Nation Divided: Veterans for Freedom Founder Details the Current Threats to Canada (Video)

Canada Divided

Canadian Veteran’s group, Veterans for Freedom (V4F) founding member Andrew MacGillivray gives a detailed white-board explanation of the fundamental nature of the politics dividing Canada. He identifies the units operating on the information battlefield (INFOWAR) and how some undermine Canada in pursuit of their globalist ideology.

Using an approximate analysis of the five main groupings of citizens in Canada (units), he demonstrates how each will play a role as the evolution of Canada continues. For example, Andrew describes the middle class as mostly disengaged. This is why so many professionals will not even look at materials as opposed to the mainstream narrative view of events happening in our world today.

“Courage,” we are reminded, “is contagious.” So the more of us that show courage, the more will join us in speaking and broadcasting the truth:

….once we wake up more of the working class, it has a ripple effect. First, they will show courage, then their neighbors, friends, and families will show courage and push back against the progressive left until they’ve either won them over or these people have been outed, and they have no impact on the battlefield any longer.

Canada United

This is the first in a series of videos that will finish with Canada United – an optimistic message of hope. In Veterans for Freedom’s next video, they will detail how they will get from a “Canada divided” to a united country. The following key steps are to continue to grow their patriot group, install patriotic bureaucrats at all levels of the government, and empower the average Canadian citizen to get involved in the democratic process. Once patriots are elected, they can “take on the technocrats and the elites, and we can work on fixing and uniting our country,” explains MacGillivray.

RAIR Foundation USA will update this article when the Veterans for Freedom second video in the series is released.

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