Must Watch: Rohingyas & Indian Muslims threaten to Kill Hindus and wipe India off the map

Meanwhile, the mainstream media and India’s left-wing portrays Rohingyas as innocent victims denied refuge by Prime Minister Modi’s “islamophobic” government despite the evidence that they are a serious threat to national security.

As shown in the below RAIR Foundation USA exclusively-translated video, Indian Muslims stand with Rohingyas as they threaten to wipe India off the map and slaughter Hindus if their demands for shelter are not met.

As reported in OpIndia, “Illegal migration of Rohingyas to India and the decision to settle in any part of the country is being masterminded by a core group, created by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).”

Rohingyas also have dangerous ties with several extremist groups such as Lashkar-e-Taiba in Pakistan, the Taliban in Afghanistan, Daesh in Iraq and Syria, Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) in Myanmar and HUJI-A network in Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media and India’s left-wing portrays Rohingyas as innocent victims denied refuge by Prime Minister Modi’s “islamophobic” government despite the evidence that they are a serious threat to national security.

To learn more about the serious threat to national security posed by Rohingyas, please read the following article below titled, “Rohingyas pose serious threat to national security, India should never let them in”, by Yogendra Singh, on October 15, 2019, at Opindia

“In the past two years the Rohingyas – a minority Muslim ethnicity residing in the Rakhine state of Buddhist majority Myanmar – have dominated the world news. Global media, human rights organisations and Islamic ummah have poured their heart in support of Rohingyas; highlighted the ‘atrocities’ committed upon them and fired all kinds of demagoguery to make Myanmar’s Buddhist state look like authoritarian desuetude with no morality and filled with a plethora of ‘islamophobia’. Myanmar’s leader Aung San Suu Kyi – a Nobel Peace price laureate – was criticised across the globe for letting the military fight against Rohingya militants of Rakhine state.

Rohingyas for years are nationless ethnicity and have been called by UN as ‘among the world’s least wanted’. There are around 2 million Rohingyas around the world – 1.3 million and 400k of them being in Bangladesh and Myanmar respectively – hovering amidst the uncertainty of their citizenship. Myanmar, after August 25, 2017, started a brutal crackdown of the Rohingyas in their traditional backyard of the Rakhine state after a terrorist attack on police forces by a radical militant wing of the Rohingyas – the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA). The crackdown resulted in the migration of more than 7,00,000 Rohingyas into neighbouring Bangladesh and India. The Rohingyas were subjected to ‘genocidal’ crimes, in words of UN. The crisis was termed as ‘textbook example of ethnic cleansing’.

The Rohingya crisis, for entire 2017 and 2018, had captured the global limelight and dominated international coverages. Termed as ‘crime against humanity,’ the issue stained Myanmar’s relations with the world. Intellectuals from every corner started schooling Myanmar government on morality and humanity. The world had its guns – of various forms depending on gunner – pointed at Myanmar’s head for pushing ‘innocent’, as they say, Rohingyas into crisis. UN held that Myanmar military must be tried for crimes committed against Rohingyas. Canada ripped Aung San Suu Kyi of her honorary Canadian citizenship. Just months ago, US sanctioned or banned Myanmar’s military general. Collateral reputation damage reached even India and the UN, global human rights organisations and international media asked India to accept Rohingyas into its fold as refugees. And when India decided to deport 40,000 illegal Rohingyas to Bangladesh, the world got rattled and started bibbing their bits of moral superiority from the chalices of criticism

Indeed, Rohingyas have been subjected to extreme brutality and hatred at the hands of Myanmar military. As per a report, 24,000 Rohingyas were killed, 18,000 Rohingya women were subjected to sexual violence and rape, 1,15,000 homes were burned down, and 36,000 Rohingyas were thrown into the fire as a result of Myanmar military’s crackdown. By various estimates, around 7,00,000 to 7,50,000 Rohingyas crossed into Bangladesh and India for refuge. Despite the shaggy reliability of the reports documenting casualties in Rohingya crisis – which were termed by Myanmar government as ‘false’ and ‘incorrect’ – it is no fallacy that the crisis has destroyed lives of many Rohingyas and has dented the human values.

