Must Watch: Australian Senator Slams 'Vaccine' Side Effects - Inhumane to Force Second Shot

“Vaccine mandates need to be lifted immediately.” – Senator Gerard Rennick

During an appearance on Sky News, Australian Senator Gerard Rennick spoke out for the people who have suffered adverse events from Covid shots. Despite the Sky news host trying to silence the Senator, he slammed his government for mandating the experiment mRNA shots, which has caused adverse effects in many people. Furthermore, he called it downright inhumane to force someone to take a second shot if they suffered an adverse event from the first.

The Liberal Queensland senator addressed several troubling cases where people suffered serious side effects from receiving the jab. Recently, Rennick spoke with a 37-year-old Australian female police officer who had a stroke fifteen minutes after receiving the “vaccine.” The severely ill woman was threatened if she did not receive a second jab, she would lose her job.

Next, he discussed a 19-year-old woman who is suffering from blood clots in her legs and lungs. She’s in the hospital after receiving the Pfizer shot last Thursday night, reported the Senator.

Senator Rennick also spoke with a 31-year-old man paralyzed on one side of his body since September. He has been without income for two months and had just taken took out a mortgage before he got the injection. Despite his injuries due to the first injection, the Australian government informed the man that he must still get a second shot.

It’s bad enough that people aren’t allowed to choose whether to take a vaccine. Still, it’s even worse than they’re forced to get a second vaccine after experiencing a severe side effect. Furthermore, the government doesn’t even offer financial support when they cannot work, exclaimed the Senator. He vowed to continue to fight to ensure people receive immediate income support for those who cannot return to work.

Watch Liberal National Party Senator, Gerard Rennick, heated discussion on Sky News with Labor Party Senator Murray Watt:

Following the Senator’s October 26, 2021, interview on Sky News, he posted a letter on Facebook that he sent to Austalia’s left-wing Prime Minister, Scott Morrison denouncing his Covid policies. Rennick explained that he would not vote with the government until he enacted several policies, including stopping all vaccines for children, overturning workplace vaccine mandates, and ending coronavirus domestic travel restrictions.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • The only good news we all clever people are waiting for is, when we hear that Biden and his criminal gang is in Hell and citizens can be safe again!

    • Agreed…
      But, diaper Biden is a puppet. Should he die before term he will have real physical strings attached and behave more like an adult than a 14 y/o in a girls gym. All the time, he and his wife spewing that they are in authority so we MUST do as they say unquestioningly.

  • The Italian Higher Institute of Health has drastically reduced the country’s official COVID death toll number by over 97 per cent after changing the definition of a fatality to someone who died from COVID rather than with COVID.

  • The TV host is a shill for Australia’s tyrannical government. Scott Morrison, the PM must be tried for crimes against humanity.

  • On U.S. television and the radio every day for decades, pharmaceutical companies have described the benefits of their products accompanied by straightforward, detailed descriptions of their potential negative side effects. By providing this information to the general public, so they can consider the benefits as well as the risks, relationships built on trust were created.

    On U.S. television and the radio throughout the COVID era, however, we have rarely seen—from the pharmaceutical companies or from the federal government—the benefits of the vaccines accompanied by straightforward, detailed descriptions of their potential negative side effects. By not providing this information to the general public on television and on the radio and by enacting mandates, instead, relationships built on trust never had a chance. Let’s hope they do a better job with the antivirals and with any vaccines planned for the future.

    • They aren’t allowed, by law, to ‘advertise’ an experimental EUA product. That’s why the MSM is so involved in pressing the CDC/FDA/BigPharma ‘safe and effective’ line, against all data (that we can uncover, that is).

  • Who are these two guys? Representatives of IG Farben, moonlighting as ‘journalists’? Is Sky News owned by the pharmas?

    • Sky is a bit like Fox, IMO, so they DO have commentators on there who play to the other side of this argument – whether that is some form of controlled opposition or simply an ambit claim to remain relevant…..only time will tell.

