Muslim Mafia: Migrant Clans Conquer Sweden - Arab War Zone (Videos)

According to police intelligence chiefs, Sweden draws massive migrant crime rings because of the generous free state handouts.

Middle Eastern criminal family gangs, also known as clans, have become a dangerous phenomenon throughout Sweden and Europe. Migrants who arrived in Sweden over the past 30 years from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, and other Islamic countries have been leaving a trail of death and destruction in their path.

The clans control large zones of Swedish cities and towns, effectively lawless areas which police increasingly fear to approach. The crime families, which have thousands of foot soldiers, have been allowed to operate with virtual impunity for years. Swedish judges and prosecutors have been unable or unwilling to stop them, apparently out of fear of retribution. Furthermore, police are terrorized by them and often pressured by the state to remain silent.

Ali Khan Family

One of the most well-known gangs in Sweden is the Ali Khan family. The head of the family is 64-year-old Imam Hashem Ali Khan. Police describe his group based in Angered, a suburb of Gothenburg, as a kind of mafia conglomerate.

Hashem Ali Khan

Among other things, Khan was previously convicted and sentenced to death in Lebanon for murdering a mother of ten children. Ironically the famous Islamic leader who officiates every Friday at the nearby al-Salam mosque describes himself as a peaceful religious man. However, Khan is not only convicted of murder but wanted for robbery and an armed attack on a police station.

Khan’s clan has been “reported to police more than 200 times, but the police have had to close almost all cases because the gang threatens the victims and witnesses to stay silent.”

Local police chief Ulf Merlander stated in court that,

The types of crime that the Ali Khans are known for are murder, extortion, serious violations of a woman’s integrity, physical abuse, unlawful threats, drug crimes and unlawful possession of weapons.

In one recent incident in August, the Ali Khan gang set up roadblocks in the northeast of Gothenburg’s, shining torches into cars to hunt for members of a rival mob. Police made arrests but released the suspects almost instantly,

Police broke up the checkpoints and made 20 arrests. But in a move that was seen as symbolic of Sweden’s ‘soft touch’, the suspects were released because prosecutors decided they hadn’t broken the law

Watch the following video report by Spiegel TV about the Ali Khan family and other clans that are wreaking havoc across Sweden:

Police Under Attack

For years, the Gothenburg police have been sounding the alarms on the migrant organized crime families plaguing Sweden, but sadly, their open borders government has ignored their cries for help.

Swedish police chiefs have said they couldn’t contain the country’s rising tide of mafia crime. They blame the over 40 established migrant crime families on mass immigration, which started in 2015 when Sweden welcomed migrants with open arms.

As reported by the Daily Mail,

In addition to the 40 clans there are hundreds of smaller gangs, and conflicts between rivals mean that only one month of the last three years has passed without a mob-related killing in Sweden. There are now 10 times as many killings as there are in Germany.

The country’s left-wing Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, has consistently refused to admit that migrants are behind the increasing violence. However, as the situation continued to worsen, police officers broke their silence. 

Police revealed that they are also a major target for migrant crime families. As previously reported by RAIR Foundation USA, threats of violence against police and their families in Sweden have increased and become more extreme and normalized. Top government officials and Swedish media exacerbate this dangerous phenomenon by siding with criminals and silencing anyone speaking out against the policies that caused this situation.

The intimidation tactics by gangs are not just restricted to times when the officers are on duty but are now occurring in their personal time when they’re not in uniform and going about their everyday lives

Police Can Not Protect Businesses and Citizens From Clans

RAIR previously reported the terrifying and underreported epidemic of migrant gang violence against businesses owners in Sweden. As a result, entrepreneurs are losing their companies and families and often have to move abroad out of fear of being killed. In addition, the migrant mafia networks are systematically extorting entrepreneurs, and police warned they are unable to protect victims.

Police Chief Ulf Boström breaks into tears when discussing the hidden victims suffering from migrant gangs: “The victims have no chance.” The officer explains, “either you pay, or you resist, and your life is completely ruined.”

Open Borders Sweden

Sweden continues to welcome a record number of migrants. There are already 184 nationalities in Gothenburg alone. Yet, the taxpayer-funded media and socialist government are deceptively reporting that asylum immigration is extremely low.

Sweden’s Prime Minister is granting illegal migrants citizenship at the rate of almost 8,000 per month. In addition, the government is also issuing even more residency permits per month.

Famous Swedish journalist and acclaimed author Gunnar Sandelin explains that 30% of the population is now foreign-born, and “Sweden will become Europe’s most Muslim-populated country.”

