Netherlands Vaccine Propaganda: ‘Until We Are All Vaccinated – Wait To Get Pregnant’ (Video)

Netherlands Vaccine Propaganda: ‘Until We Are All Vaccinated – Wait To Get Pregnant’ (Video)

  • Posted by Amy Mek
  • On January 28, 2021
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During the podcast ‘Virus facts’ from ‘NPO Radio 1’, Diederik Gommers, a famous medical advisor to the left-wing Dutch government, instructed anyone with a desire to have children to wait until everyone receives the gene-altering mRNA injection mislabelled as a “vaccination”. With a sizable portion of the Dutch population cynical about the efficacy and safety of the hastily approved “vaccine”, the government is now ratcheting up its fear-heightening rhetoric to dissipate this resistance.

Any government instructing citizens about “pregnancy” raises alarms at RAIR Foundation, as the main driver of Bill Gates vaccination agenda is population control.  

“With a child in your belly, your diaphragm rises and then your lungs become somewhat smaller. Pregnant women simply have less reserve and better not catch Covid-19 in the end. Because you’re more likely to suffer respiratory problems” says Gommers, the Chairman of the Dutch Association for Intensive Care (NVIC).

“So if you want to get pregnant, wait until we are all vaccinated”, is how the radio interviewer, Tijs van den Brink sums it up. “Yes absolutely! Wait until we have those vaccines, after the summer you can all get pregnant again,” declared the famous Dutch physician who is heralded by the left.

The reaction to the famous doctor Gommers was swift. The doctor’s failure to mention any possible effects on reproduction or pregnancy due to the untested mRNA injection, raised anger across the Netherlands. The Pfizer “vaccine” which he is pushing, has only ever been tested on pregnant rats, but not on pregnant women.

Watch the following video exclusively translated by RAIR:

The willingness for the Dutch to vaccinate has been low. According to a poll, only one third of healthcare staff are willing to take a coronavirus vaccine. In another study, one in five Dutch people indicate that they ‘probably’ to ‘definitely’ do not want to be vaccinated. People’s main objection to the coronavirus vaccine, “I don’t want to be a guinea pig.”

Instead of the Dutch government honestly addressing legitimate vaccine concerns, they continue to push vaccination propaganda. A video of Gommers being injected with the vaccine under the watchful eye of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Netherlands was filmed and quickly circulated by the government and media.

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Many thanks to C. for the following translation:

…a child in your belly, then your diaphragm goes up, then your lungs shrink, and those 
people, pregnant people, have less in reserve, and better not catch COVID, you understand?

Because you’re more likely to suffer respiratory problems. 


So if you want to get pregnant, wait a little until you… until we’re all vaccinated, is 
that what you’re trying to say? Yes, absolutely! You should wait a little.

I thought that a baby boom was on its way? [laughter]

But, because of COVID, I’d postpone it a little.

Wait until we have those vaccines, after the summer you can all get pregnant again.

[laughter] OK, we’ll wait a while.

Marion, postponing pregnancy, do you agree? Well, Diederik says so, so yes [sarcasm].

Um, personally, I think that lack of breath… by that time, when you’re in such an 
advanced state of pregnancy, I hope that we’ll be almost done with vaccination and suppression.

If you count nine months from now, you think we’ll be… it’s January now, so it’ll be September.

Then it’s safe to give birth? 

—September, yes. Yes.

That’s my thought. —OK, OK. So, a swollen belly…


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