Muslim Migrants Threaten To Gang Rape Politician Exposing Illegally Operated Mosques (Videos)

Muslim migrants in Lombardy, Italy are freely gathering at illegally operated Mosques while native Italians are forced to remain in strict government mandated coronavirus lockdowns. The Islamic community has been free to violate Italy’s measures, as left-wing politicians have refused to take action against them.

Muslim migrants in Lombardy, Italy are freely gathering at illegally operated Mosques while native Italians are forced to remain in strict government mandated coronavirus lockdowns. The Islamic community has been free to violate Italy’s measures, as left-wing politicians have refused to take action against them.

Former Interior minister, Matteo Salvini’s Lega party is fighting to stop the problem of Illegally operated mosques which have been allowed to continue operating throughout the pandemic. The consequences for one Lega MEP, and municipal advisor, Silvia Sardone, has been threats by Muslim migrants to gang rape and murder her, along with her young children.

On March 15, 2021, the region of Lombardy was again declared a red zone, and is under Italy’s most severe emergency lockdown measures. Italians are prohibited to leave home unless for a ‘valid’ reason, such as to go to the doctor.

The ban on public assemblies has remained the same for the past year in all of Italy, particularly in red zones. All schools are closed, as well as restaurants, bars, and many commercial enterprises. The “experts” now say that even one meter of distance is not enough to reduce the risk of contagion due to new variants, and therefore, it is necessary to at least double the social distance.

Despite the red zone lockdown measure, there are those from the Islamic community who seem to live above the rules, explains Silvia Sardone, Euro Parliamentarian and Lega Party municipal advisor, and Stefano Pavesi, Lega advisor of Municipality 8. 

The two Lega party advocates have been fighting to shut down one of the illegally operating mosques in Via Sabatino Lopez, an area in Milan. Muslims have been using the inside of a bakery to operate their mosque. Services have gotten so popular they have spilled over to the sidewalk. The two Lega Party members noted,

“Maybe something has escaped us, but Via Lopez is precisely around the illegal mosque inside a former bakery; is it not a red zone like the rest of the city? Judging by the gatherings of Muslims on the sidewalks, it seems not,”

Not only is the mosque operating illegally in a bakery, but, it’s violating the region’s strict coronavirus emergency lockdown measures. Meanwhile, non-Muslims are forced to comply and severely fined if they violate region rules.

Milan is in the red zone, but Muslims still flock to their illegally operating mosque. 

“Why are the Muslims free to gather together blatantly violating the anti-Covid regulations while citizens and merchants have to remain home or keep their own locations closed with the evident social and economic damages”, questions MEP Sardone. Furthermore, the politician question why an illegal mosque is allowed to violate law, especially during a pandemic, “It is absurd and inconceivable that the municipality doesn’t enforce the laws, in this case, the regional law on religious locations, especially in a pandemic situation that we are going through.”

Illegally operated mosques has been a long-standing problem in Milan, the capital of Lombardy. It has been challenging to shut them all down because, once police close one down, another quickly opens. But Silvia Sardone isn’t giving up and has made repeated inquiries to the left-wing mayor, Beppe Sala,

“This mosque is illegal and should be closed. Mayor Sala, make yourself heard, send the local police to make an inspection, and then proceed accordingly. To begin with, it would be enough to intervene on Friday, the day of prayer, to punish all those who don’t respect the rules, beginning with social distance.”

MEP Sardone has been repeatedly threatened with rape and death over the past year for her opposition to the mosque. As the politician explains, in October, they also threatened to burn her alive and kill her young children. What is moderate about this type of Islam, questions Sardone? Furthermore, those threatening her life are not even Italian muslims but those who have made their way to Italy illegally.

Instead of left-wing politicians in Italy rallying behind Sardone, they have remained silent. The leader believes the left would have defended her if she was not a conservative and the radicals were not Muslim,

Instead of expressing their solidarity with a woman who receives death threats. Probably because I am a rightist woman, and the death threats are from Muslim people. If I had been a leftist woman receiving death threats from someone else, they would have done anything to defend me.

