Nickelodeon Features Drag Queen Teaching Children Race-Baiting LGBTQ politics (Video)

Children are far from immune to the leftist obsession with melanin, genitalia, and sexual orientation.

Nickelodeon has gone full woke in their latest video aimed at young children featuring a drag queen teaching kids about race-baiting LGBTQ politics. In April, Nickelodeon featured a video teaching young children about “environmental racism” as a part of “systemic racism”.


Nickelodeon is quite content to use a hard left activist and Drag queen Nina West, who is not shy on social media about bashing President Trump or Republicans in general.


Screenshot from Nina West’s Twitter Profile

Screenshot from children’s video

Breitbart reports:

“The ‘pride month’ video is not Nickelodeon’s only promotion of transgenderism to children. The previous week, Blue’s Clues & You put out a singalong video, also featuring Nina West, where cartoon animals of eclectic “queer” demographics participate in a pride parade.

The children’s network has also cast its first-ever openly transgender teenage actor in a live-action show, Sasha A. Cohen, who will be featured in Nickelodeon’s the series Danger Force.”

Children are far from immune to the leftist obsession with melanin, genitalia, and sexual orientation. Do not think your children will find solace elsewhere. As reported at Fox, the Cartoon Network is also indoctrinating kids:

“Cartoon Network is celebrating LGBTQIA+ kids and families who radiate joy, inclusivity and authentic self-expression,” a narrator says. At one point, a child who goes by the name of “Jax” explains that they use “he/they pronouns.”

From a Cartoon Network Instagram Post:

The Cartoon Network thanked “amazing partners” Colage and San Diego Pride, who work with young LGBTQI+ children. Here are two tweets from each of the organizations who serve as “partners” to the Cartoon Network:

Singing about the colors in the Pride flag, Nina West serenades young children in part:

“Baby blue, pink and white represent transgender people because every letter in LGBTQ plus is equal. And Black and Brown represent the queer and trans people of color.”


Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • USA today is really sick! Those LGBTQ and Pride idiots should all be locked in a mental hospital, together with history’s most stupid “president” ever: Bidet.

  • When a major US cable organization features a cross-dressing tranny to “teach” children about race and other things, we know the mainstream has turned totally sick. It’s time for pitchforks and torches.


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