National Citizen's Inquiry Unveils Dr. Mary O'Connor's Stand for Patient Privacy Amidst Government Persecution (Video Testimony)

The National Citizen’s Inquiry (NCI) lasted from March 2023 until May 19th. This citizen’s Commission, led by former Reform Party leader Preston Manning and others, embarked on a tour across Canada to collect testimony from experts in various fields and individuals affected by COVID-19 and vaccine mandates.

During its visit to Ottawa last week, there was an overwhelming demand for the opportunity to offer testimony to the Commission. A second room had to be opened to accommodate those who couldn’t fit into the main room. The NCI, which aimed to address Canada’s COVID-19 response, called on people nationwide to testify as witnesses in nine hearings.

A press release from the NCI emphasized the insufficiency of relying solely on politicians and bureaucrats reviewing their own notes. Polls indicated that 3 out of every 4 Canadians felt harmed by the pandemic response, and they wanted their voices to be heard. The NCI aimed to provide a platform for those who had been left out of the government’s decision-making process.

The press release also highlighted the closure of the Public Order Emergencies Commission, which had been responsible for evaluating the government’s invocation of the Emergencies Act in response to the Freedom Convoy. This closure had left Canadians with more questions than answers regarding the response to COVID-19. The NCI aimed to address these concerns and facilitate a comprehensive conversation about what went right and wrong and how to better prepare for the future.

The NCI called upon individuals with expertise in economics, healthcare, education, mental health and wellness, constitutional matters, and any other area significantly affected by the pandemic response to testify. They also welcomed Canadians whose personal stories may have been overlooked, as these stories could help shed light on any shortcomings in the responses of the past year. The NCI was particularly interested in hearing from individuals who may have experienced harm from COVID-19 vaccines or vaccine mandates.

The NCI conducted in-person and virtual hearings, which began in mid-March and concluded on May 19th. The hearings took place in various locations across Canada, including Moncton, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Red Deer, Victoria, and Ottawa. The commissioners aimed to produce their final report by late June.

Preston Manning, the chair of the citizen’s group responsible for the NCI, took measures to ensure the inquiry remained productive. He intended to conclude the inquiry with recommendations on how the government could better handle future pandemics. Witnesses were required to affirm the truthfulness of their testimony and were subject to cross-examination.

Manning encouraged Canadians who believed the Commission was becoming biased to apply for testimony and correct the record. The goal was to provide an opportunity for diverse perspectives to be heard. Manning responded to criticisms from NDP Health Critic Don Davies, pointing out that Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam and Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith had also called for an independent inquiry into the country’s pandemic response. Manning believed that an independent and citizen-led approach offered the best chance for impartiality, avoiding potential biases of government-led or opposition-led inquiries.

No health officials or politicians from any level of government had agreed to testify. Since the NCI was not held under the federal or provincial Public Inquiries Act, it did not have the power to compel witnesses to testify. It could only extend invitations to officials and hope that some would choose to participate, aligning with the inquiry’s objectives.

Dr. Mary O’Connor

One of the doctors who testified at the Commission was Dr. Mary O’Connor, who highlighted her experience of being taken to court. Her situation began when Covid hit, and requests for exemptions from masks, PCR tests, and experimental gene therapies flooded in. Dr. O’Conner started writing exemptions but was eventually noticed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), who demanded that she turn over the names of all the patients for she had written exemptions, along with their charts. When she refused, the CPSO sent a team of investigators to seize her patient charts, but they could not find anything as Dr. O’Conner had already moved everything out of her office.

Undeterred by the college’s directive to halt writing exceptions, Dr. Mary O’Connor chose to persist, unaware that she had never received the notice until after the designated deadline had elapsed. Astonishingly, her license was suspended on December 23, 2021, leaving her to ponder the possibility of intentional delay, as the notice arrived in her email only after the deadline had already passed. Subsequently, on January 7, 2022, Dr. O’Connor was summoned to the Ontario Superior Court, facing the weighty consequences of her unwavering commitment to her principles.

To know more about Mary’s story in detail, please see RAIR Foundation’s exclusive interview with Dr. O’Connor from August of 2022.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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  • Here too. Medical doctors that refused to participate in the scamdemic protocols, or contradicted the narrative had their medical license suspended. I remember going into a pharmacy and not wearing a mask. I went to ask the pharmacist where the zinc was located. He mentioned to put my mask on. I told him that if a microbe is airborne on a water molecule it would pass through a mask. He looked at me, and chuckled, and I chuckled back. He said, you’re right. They all took Microbiology 6, as I have. They know it is baloney. However, medical tyranny is no joke, and now our Pervert-in-Chief wants to sell our sovereignty out to the WHO. We have people in power that are far too stupid to work and operate in governement.


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