MUST WATCH: Arizona Parents Fight Back Against School Board's Communist 'Anti-Racism' Initiative

The school district intends to implement key elements of so-called “Critical Race Theory,” a communist created concept, in the children’s curriculum.

Enough is enough. Parents in the Litchfield Elementary School District in Arizona are fighting back against left-wing ‘anti-racism’ initiatives at the School Board Meeting.

The school district intends to implement key elements of so-called “Critical Race Theory,” a communist created concept, in the children’s curriculum. The parents are loudly rejecting the initiative, as well as pushing back on the school’s race-based hiring quotas among other left-wing racist proposals.

In a video obtained exclusively by Young America’s Foundation, parents call out school board members for pushing this radical and racist ideology on students. One brave board member joined the parents’ effort against the damaging left-wing propaganda.

As revealed in the video, a school board member admits to being behind the effort to adopt an “Equity Statement,” which was based on author Ibram X. Kendi’s definition:

“One either allows racial inequities to persevere, as racist, or confronts racial inequities, as an antiracist. There is no in-between safe space of ‘not racist'”.

The dangerous concept of “anti-racism” says it is not enough to not be “racist.” Instead, one must loudly confront racism. The obvious problem with this line of teaching is that children are being indoctrinated to believe that everything is racist because America’s institutions have racism ingrained in them.

Watch the following video of the school board meeting:

As previously reported at RAIR Foundation USA, “critical race theory”, along with the similar concepts of “white privilege” and “systemic racism” are communist creations designed to act as a battering ram against America.

The following article was originally posted at YAF:

VIDEO: AZ Elementary School Proposes Race-Based Hiring Quotas Parents and One Board Member Fight Back in Fiery Meeting, Authored by Kare Zupkus

Litchfield Elementary School District in Litchfield, Arizona has proposed enacting elements of critical race theory in a new “equity plan,” causing controversy and uproar among parents.

Things got heated at a recent school board meeting, where parents against the proposal dominated the public comment portion of the evening slamming the board members who support CRT–with some going as far as threatening to recall them from the board.

(Video – which RAIR has listed at the beginning of the article)

“My children are taught at home the value of people–that you treat people the way their character and integrity defines them in your view. That is not a place for the district or the board to impose a leftist rhetoric that has no place in our schools,” one parent lamented.

The sole school board member opposed to CRT, Jeremy Hoenack, slammed his fellow board members for their lack of transparency in the truth behind the training.

“How do you increase the diversity of applicants by race? That’s illegal–the diversity of hiring should be based on the applicants’ ability to excel at their job, regardless of their skin color,” Hoenack remarked on the proposal for proposed racial hiring quotas for teachers.

The full proposal, obtained exclusively through Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tip Line, suggests minimizing punishment for black students, and re-examining library book selections and class curriculum to become more inclusive. The proposal centers around Ibram X. Kendi’s definition of “anti-racism.”

The district, composed of 10 elementary schools and 5 middle schools, boasts only a 57 percent proficiency rate in math, and 56 percent proficiency in reading–yet these school board members have taken it upon themselves to instead focus on dividing students with hateful rhetoric and false narratives regarding racial discrimination.

Jeremy Hoenack and these brave parents refusing to bow to the woke mob set an example for the rest of America––we must not be afraid to stand up against what is fundamentally wrong, especially when it comes to the education of our children.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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  • School boards set school policies. If your school district is promoting radical social policies; attend the meetings with all your neighbors! Help elect pro American board members! Look in the mirror to see the solution to your school district’s problems.


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