No, Ahmaud Arbery was not ‘Jogging’ and other Media Lies

No, Ahmaud Arbery was not ‘Jogging’ and other Media Lies

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  • On May 12, 2020
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The media has been breathtakingly irresponsible when it comes reporting the Ahmaud Arbery case, using hyperbolic ridiculous language and telling blatant falsehoods such as the whopper that Arbery was “jogging” on the day of his death. As facts are revealed, the media distorts itself into making those facts fit their desperate narrative of “white people are indiscriminately killing black people.”

Here is the real story.

Ahmaud Arbery died on February 23, 2020 in the Satilla Shores neighborhood of Brunswick, Georgia. He was running away after exiting a property that he did not own, based on a 911 call made moments before his death and based on video evidence, both can be seen below. Travis McMichael and his father, retired police officer Greg McMichael, chased him in their truck in an attempt to conduct a citizen’s arrest. Neighbor Bryan William followed in his vehicle and took the video showing the resulting shooting, which happened after Abery attempted to take the weapon.

Screen capture of Arbery outside of the home under construction before he walks in.

There are reasonable questions to be asked on the shooting. But those questions should be non-hysterical and conducted using a frame-by-frame analysis of the video, coupled with witness statements and direct questioning. Did Travis McMichael, the shooter, have an itchy trigger finger? Was his only option to shoot? Was he justified in shooting Arbery? Did he have reason to believe his life was in danger if he did not shoot Arbery?

According to local news source, in the months preceding the tragic killing, “official reports, or statements” were filed “from the McMichaels and their neighbors…reporting the theft of a weapon from a vehicle and incidents of trespassing.” This is also indicated in the 911 call.

Here is the raw footage of Arbery walking around the property, going in, and running out.

Start at the 13:30 mark:

Listen to the 911 calls:

The Atlantic Journal Constitution reported that Waycross Judicial Circuit District Attorney George Barnhill recused himself after Arbery’s mother “clearly expressed” that she wanted him off the case. Barnhill’s son, a prosecutor, worked with the elder McMichael – before he retired – in the Brunswick District Attorney’s office where they “both helped with the previous prosecution of [Ahmaud] Arbery” in yet another case involving the young man. McMichael knew Arbery and recognized him “from surveillance video that captured a recent burglary.” McMichael told Glynn police that he planned to make a citizen’s arrest.

Ahmaud Arbery was capable of illegal activity, and had a “juvenile and adult felony record” according to Barnhill. Arbery’s older brother Marcus “has gone to prison in the past and is currently in the Glynn jail, without bond, awaiting new felony prosecution” as reported at a local outlet. Yes, Ahmaud Arbery’s history is important in determining his character.

A local news report from Dec 9, 2013 stated that “Ahmaud Marquez Avery” attempted to enter a high school basketball game with a .380 caliber semi-automatic handgun when he was 19 years old. It is unclear why his name was different, perhaps a misprint. Two police officers were injured as they attempted to apprehend him:

“The man ran through the parking lot. I tried to get him to stop as well. He would not stop for us,” said Glynn County Schools Chief of Police, Rod Ellis. ‘We ended up chasing him to the back of the school were other officers helped us apprehend him.’ Ellis said the .380 caliber semi-automatic handgun slipped out of the teen’s pants… Two of the police officers suffered injuries. One has been treated for a fractured hand.”

Barnhill wrote in his recusal letter (archived) his reasons for believing that the McMichaels were within their legal rights to pursue Arbery (intending a citizen’s arrest) and why the homicide was justified, as Arbery was attempting to take the weapon from Travis McMichael. Again, it is Barnhill’s opinion that the shooting was justified, but this should be allowed to be played out in court, without the media hysteria.

District Attorney Joyette Holmes has taken over the case. This author’s fervent hope is that she can clench her jaw and do the principled work required without succumbing to the mob.

Screen capture of protest for Arbery

The McMichaels have been arrested in what appears to be a politically motivated move inspired by the outcry of hard left agitators. There is zero evidence that Ahmaud Arbery was out for a jog on the day of his death. Additionally, there is zero evidence that Travis and Greg McMichael were motivated by “racism” when they pursued the young man that fateful day. In fact, there is evidence to the contrary on both counts. Yet, the mainstream media insists on repeating these lies, pushing their beloved and patently false narrative that white people are chomping at the bit to kill black Americans.

Journalists have a sacred duty to tell the truth, but that vision has strayed over the decades as political partisans have dug their claws into all of America’s once-revered and trusted institutions. There have always been radical left journalists, but principled truth tellers also had a platform. That platform has been rapidly diminishing for some time. Americans unfortunately cannot trust the news at face value. It is incumbent upon us all to do our own research.

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