No, Ahmaud Arbery was not 'Jogging' and other Media Lies

The media has been breathtakingly irresponsible when it comes reporting the Ahmaud Arbery case.

The media has been breathtakingly irresponsible when it comes reporting the Ahmaud Arbery case, using hyperbolic ridiculous language and telling blatant falsehoods such as the whopper that Arbery was “jogging” on the day of his death. As facts are revealed, the media distorts itself into making those facts fit their desperate narrative of “white people are indiscriminately killing black people.”

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Here is the real story.

Ahmaud Arbery died on February 23, 2020 in the Satilla Shores neighborhood of Brunswick, Georgia. He was running away after exiting a property that he did not own, based on a 911 call made moments before his death and based on video evidence, both can be seen below. Travis McMichael and his father, retired police officer Greg McMichael, chased him in their truck in an attempt to conduct a citizen’s arrest. Neighbor Bryan William followed in his vehicle and took the video showing the resulting shooting, which happened after Abery attempted to take the weapon.

Screen capture of Arbery outside of the home under construction before he walks in.

There are reasonable questions to be asked on the shooting. But those questions should be non-hysterical and conducted using a frame-by-frame analysis of the video, coupled with witness statements and direct questioning. Did Travis McMichael, the shooter, have an itchy trigger finger? Was his only option to shoot? Was he justified in shooting Arbery? Did he have reason to believe his life was in danger if he did not shoot Arbery?

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According to local news source, in the months preceding the tragic killing, “official reports, or statements” were filed “from the McMichaels and their neighbors…reporting the theft of a weapon from a vehicle and incidents of trespassing.” This is also indicated in the 911 call.

Here is the raw footage of Arbery walking around the property, going in, and running out.

Start at the 13:30 mark:

Listen to the 911 calls:

The Atlantic Journal Constitution reported that Waycross Judicial Circuit District Attorney George Barnhill recused himself after Arbery’s mother “clearly expressed” that she wanted him off the case. Barnhill’s son, a prosecutor, worked with the elder McMichael – before he retired – in the Brunswick District Attorney’s office where they “both helped with the previous prosecution of [Ahmaud] Arbery” in yet another case involving the young man. McMichael knew Arbery and recognized him “from surveillance video that captured a recent burglary.” McMichael told Glynn police that he planned to make a citizen’s arrest.

Ahmaud Arbery was capable of illegal activity, and had a “juvenile and adult felony record” according to Barnhill. Arbery’s older brother Marcus “has gone to prison in the past and is currently in the Glynn jail, without bond, awaiting new felony prosecution” as reported at a local outlet. Yes, Ahmaud Arbery’s history is important in determining his character.

A local news report from Dec 9, 2013 stated that “Ahmaud Marquez Avery” attempted to enter a high school basketball game with a .380 caliber semi-automatic handgun when he was 19 years old. It is unclear why his name was different, perhaps a misprint. Two police officers were injured as they attempted to apprehend him:

“The man ran through the parking lot. I tried to get him to stop as well. He would not stop for us,” said Glynn County Schools Chief of Police, Rod Ellis. ‘We ended up chasing him to the back of the school were other officers helped us apprehend him.’ Ellis said the .380 caliber semi-automatic handgun slipped out of the teen’s pants… Two of the police officers suffered injuries. One has been treated for a fractured hand.”

Barnhill wrote in his recusal letter (archived) his reasons for believing that the McMichaels were within their legal rights to pursue Arbery (intending a citizen’s arrest) and why the homicide was justified, as Arbery was attempting to take the weapon from Travis McMichael. Again, it is Barnhill’s opinion that the shooting was justified, but this should be allowed to be played out in court, without the media hysteria.

District Attorney Joyette Holmes has taken over the case. This author’s fervent hope is that she can clench her jaw and do the principled work required without succumbing to the mob.

Screen capture of protest for Arbery

The McMichaels have been arrested in what appears to be a politically motivated move inspired by the outcry of hard left agitators. There is zero evidence that Ahmaud Arbery was out for a jog on the day of his death. Additionally, there is zero evidence that Travis and Greg McMichael were motivated by “racism” when they pursued the young man that fateful day. In fact, there is evidence to the contrary on both counts. Yet, the mainstream media insists on repeating these lies, pushing their beloved and patently false narrative that white people are chomping at the bit to kill black Americans.

Journalists have a sacred duty to tell the truth, but that vision has strayed over the decades as political partisans have dug their claws into all of America’s once-revered and trusted institutions. There have always been radical left journalists, but principled truth tellers also had a platform. That platform has been rapidly diminishing for some time. Americans unfortunately cannot trust the news at face value. It is incumbent upon us all to do our own research.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • This was a justifiable, he was NOT jogging. The media needs to tell the truth for once.

      • WRONG! You can’t just assume someone is guilty and make a citizens arrest. If they thought he did something wrong, they should call the police. They got what they deserved. They went out to “catch a black man” and that is what they did.

  • As one Black comedian once said, “Black people don’t Jog! That’s a White People thing! The only time you’ll see Black people running is at the Boston Marathon where 20,000 White people are chasing them!” In this case, if you believe a Black Man who was basically felon and a Thug was casually jogging through a neighborhood other than his own, and then decided to go sight seeing inside a house under construction, then you’re probably a Racist or an Idiot!! Now we’re going to have to witness a trial that there is no way to get a murder conviction on, so what will happen is that he the Father and Son will be found not guilty, and we will have just more rioting by brainless people, and the Media will be loving every second of it!

