Netherlands Government Wants The Great Reset: Courageous Farmers Are Fighting Back (Videos)

The farmers’ protests in the Netherlands continue. Thousands of Dutch farmers have been taking to the streets for weeks. They block roads and paralyze access roads and distribution centers. In short: they are fighting for their survival – against expropriation. The reason for the protests is the Dutch government’s plans to massively reduce nitrogen emissions by up to 95 percent. That would mean the end for about 30 percent of the farmers.

These are peasant protests of unprecedented proportions. Last year, Christianne van der Wal, Minister for Nature and Nitrogen, was commissioned to reduce nitrogen emissions by 50 percent by the end of 2030. With her plans, she wants to ensure the end of many Dutch farmers. The plans stipulate that farmers will give up their farms voluntarily and receive compensation for doing so – on the condition that they guarantee never to go back to farming. If they disagree, the state will take over their farm. So the great expropriation has begun.

Nitrogen reduction by 2030

The government in the Netherlands seems to have set itself the task of ruining the farmers. With their nitrogen plans for reducing nitrogen emissions presented on June 10th, around 30 percent of farmers have to close their businesses. By the magical year of 2030, Dutch national nitrogen emissions are to be reduced by 50 percent, in many places up to 70 percent, and in nature reserves up to 95 percent.

Kill the livestock

That means the end for many farmers who keep livestock. The Dutch climate craze to comply with EU regulations means death for many animals. This is the only way to achieve climate regulations. The rulers don’t seem to care that reducing farmers and their cattle breeding will lead to an emergency in supply, or they even consciously accept it. The expropriation of farmers has started in the Netherlands, and it is only a matter of time before these plans are implemented here as well.

Manure sanctions from the EU

But the devastating nitrogen policy in Holland is not the only attack against farmers. Numerous farms are to be closed as part of the Green Deal and EU requirements. In addition, new liquid manure sanctions are to come from Brussels. As reported by De Telegraaf, less liquid manure should be applied. This would lead to high bills for ranchers – they would have to reduce their livestock.

The farmers’ protests keep Holland in suspense. Countless pictures and videos can be found under the hashtag #boerenprotest :

People show solidarity with the farmers and take to the streets in large numbers:

There is apparently no basis for negotiation. The military is said to be mobilizing tanks:

Supermarket chains and distribution centers are blocked. The blockades are already causing the first supply bottlenecks:

A police station was blocked with tractors:

Fishermen also join the farmers and block ports:

In any case, open rumors are circulating among farmers that the Dutch farmers are actually standing in the way of the EU’s migration plans. Mass immigration as part of the “UN Replacement Population Plan” could be the reason for the mass dispossession of farmers. This is how the government would come ashore cheaply:

Farmers apparently want to shut down Amsterdam Schiphol Airport:

Plan to also reduce animals and humans

No matter how you twist and turn it, there is no getting around the Great Reset. The green conversion plans after the Great Reset not only provide for a reduction in CO2 emissions by the automotive industry – animals are also to be reduced. So it’s only a matter of time before laws are passed to reduce the number of people.

This article was first published in the German newspaper Wochenblick

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  • “GOP hammers Biden for allowing emergency oil reserves to go to China: ‘compromising our energy security'”

    But so are also EU, Australia, Canada and New Zealand so proud of their own idiot leaders!

    • And adding to your idiot list is the U.K. Boris Johnson ( Prime Minister) he has pushed out for telling Lies & yet more Lies.

  • Their last stand. Our’s too.
    It’s numbered in months before the exact same thing happens here.
    The food processing plants haven’t been sabatoged for nothing.

  • The left’s plan:

    – instill fear to panic populace
    – promise that “government is the solution”
    – continue to “governments must join together to combat these GLOBAL crises”
    – control the populace through non-legislative diktats.
    – do this on several fronts, simultaneously – health, economy, fuel, food…
    – eliminate any who refuse to comply
    – eliminate any individual rights; replace them with granted group privileges
    – repeat until the populace is dependent on the government
    – repeat until there is non one left alive to refuse compliance


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