We need to have treatment therapies available—tried and true ivermectin, hydroxychloroquin, vitamin regimen.

  • So how many deaths from an experimental dose of death (that’s what Dr. Malone, you know the inventor of the mRNA technology, calls it) will Pfizer get away with on their way to making billions?

  • When people will trust the government over the testimony of the premier doctor in the U.S., something is terribly wrong with the mindset of so many.

  • It’s easy to understand, these two boys will not grow to mature men and Father one, two, three, or more children. Therefore not only two less in the population but a larger portion of the next generation will be missing, no breeders, no population increase. If two 65 year old people died of covid it’s just two more deaths rather than four six eight never being born. Criminal.

  • I keep getting bombarded every day, that the vaccines are “safe and effective”…anything promoted like this is being promoted, sets off alarms on my “scam radar”. Especially when there are so many being harmed by the vaccines, and so many real doctors now speaking out – rather than medical personnel just parroting the “safe and effective” mantra.

    Follow the money. Effective therapeutic and preventive treatments for covid exist, but they cost only pennies. And a healthy person of any age has little to fear from covid.

  • According to multiple insurance companies, deaths are up 40% and more SINCE the vaccinations began. A ten percent increase would be shocking, three standard deviations, from the normal death rate, which insurance companies are very good at predicting. Forty percent and greater are suggestive of planned genocide.

  • the fact that 5% of vaccine lots caused 100% of deaths in VAERS database means that they purposefully restricted the dangerous/true shots to a few percent in order that the damage from the shots would not be so great that they could not cover it up.
    the 5% who got the real shots have done unknown damage to their bodies even when they do not drop dead, suffer myocarditis, pericarditis, arthritis, strokes, heart attacks, …

    • Interesting theory, I had wondered if many of the vaccine recipients here in the US were actually receiving some kind of placebo. We will never know if we’ve all been conned in that manner but certainly thought provoking.

  • and yet CVS, Walgreens and others are pushing parents to jab their kids as well as nearly every politician. So much for follow the science.

  • I truly hope the parents are charged with criminal indifference at least. You would have to be a moron to force your kids into getting this vaccine.

    To date the CDC gave a number of 23,000 deaths from the VACCINE and past history shows the FDA always STOPPED and withdrew APPROVAL of a VACCINE IF 35 to 50 people died, WHY ARE THEY IGNORING IT WITH THIS COVID VACCINE?
    The VAERS, CDC and FDA seem to also be IGNORING SIDE EFFECTS, WHY?
    Experts who KNOW how to evaluate DMED (the military reporting system), VAERS, CDC and FDA information and data ESTIMATE OVER 150,000 to 400,000 DEATHS from this CHINESE/FAUCI SARS-COVID 19 VIRUS VACCINE. Why do the number of deaths differ so much?
    Question could go on and on, but WHY is P.M. Trudeau and President Biden panicking over a PEACEFUL PROTEST to regain the Canadian and American Freedoms back?
    Just my opinion and questions from those opinion.

  • I tried to tell my 2 sons to.not have my grand children vaccinated … I go no reply from either of them . I am waiting on the bad news ! If any of them develop health issues from the crap someone will be very sorry !



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