Netherlands At War: Children Hunted and Beaten By Violent Racist Migrant Gangs In Gorinchem (Must See Videos)

“They don’t belong here. The same way the multicultural society’s racist violence against white Dutch people doesn’t belong here.”

Arrest these scum! Throw them in prison! – Geert Wilders

After a series of horrific racist attacks by child refugee gangs, the city of Gorinchem (also spelled Gorkum) in the Netherlands is now under high alert. These attacks on Dutch children occurred in the Gijsbert van Andel park and were captured on videos filmed by the migrants themselves. The videos have spread on social media, showing up to twelve of the refugees beating several white Dutch children.

Four videos addressing the incident in Gorinchem have been compiled below – two feature Dutch news programs discussing the incidents and the other two feature conservative political leaders, Thierry Baudet and Geert Wilders boldly addressing the attacks. Baudet and Wilders condemn the dangerous effects of illegal immigration, as well as the complicit media and leaders in the Netherlands.

Americans must decide whether we want this perilous future for our children. The war in Western Europe seems to be in its latter stages. The migrants pouring into Europe have often proven to be dangerous people, with values and ambitions that are in staunch opposition to Western values and laws.

The 2020 United States Presidential election will set the course between the suicidal path Western Europe has chosen and the preservation of our freedom, culture, traditions and national sovereignty.

Video #1:

Mainstream Dutch TV news program, EénVandaag, reported on the Gorinchem gang attacks. This program not only whitewashed the problem, but they also seemed more outraged that the attacks were shared on social media than they were disturbed by the actual attacks themselves. Neither the police nor the media mentioned the ethnicity of the perpetrators.

Due to the prevalence of such events, Dutch children reported not being shocked by the latest migrant attacks on their peers.

Suzy, were you shocked when you saw the video? —No, not really. You weren’t either? —No, I receive such videos on a daily basis.

Video #2:

Dutch news report from WNL, a public broadcasting system, discussed the attacks on Dutch children in Gorinchem. The Netherlands state broadcaster blatantly ignored all racial implications of the attacks in the program.

Video #3:

Dutch Politician, Thierry Baudet bodly condemned the racist migrant attacks in Gorinchem in the Tweede Kamer (Netherland’s House of Representatives) and in the national media;

What this is about is that large groups of youths of immigration background, Moroccans, Turks, who take pleasure in hunting down white youths, beating them up, also other people, such as people with a homosexual orientation, of Jewish background; those are the minorities who are really in danger in our society nowadays. It’s getting less safe, and people won’t face up to this. 

Thierry Baudet is the founder and leader of Forum for Democracy, a conservative EU-skeptical political party. Since it was formed three years ago, it has been taking votes away from Geert Wilder’s PVV (The Party for Freedom) and especially from the VVD (The People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy), the major conservative-liberal political party in the Netherlands.

In Parliament, predictably, the VVD tried to stop a debate on the racist attacks of the Dutch children that Baudet had advocated.

Video #4:

The Donald Trump of the Netherlands, politician Geert Wilders, and his political party, PVV (The Party for Freedom), released a powerful video addressing Gorinchem. Wilders strongly condemned the racist attacks against the white native Dutch children and issued a powerful call to action;

Arrest these scum! Throw them in prison! And if they have dual nationality, then we’ll throw them out of the country, after they have served their sentence. Together with their families. Get out of here!

They don’t belong here. The same way the multicultural society’s racist violence against white Dutch people doesn’t belong here.

Wilders showed one of the videos on his twitter account:

Mr. Wilders can be seen visiting with one of the victims of the attacks and his mother in Gorinchem. The victims mother told Wilders that “the Netherlands is theirs and not of that scum.”

Many thanks to C for his many translations and hard work.

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