Watch MEP Sardone discuss the threats and lack of support she has received from the leftist parties:

Stefano Pavesi has also been fighting for months to combat the illegally operated mosque. The politician has sent numerous reports to the left-wing leaders in charge of the Municipality, “but in return, we have received total silence, a sign of an evident lack of political will to resolve the problems raised.” Pavese has promised his community he will not stop until there is a resolution, enough with “different rules for different people.” During Christmas, the politician slammed the hypocrisy of Muslims being allowed to gather while Christians are forced to stay locked up at home,

Across the west, from the United States of America to Europe we have seen left-wing politicians and police grant special accommodations to Muslims while banning Christian worship and threatening church goers with arrests and fines. Italy is even giving special protections to illegally operated mosques whose members threaten the life of a conservative female politicians. This is dangerous trend that is increasingly prevalent throughout the free world.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the video translations

Video #1

Well… not only we but also the City Hall and the Municipal Board expressly voted against 
this mosque.

Sala [mayor of Milan] disregarded the Municipal Board’s decision and went ahead, granting 
this tract for the mosque, temporarily.

But in Italy temporary concessions often become permanent with time, unfortunately.

Well… they threatened to rape me. To gang-rape me.

I have received death threats. They threatened to burn me alive. To kill me and my kids.

Well… I see nothing moderate in all this.

Nevertheless… it’s also wrong to say that <i>that</i> is the real Islam, isn’t it?

Look, I am not saying that that is the real Islam.

I am just saying that the people who insulted and threatened me are people of Islamic faith.

And besides, they are not of Italian origin, because it is evident by their names.

Did you receive messages of solidarity from women? Politicians of the left, particularly?

Mrs. [Laura] Boldrini [Partito Democratico] and her friends were probably too busy 
fighting to impose “ministress” instead of minister and “mayoress” instead of mayor.

Instead of expressing their solidarity with a woman who receives death threats.

Probably because I am a rightist woman, and the death threats are from Muslim people.

If I had been a leftist woman receiving death threats from someone else, they would have 
done anything to defend me.

Which didn’t happen for me.

Video #2

Italian man out front of Illegal mosque:

So, we are on via Lopez, Municipality 8. Already, some years ago, I pointed out the issue of this store, in which there is an illegal mosque.

I alerted the municipal council, which gave no response.

Today, after so many years have passed, we again find ourselves here, in full pandemic, full lock-down, in an orange zone, which is Milan, and here we again can find many people all gathered together and praying inside this store — while we Italians are locked up at home, and we cannot celebrate Christmas with our relatives, they can be here, pray, and do whatever they want undisturbed.

Among other things, this mosque is illegal because it is inside a shop. It has no kind of control — it doesn’t respect any type of guideline.

But for [Mayor] Sala, and his council, this is completely normal.

Therefore, I once again ask the responsible institutions that this mosque be closed, and that order be re-established on via Lopez and all of Milan.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • The Coran is the law book of every muslim. Whatever country the muslims come to, they do not respect the law, customs or traditions of the new country, because they consider the country soon to become a muslim country anyway, so they don’t even bother to learn the new language. Most important is for them is to as soon as possible build as many mosques as possible and making as many kids as possible and starting to use the tax payers money of that country, muslims seldom work, it is easier to receive money automatically from the government.

  • We must take a page from the islamic instruction manual:
    Kill a moslem where you find him.
    Only do it before he kills you

  • Sadly the reporter interviewing Silvia Sardonne is a member of the left as is made obvious when verbally becoming an apologist for islam, suggesting that the death threats were not of true islam ! The idiot has never read the Q’ran, not a single page. This makes obvious the rampant stupidity and blatant ignorance of the largely leftist and brain dead/brain washed media. TV and newspaper reporting lacks severely any credibility, and both have degenerated into nothing more than advertorial media, with talent stripped from possible fair reporters within the university systems. No more do we have fair, balanced or un-biased reporting, just a bunch of out of touch idiots pushing their university taught/indoctrinated ideology. I wish those pushing to bring this islamic issue into the light much success, and a safe life from here on in.


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