Must Watch: Inspiring Massive Effort to Support Canada's Wounded Warriors and First Responders (Videos)

Patriots took part in a 36-hour, march and a motorcycle ride in support of the veterans, serving members and first responders, as a show of strength, and unity to conquer the stigma of PTSD.

Beginning at midnight Friday, August 8th, Dylan Pace and his fellow Canadian military veterans embarked on a a 36-hour, 175 kilometer march from  Canadian Forces base, Petawawa to the National War Memorial in Ottawa. This two day trek was organized by Pace to raise funds to donate to Wounded Warriors Canada and increase awareness of military veterans who are suffering from operational stress injuries.

The group of men wore weighted vests, and did 22 push-ups every hour, on the hour. Equal to 792 push-ups over the 36-hour period. The number represents the 22 American veterans who die by suicide every day.

As of Sunday, August 9th, the march resulted in over $32,000 in donations to help those injured veterans and their families. The services offered to those injured are deep and diverse, ranging from service dog training to therapy for children.

Wounded Warrior Canada’s Executive Director Scott Maxwell added, “we are turning conversation into action and helping to de-stigmatize those feeling ill and injured.”

Watch RAIR’s exclusive interview below:

The Director of Health Services for Wounded Warriors of Canada (WWC), Philip Ralph, who attended the event for his organization spoke to RAIR about the various mental health services they offer Canadian veterans, first responders and their families. One specific program that has generated a lot of attention is the PTSD service dog program.

Ralph explained that since 2012,

Wounded Warriors Canada is the largest funder in Canada of PTSD service dogs or veterans and first responders. We support about 100 service dogs through our providers. We have six providers currently.

According to WWC, “The average cost to properly train and pair a service dog is $15,000 and takes on average two years to complete the pairing process.” Every year, they have been able to raise about 750,00 to 800,00 because of donations from the public.

As Ralph explains, service dogs have been shown to help those suffering with a diverse set of physical, mental and social health issues, lower anxiety, and reintegrate into their civilian lives. Properly trained PTSD Service Dogs can and do change, and save lives.

Wounded Warriors of Canada has reached a point where the demand for service dogs has outstripped the funding capacity requisite to train and pair service dogs with ill and injured Veterans and First Responders. If you are interested in supporting this much needed program please donate here

Watch RAIR’s exclusive interview with The Director of Health Services for Wounded Warriors of Canada, Philip Ralph:

The organization Military Minds Inc. (MMI) joined in the mission to support Canada’s wounded veterans and first responders. The organization’s Rolling Barrage (TRB) held its fourth inclusive cross-Canada motorcycle ride in support of the veterans, serving members and first responders, as a show of strength, and unity to conquer the stigma of PTSD.

Members of the Rolling Barrage

The Rolling Barrage acts as MMI’s rolling fundraiser, generating money for programs and organizations that provide assistance to those who serve our country. 

According to The Rolling Barrage,

This rolling motorcycle rally encourages veterans, serving CAF members, and first responders, to get together and confirm our sheepdog society. Brotherhood/Sisterhood is significant in any healing and this will show the spirit across the nation. However, this ride is open to ALL riders and not just military in nature. In fact, we openly invite civilian riders, as a way to show resounding support for our troops and those who answer the call every day in uniform.

For many, this ride has become a rolling support network and therapy event. It allows those who struggle with PTSD to find a community that they can trust, where they can connect with others who have gone through similar experiences. To learn more about the organization and/or make a donation, please visit The Rolling Barrage web page.

Watch RAIR’s exclusive interview with Paul Harmon from the Rolling Barrage:

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