Swedish Police warn that the new migrants arriving are forming their crime rings that will one day challenge the likes of the Ali Khans. 

According to police intelligence chiefs, Sweden draws massive migrant crime rings because of the generous free state handouts,

Why have they based themselves in Sweden? It’s obvious, our generous welfare system and trusting society can be exploited by the criminal networks. Half of the disabled benefit we pay out is fraudulently taken by the gangs. Sometimes they get divorced so that the Government will give them another flat, then move back in with their ex-wives and rent it out. 

Sweden’s mass-migration policies have dangerous and devastating effects on its society. Instead of Sweden’s socialist government closing the borders and reversing the migration flow, they have gone to great lengths to hide or ignore the crisis. Sweden goes so far as to prosecute those who speak out about the consequences of their open border policies.

Video Transcript

Friday the 4th, Gothenburg Sweden 

Clan crime is also rampant in Sweden. Actually, the country has always been proud of its immigration policy, but in metropolises like Gothenburg, large clan families dominate entire neighborhoods with dramatic consequences.

This July, in the district of Högsbo, the Swedish tranquility was once again riddled with gunshots. Instead of Bullerby, bullets flew.

It is Friday afternoon, the 9th of July.

The victim is sitting in a chair at a hair salon, getting a haircut.

It’s a hot day, so both doors are open, including the back door.

While the victim sits in the chair, two armed perpetrators enter.

An execution in broad daylight in the Arab community.

Not uncommon in Sweden, a country that used to be one of the safest in the world.

Sweden is now Europe’s leader in the category of murder with firearms.

In 2019 alone, 42 people were shot here.

Most of the victims came from the gang milieu, in which Arab clans are also heavily involved.

The execution in the barbershop was a brutal climax.

There is still no trace of the perpetrators.

The victim had contacts within the underworld, but we don’t know if the man was also was a member of a criminal gang.

Of course we suspect that the crime is gang-related.

In Sweden, the general public watches helplessly as concrete towers in the suburbs, like these in Hjällbo on the outskirts of Gothenburg, have become parallel worlds, similar to those that have formed in Berlin-Neukölln.

The apartment blocks are the territory of the Ali Khan.

Ulf Boström works as a scene officer in the immigrant community.

No one knows the clans in Sweden better than he does.

The police have withdrawn from these neighborhoods.

The resulting insecurity was exploited by criminal networks and clan families to engage in covert criminal activity.

They often hide their businesses behind family members who are well-integrated.

The non-criminals feel they have to protect their families.

At the end of May of 2021, the marketplace in Hjällbo was transformed into an arena of violence.

The police were present by helicopter in the air, but had too few officers on the ground.

There’s a revolt! Revolt!

Panic spreads on police radio. 

—Revolt! Revolt!

During the rioting that Friday afternoon, the members of two large Arab families beat each other without restraint. The violence seems to have appeared from nowhere, and catches the police completely off guard. The officers had no choice but to watch and later evaluate cell phone videos.

That day, the state’s authority was transferred to the clans.

In Germany, there have been a number of similar scenes, known in police jargon as “Riot Crime”.

The journalist Johanna Lerneby wrote a Swedish bestseller about the clans.

She knows the background of the war in the marketplace.

A teenager from an Arab clan family from northeast Gothenburg stole a moped. He was stopped by a member of another clan and an argument ensued.

In this quarter of Hjällbo, clans always know what is happening.

If they are in need, they call their brothers and cousins; there is a duty to help each other.

Court records document that members of the Ali Khans clashed with the extended Simo family. Both sides were able to mobilize dozens of fighters within a short period of time.

Loyalty is the precious asset within the families.

Two days later, hatred re-escalated in the suburban ghettos.

Although the police increase their presence in Hjällbo, large groups of men beat each other up. Once again, the duel is the Ali Khan vs. Simos.

However, this time, someone dies.

Three men of the Simo family are sitting on a wall under trees when suddenly a youth pulls out his gun. Although the police are patrolling everywhere, suddenly a corpse is lying on the asphalt.

The armed man came from over there.

He just came over here and shot three times.

One person was fatally shot. Two others were injured.

There were police officers right around the corner.

Just try to imagine how these perpetrators tick.

Police officers are right over there and they still pull a gun and three people are shot. One of them dies. What kind of people are they?

Look how far this has come. I’m really worried about this development.

The victim is a 44-year-old man from the Simo clan.

He leaves behind four children.

