Nancy Pelosi: We don't need 'Proof', just 'Allegations'

“…it’s not a question of saying ‘what proof’?”

The fifth amendment to the constitution calls explicitly for due process, but in Nancy Pelosi’s world, allegations are evidently just as compelling as “proof,” as she inartfully responded to a question posed during her weekly press conference on Thursday,

When asked whether there was evidence to support her assertion that Attorney General William Barr is “implicated” in the latest fake charges against President Trump, Nancy responded as any powerful orator would:

“…as I said, this testimony implicated the rogue Attorney General who has been the puppet of the – I don’t know who’s the puppet, Trump or the Attorney General, but this is not – he says this is my Attorney General. This is my Department of Justice. Really?”

Pelosi is attempting to make the point that President Trump uses Attorney William Barr as his “wing man,” evidently, without providing any specific incidents on what makes her come to that conclusion.

But Pelosi was not finished. “So, in any case, it’s not a question of saying ‘what proof’?” she said. “[I]t says what allegations have been made and that has to be subjected to scrutiny as to how we go forward, but it should not be ignored…” (author emphasis)

Last month, Senator Ted Cruz summed it up when he Tweeted in part: “House Dems have now implicitly admitted, they cannot prove any crime or even any violation of federal law.”

Democrats have a tendency to keep throwing allegations against the wall to see what sticks. As Dan Bongino discusses regularly on his excellent show, many of the same players involved in the fake Russia allegations against the president are also deeply involved in the fake Ukraine allegations against the president.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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