  • This is the deadliest vaccine in the history of vaccines. It was rushed to market bypassing animal testing which it failed in all previous animal trials. There’s no long term data and these guys think it’s safe? And they think side effects will only happen immediately after the jab? Tell that to those who got cancer from Chantix. Not to mention it doesn’t prevent you from getting or spreading covid. Most people will die from this shot.

    • There are already reports of explosions in cancer diagnoses – unsurprising, given that the shots appear to wreck your INNATE immune system also. Blood tests post-jab show massive increases in granulocytes (which likely indicate massive tissue damage occurring in the body) as well as CD4 and CD8 levels plummeting to the floor. So, not only do the tests and jabs (at least) contain carcinogenic substances, and the jabs wreck your DNA repair mechanisms, but the immune cells that protect you from cancer have been shown to plummet to the floor. And this doesn’t even get into the rest of what’s actually in these jabs (including DNA from at least 3 other species, from what I’ve seen, and stem cells from aborted fetuses, and nanotech for your new “operating system”). People also need to be aware that this is an EXPERIMENT, so NOBODY knows the extent of what may happen to the participants in this experiment, and not everyone is getting the same thing. I think many placebos have been given, and I also think that different doses are likely to be in different batches also. There is also MUCH more to DNA than most realize – we are being attacked at the very core of our beings.

  • Well, someone in Australia with a backbone. If the nation turns to Christ the Lord will turn this around. But will they?

  • DON’T take RNA injections. There is No pandemic.
    600,000 die each year from cancer, but government doesn’t force chemo and radiation on us. 660,000 die each year from heart disease, but we aren’t force fed anti-cholesterol drugs. Only 400,000 die each year WITH covid, not from it (6%). There is no pandemic. Tell your friends, family, and employers to calm down.

  • This “reporter” seems to argue a certain viewpoint. I didn’t think that was the job of “reporters”? Comment form 2009

  • Media whores…discrediting the advocate who is trying to help victims who took the jab.

    We have 45,000 deaths and 100s of thousands in mNRA shot injuries in the US, ON RECORD. The numbers are so scary the bureaucrats are now changing their databases to fit the corporate narrative.

    • ALL data have been manipulated right from the start of this and so, yes, this is absolutely occurring. Most jab reporting systems only catch from 1% to 10% of the reality anyway. There have also been multiple “definition changes” throughout the course of this “pandemic” (which was never a pandemic), and they never even proved a virus was present, let alone caused the so-called Covid-19. Most of the “policies” are based on “data modelling” (and don’t even get me started on that), and NOT on independent non-corporate (read – fraudulent) science. Medicine and science have been fully captured for a LONG time. I’ve dealt with doctors with cognitive dissonance numerous times, including in the hospital – the mind-control programming is astounding, and starts with the control over their education and then their licensing.

  • Don’t forget Australia – Labour and the Greens have been all-in regarding this course of action also. NONE of our major parties can any longer be trusted – only individuals who have spoken out, United Australia and Australia One, and independents should be voted for in the next elections. Those quietly going along also need to GO. Wake up, or you will find yourself in a dystopian nightmare.

    • My question is why is it only now that all you people are now seeing that the major parties are corrupt to the core and cannot be trusted. They have been like this for years and years. Their corruption knows no bounds.

  • The interviewer is so closed minded as to be moronic and unwatchable… get someone who can actually conduct a proper interview and allow folk to speak instead of harping over a stupid point about a FB where the operative word is “hearing” and anecdotes are heard! he appears to be a complete numbskull…

  • This so-called ‘reporter’ is being a shill for .gov who is IGNORING the CDC data, ignoring the fact that there is a SUPPRESSION of the data by a factor of 5, according to their own employee-turned-whistleblower, and the fact that only 1% of ‘adverse’ events get reported. They KNOW this. So when we look at we see that there have been 19,532 deaths. That’s 1% of the actual number, so add 2 zeroes, and that’s 1,953,200. Multiply by 5 and that’s 9,766,000 deaths. OF the jab. NOT of ‘covid’. It’s never been proven to exist in-the-wild (outside of a lab). Last I read is that 104 governments and health organizations have had FOIA requests for documents PROVING isolation and charachertization of the ‘virus’ FROM a human patient. None have provide the requested documents.


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