Netherlands: Migrants Celebrate Living on '5-Star' Cruise Ship While Citizens 'Cannot Afford Groceries and Energy' (Videos)

“This government policy is insane, insane and sick. Our people get a crumb, strangers get everything.” – PVV leader Geert Wilders

Last week a “luxurious and expensive 5-star” cruise ship arrived in Amsterdam’s port, where 1000 asylum seekers were received. The MS Galaxy, which the Dutch government has hired with its citizens hard earned money, will remain in port for at least six months.

At the end of August, the municipality announced that the ship would come to Amsterdam to receive illegals to relieve the burden on the application center in Ter Apel. Accordingly, the MS Galaxy departed from the Swedish capital Stockholm on September 10 and arrived in port around 3:30 pm on Sunday, September 25.

Usually, there is room on board for 2800 vacationers, but now a thousand illegals are occupying the luxury ship. The government can increase the number of illegals by at least another 1500.

The Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers will manage the ship and provide “daytime activities and education.” In addition, the illegals can enjoy “a warm cabin for two people, wifi, and a private shower and toilet.”

Since boarding the cruise ship, the “asylum seekers” have posted videos of themselves which have outraged the public. Dutch newscaster Raisa Blommestijn expressed her anger on Twitter:

Coming to the Netherlands as a migrant and enjoying a luxury cruise ship and well-prepared meals here. Quick, call on all your friends to come too! In the meantime, the Dutch have been on the waiting list for a home for years and cannot afford groceries and energy. gross scandal.

PVV leader Geert Wilders is also furious that Dutch citizens are suffering while asylum seekers are being taken care of. The leader posted a series of Tweets airing his grievances:

Everything is free for asylum seekers. Nice hot food, heating, and care. All for nothing on luxury cruise ships. While our own people cannot pay their energy bills and many elderly people are in diapers due to lack of healthcare staff.”

In another social medial post, Wilders slammed the government for not taking care of its own citizen’s hunger problem but instead spending the country’s money on illegals.

They eat half an apple pie for dessert. After a dinner with meat, potatoes, rice and various vegetables. At our expense. While Dutch families with children skip meals and can no longer afford their groceries. SHAME!

Wilders exposed that many of the so-called asylum seekers are nothing more than economic migrants, not people fearing for their lives and escaping war:

And meanwhile, fortune hunters are advertising our super-deluxe luxury five-star shelters on cruise ships on TikTok. This government policy is insane, insane, and sick. Our people get a crumb; strangers get everything.

“The asylum profiteers shamelessly show on TikTok how they cheat. By car, bus, and plane through four or five safe countries, then fly to the Netherlands to request asylum here and to parasitize in the 5-star cruise ships of our money,” reports Wilders.

Below is a collection of films made by illegals as an advertisement for the super-deluxe luxury five-star reception located on cruise ships in the Netherlands:

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