Muslim Airport Employees Make ISIS One-Finger Salute on Tarmac

Three Muslim airport employees posed with the salute of the Islamic State on the tarmac at Düsseldorf Airport in Germany. The men are making the sign of allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS): the upraised index finger. 

As Robert Spencer explains, the signal of the index finger held up is, of course, used in myriad contexts. Muslims, in general, have used it as a sign of allegiance to tawhid, Islam’s absolute monotheism. However, in recent years it has become very much associated with allegiance to jihad groups, particularly the Islamic State. This signal has been known to be a sign of allegiance to the Islamic State for almost as long as there has been an Islamic State. It has been described as the group’s “ubiquitous hand signal.”

According to the German newspaper Bild, there are three German citizens named Mohamed AR, Hamit A., and Serhat I. The men are between 19 and 20 years old. All three were also born in Germany. Nevertheless, they felt they belonged to the Muslim terrorists of the “Islamic State.”

The federal police reacted immediately. A spokeswoman told the paper: “Based on the footage of the people, all three were identified as employees of a company commissioned by the airport operator and airline.”

One of the Terrorists is currently on vacation.

“The men’s airport ID cards were blocked immediately so that it is ensured that they could not access secure areas of the airport,” said the spokeswoman for the federal police.

Officials drove to the homes of the ISIS sympathizers. A spokesman for the Düsseldorf police headquarters: “We carried out threat speeches with two people.” However, one of the men is away on vacation. According to the authorities, they will continue to focus on him.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • It means “Allah is number one”. Or, this is the finger i clean my bunghole with, I forget which.

  • They are just showing their respective IQ scores. Their looks rather high for the sheepish habitual religious zealots. Anybody who worships a FICTIONAL or glorified historical MAN that lived thousands of years ago can’t be very intelligent. ALL religions are fabrications designed to control humanity. Go on BitChute and watch “Return of the Sun”.

  • In the US, no one would react. If anyone said anything against them, the people criticizing would be sued, fired, and arrested for infringing on their First Amendment rights.

  • Red flag much? The Germans would rather see a plane go down than remove openly hostile muslims from the tarmac.

  • I’m Muslim, and we call this sign (Tawheed) sign, Tawheed means Allah is one and only one. I have no idea that this is ISIS salute. I never heard this before, and never seen it. what I see always on TV is that Muslim football players show this sign when they score goals, and I do not see any objection from the officials.

  • My god, God the Father, does not advocate lying under any circumstances. Lies are for God the Father’s adversary. The word for adversary is ‘Satan’. Satan is the lord of lies.

    Allah, the god of Islam, advises his followers to lie if it helps them to achieve certain ‘acts’ that are permitted under Islam. The lies that Allah advises his follower to commit are not merely to save their miserable lives, but lies to aid them to commit acts permitted for Moslems to perpetrate.

  • For the comment section peeps who dont take this seriously .
    You do realize that only 12/14 percent during ww2 of the German ppl were actually Hitler supporters and member of his NSDAP right.
    Now we all know how that ended now look at all the likes 96.9 K thats a near 100.000 islamofacists alone on that app who replied .
    Sleep much ?
    Bosnia has become a caliphate jihadi springboard to europe a totally muslim caliphate backed with saudi Arabia’s mujahedin’s money here have an eye openener and buckle upp its gonna be a bumpy ride .

  • Bonjour le doigt ainsi montré n’a rien a voir avec une entité crée par les américano sioniste. Elle désigne pour les musulmans l’unicité d’Allah


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