But despite their sufferings there remains a fundamental aspect in Rohingyas spawning a proclivity of repulsion against them in India. Rohingyas have not been all innocent as proclaimed by the global stakeholders and harbingers of humanity. Being true to their banal nature, international media has, deliberately or ignorantly, veiled the other side of Rohingyas. For India – which is host to more than 40,000 illegal Rohingya immigrants – it’s of great importance to clear the smog and walk the path of clarity and reality.

Background to Rohingya Duplicitousness

Adding background to their nature, these are the same Rohingyas who approached Mohammad Ali Jinnah – the radical Islamist politician who divided India by instilling the religious extremism – with a request of merger of Rohingya dominated areas into Pakistan. Few townships of Rakhine were Rohingya Muslim dominated and Rohingya leaders had approached Jinnah with a hope of ‘liberation’ from Buddhist Myanmar and merger with Islamic Pakistan. Jinnah had rejected Rohingya plea avoiding possible British annoyance.

Few months after Pakistan’s godfather Jinnah’s rejection of Rohingya proposal, Rohingyas formed a militant organisation to wage jihad against peace-loving Buddhist population of Myanmar and pan-Islamise the entire Rakhine region. They committed atrocities and resorted to burning and looting. The militants targeted Rakhine Buddhist interests as well as the government, quickly seizing control of large parts of the north and expelling many Buddhist villagers. But the Buddhists rather than being cowed down, decided to retaliate and ensured that the Rohingya Muslims are unable to change the geography of the region. Having failed to realise their dream of a separate nation, Rohingya Muslims started seeking Burmese citizenship.

Continuing reading story here:

Transcript: many thanks to Bose for the translation:

We (Rohingya) will raise our voice from the nation’s capital and take it to the whole world.

If seen all over the world, then Muslims are victims of a conspiracy. We have lived peacefully since the time of Adam – Do not dishonour us; we are a peace-loving religion.

We must be given shelter. 

And if this does not happen, then remember: our Hindu brothers’ names will remain only in the dates, and not appear on Earth.

Nobody will be able to see this country (India) on the world map.

So you have to wake up, and don’t see it as Hindu-Muslim; see it in terms of humanity.

Video Source – Click Here

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • So basically this Muslim group is saying “We are a peaceful people, so give us what we demand or we will kill you!” Does that sound like a peaceful people to anyone???

  • If these Rohingya’s are so good then why Myanmar government thrown them out? If they are so peace loving people than why they were forced to leave Myanmar?
    A clapping don’t go singlehandedly.The entire evidences of their barbarism has already came up in notices of the world communities.
    As they claims Islam is a peaceful religion,the world has by the time come to know about their so called peace loving religion.
    The entire world is on terror maps now & where ever any terrorist attacks or activities take place, it’s always done by muslims. Muslims are the root cause of all evils on the Earth.
    So all non Muslims around the world must unite together to form a common platform to fight the menace of Islamic zihaadi terror.

  • These are the snakes in the grass which are ready to strike at the first opportunity.
    The scoundrel is spewing venom and threatening to wipe out the Hindus and India from the face of the earth and yet the joker calls himself peaceful people.He is not alone,it is nearly ninety percent of the community in the Indian Sub Continent harbor the same.They talk of Ghazawa E Hind.These people are the biggest problem on earth than the corona virus.Indian Muslims are holding protest against CAA for these murderers.Shame on them.