The shooter is believed to be a young man with Somali roots who is being held in custody.

According to police, young Somalis do the dirty work for the Ali Khan family.

They also form the foot soldiers in the drug market which is also dominated by the clan.

In Sweden we trust the police and know that we can rely on them, but the clans don’t.

They solve their problems within their community and build a parallel society where the family is most important. The government is only useful when they need money, but other than that, the government is disregarded. That’s a huge difference.

Parallel societies exist in Sweden as well as in Germany.

Scandinavia also lacks the remedy for patriarchal family structures where values of the clan are superior to those of the of the general public.

At the funeral of the murder victim, women have to stand on the sidelines.

Their role is mostly limited to bearing as many children as possible.

Strengthening their power, according to the crude clan logic.

Dozens of relatives from Germany also attend the ceremony.

It was petty. A brawl. Fist fights. It was about nothing. There’s no need to overreact.

It can be resolved, but not by killing a man.

I could even kill an ant or a chicken. 

—OK. Thanks.

After the murder in Hjällbo, the police increased their forces in the quarter.

However, in the long run, the state cannot guarantee security because the opposition is too unscrupulous. The same applies in Berlin.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • Ayatollah Löfven invited all those criminals to Sweden where the Swedish ridiculous police in diapers run away as soon as they see a muslim.

  • How many representatives in the Swedish Parliament will Muslims have after the next “election” September 11th 2022?
    And what will the consequences be?

  • Swedish voters seem indifferent to the pernicious changes taking place in their once peaceful country. Perhaps homogeneity was too boring!

  • We would expect this to happen. The clues are so obvious. What country they come from is what your country will look like. Have you no clue?

    The left in your country is filled with glee. To see the demise of white people.

  • Viking man, stand up! Otherwise the day will come when my grandchildren will have to cross the ocean to rid your country of it’s incompatible muslim scourge. In that time we will lament that it was as preventable, as it is predictable.

  • Well, Sweden, this is a self-inflicted wound. Your beautiful country has been decimated and your people terrorized because of ignorant and self-serving politically correct politicians. Unfortunately, the situation cannot be changed.

  • Now I understand why Sweden who suddenly became virulently anti-Israel several years ago and was just a hiccup short of totally breaking off relations, suddenly contacted Israel’s foreign minister and virtually begged to renew ties.

  • No sympathy from me whatever. The Swedes voted these people into power decades ago. They have repeatedly reelected them year after year.

    The people in power TOLD Sweden what they were going to do. They built an entire political and social movement on their philosophy and we’re happy to explain it in detail to anyone who would listen. There’s no possible way the People of Sweden did not know what they were voting for.

    So the People of Sweden CHOSE this way of life. They CHOSE for their country to become a Muslim county. They CHOSE living as a Minority in their own country. They CHOSE for Sweden to eventually become an Islamic State under Shariah Law.

    The Swedes are now living in the country they CREATED themselves.

    So they must be happy with it since they reelected these same people last time and will undoubtedly do so in the next election. That will continue until there are enough Muslims in the country to elect a Shariah Party to impose Shariah Law in all of Sweden.

  • Who would have thought that Sweden, beautiful, peaceful Sweden, would become the Lebanon of the North? It is obvious that not many people in Sweden paid attention to the recent history of the Lebanon.

  • I think this is great. The degraded Swedes are too busy changing their gender and feed parasites. Don’t they deserve all this? In the end, the nation deserves their government. Farewell Sweden. Too late.

  • Netop, Sverige er om formentlig bare 2 år historie – muslimsk regering indtager regeringsmagten inkl. nogle få svenske dhimmier, de fleste svenskere heller søger døden end sparke det muslimske affald ud, skal vi andre ikke klage over deres valg, svenskere er en fejlkonstrueret skabning uden fremtid. Det folkelige selvmord en realitet. Danmark følger snart efter vore politikere er ikke en skid bedre de er har i >45 år været gennem rådne løgnere og modbydelige korrupte forbrydere – alle 179 FT- politikerne og 98 byråd burde trækkes op af FT- og byråd-stolen slæbes udenfor stilles op af muren og plaffes MG 7,62 mm ned, derefter hældes varmeværkets kedler for varmegenvinding.

  • Unfortunately, the first video breaks down at 5m04. I found it interesting, so if it could be re-upped that’d be great.

  • Islam cannot be protected as a religion and defeated at the same time. Unfortunately so called expert Robert Spencer fights for Islam to be recognized as a religion. Making him part of the problem.


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