  • Historical facts:
    1. British India & Burma – pre- 1947 India Independence & 1948 Burma Independence
    a. India: there was no such ethnic group called a Pakistani or Bangladeshi.
    b. Burma: there was no such ethnic group called a Rohingya – Census records of the Muslims in Arakan refers to
    the Muslims as INDIAN MUSLIMS.
    2. 1946/47: Mr. Abdul Gaffar MP Maungdaw. Arakan submitted a memo to the then Govt. of Burma, requesting that the
    Muslims of Arakan – registered as INDIAN MUSLIMS be referred to as ROHINGYAS!!! the request was REJECTED.
    Following which, the Muslim Leaders of Arakan, submitted a Petition to Mr. Ali Jinnah PM of Pakistan to
    INCORPORATE the Muslim Majority Regions of Arakan within the then East Pakistan, “TO BE WITH THEIR MUSLIMS
    For all intents and purposes, the Muslims of Arakan have from always indicated themselves as being very apart
    from the rest of the then Burma and having failed in the two divisive attempts – with the support of the Muslims
    of Arakan, began the Muslim Mujahideen Insurgency/Terrorism supported by Islamist Terrorists ie. ARSA…etc
    which has been ongoing for the past 70+ years, with the results of the 2016/17 exodus.

    3. 1971: as a consequence of the 1971 Bangladesh War of Liberation, more than 500,000 Bangladesh Muslim Refugees
    crossed the borders into Arakan (an event most Articles/Reporters, UN in particular have deliberately avoided
    from raising for obvious reasons) as a result of this,today there are an estimated 1,200,000 of these
    Bangladeshi Refugees the descendants/dependents that are today those refugees that are now Bangladesh!!!!

    Myanmar does not owe anyone of these an apology and in fact, is owed and Apology.

  • All muslim govts like Saudi , Turkey, Pakistan are allies of USA, UK, and western countries. These are worlds most fascist and radical nations yet they are best friends of USA govt. They are recipient of highest USA defence weapons and aid for last 75 years.
    For 75 years Pakistan did genocide of hindus and sikhs but Americans congress kept quite. Pakistan corrupted the census records to hide these genocides yet Americans started quite. They changed the demographics or kashmir and violated UN resolution by not withdrawing from Kashmir yet Americans were silent. 51 minorities hanged in 1 single day in USA yet USA was quite because the Saudi funds USA elections and Presidential candidates like Clintons. What a shame now too little too late, UNO now controlled by Muslims while USA, Canada, UK, Western spread fake news and propaganda using Universities and Media against Hindus, BJP, Modi.

    Recent silence of the Media and western nations over the killings of Sikhs in Afghanistan by radical Muslim groups is testimony to the hypocrisy of USA and west whose heart broke out when Rohingya were facing exodus in Burma which raises the big question who controls the USA congress and western media.

    United Nations, UK parliaments, EU parliaments, USA Congress speaks only when Muslims are killed
    New York times, Washington Post, CNN, BBC will do propaganda only when Muslims are killed
    University Professors get paid to publish research thesis on hinduphobia, anti Hindu topics.
    NDTV India will writes propaganda news only when Muslims are killed
    Universities in USA, UK, Canada and EU are paid to attack Hindus, RSS, Modi, BJP they will never publish research papers or do research on Muslim killing non-muslims
    Obviously Hindus and Sikhs cannot pay petrol dollars to the Journalists, Activists and Media nor to Universities, hence NZ Mosque shootout was big news, Rohingya was highly marketed news.
    Even Khalsa Aid a volunteering organization will not go to support Hindus and Sikhs but will go to receive Rohingya.

    Shortcut to Money is only in doing Propaganda for Muslims hence Pieter Friedrich, Ashok Swain, CJ Werleman and many similar activist voice only for muslims.
    Facebook , Twitter will block those who attack Hinduphobes, they will block those who are Islamophobes. But they will never block those Muslims who are bread and butter to social media.

    The Hindus and Sikhs in India also speak about sickularism they will not religiously go and vote for BJP, instead they will go for picnic on voting day.

  • These refugees come to India, they do not want to go to muslim countries. They want food and shelter. Then these beggars have the audacity to openly threaten that if shelter is not given, they will wipe hindus!!!!! If they had spine of their own, they would have fought for their rights in Myanmar with current government….their they hid their tails between their legs and now they want to wag it!!!!!!Shameless bastards.


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