  • I have and know many people who walk into open properties like the one Ahmad walked into to look at the work, see what’s happening. It’s not unusual for anyone to do that. Anyone who had a gun pulled on them would try to take that weapon away. So now you are saying the man who wielded the gun fears for his life when the man who had the gun pulled on him is trying to save his!!!! He done nothing wrong! I am astounded and so disheartened by this racist “It’s okay to kill a Black man” reporting. It makes me so angry and more fearful for my family members every day. And you WONDER why Black people are angry and in fear!

    • Your comment is evidence that you did not read the article, but are knee-jerking with the same tired lie that “white people are gunning down black people in the street.” Read and consider the points made, and come back when you are prepared to have an adult discussion about the situation. In the meantime, read this and get to know the case before regurgitating leftist talking points.

      • They got what they deserved. If they suspected him of a crime, they should have called the police. Instead, they decided to attack him. THAT IS WRONG!

    • Really. Do you know anyone who has prior felony conviction yet goes into the same house four times and in the dark of night. The pictures are made to look as if the little house tours were in the light of day by the use of inferred photography. The liberal press can be just as deceptive as conservative conspirators.
      And as for attacking some one with a gun. No way would I try that unless I am sure otherwise I will be killed and I am somehow able to extract that weapon without being shot.

    • “Anyone who had a gun pulled on them would try to take that weapon away”.

      Only if you’re an idiot moron. If Arbery truly did nothing wrong then why did he not just stop & wait for the police if he is such a model citizen.

      • These men hunted him down, chased him with their truck. I would not just wait for the police either. They should have just called the police. Watch the trial, there was NO evidence of any crime. End of story. You can’t assume someone committed a crime.

    • this morris guy spewed every BS MSNBC TALKING POINT and crazy untruths,only reason anyone from another neighborhhod goes into a house at night is to steal copper or tools,people also dont jog barefooted without socks,no one runs at 3 people with guns and if they wanted to hunt him,they wouldve shot him as he ran toward him and not waited till he attcked and began grabbing gun and hitting a man half his age,his mental condition might explain his bizzare behavior and for it to be suppressed and hidden from jury should be a reason for appeal,also this sorry judge allowing activist in the court room probably intimidated the jury

  • Nobody cares about your analysis and here’s why. White people have been justifying killing Black people for 400 years. Regardless of what you or anyone else THINKS the murder victim MIGHT have been doing or not doing the killers had the option to call the police whose JOB IT IS TO DETERMINE if the murdered man was indeed engaged in nefarious behavior. Also even IF Arbery were trespassing he has a RIGHT to FACE HIS ACCUSERS in a COURT OF LAW according to the 6th Amendment to The Constitution of The United States of America which states In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.

    This idea that a couple of yokels can get in their truck, chase down a PRESUMED INNOCENT MAN (Again that pesky Constitution) and KILL HIM claiming “self defense” due to a CONFRONTATION THAT THEY THEMSELVES CREATED is an open invitation for ANYONE to simply KILL black people that THEY “FEEL” are ”suspicious”
    They have NO AUTHORITY to be judge, jury and executioner.

    God help the hillbilly that accosts me

    • Your entire premise is false: “White people have been justifying killing Black people for 400 years.”

      Also, the Constitution does not say that citizens cannot defend themselves. Due process matters, and history matters. The men being charged with murder have a history of helping people, not hurting people. Arbery has a felony criminal background. Yes, that should be taken into consideration. I believe the answers would come in a fair trial, but these men will not get a fair trial because of hysterical individuals like yourself.

      • I was interested in your site until I began to read responses housed in the same language: Leftist vs the Right…………Whites do this, Blacks do that ………………..It’s all more complex. This primitive language just keeps the war going—–much to the “secondary pleasure” of many.

        • Thanks for your interest and if you do not believe the left ideology needs to be called out, perhaps you should switch to another site. Also, we do not say “whites to this, blacks do that” ever.

    • Slavery, which began as black men selling and owning other blacks then evolved into black men selling other blacks to whites, is at least initially to blame for the division we see today. In America ( it existed everywhere else in the world, too), slavery, prejudice, segregation and repression have been primarily the tools of the democrat party, and continue to be today. Fear of the “white man” is the democrats plan for control of all blacks, and yet it is the democrats that blacks should fear–or better yet despise– most of all. Who killed Lincoln? Democrats. Who started the KKK? Democrats. Segregation? Democrats. Voter suppression? Democrats. The list goes on and on, if you’re smart enough to seek the truth and not continue to parrot the democrats lies. Get off your knees.

    • I agree he was not stealing so they had no right to stop him. I’m sure they wish they had don’t so. But the idea that white pepper Jane been killing black people
      For 400 years is absurd. Police kill
      More whites than blacks in a given year. Most blacks who are murdered are killed by other blacks and same with whites, they are killed by other whites.

      However black on white crime
      Is MUCH more prevalent than the reverse. The media hypes every white on black crime but they are rare

    • the orginal nat turned killed children,even babies,even the abolitionist at the time said he was a POS.DOESNT MATTER THE COLOR,IF YOU CHARGE SOMEONE AND BEAT THEM AND TRY AND TAKE THIER GUN,person UR attacking has the right to defend himself,he doesnt have to allow himself to be beat todeath by a taller,25 year old atletic man or have himself,father and the other man shot .no one jogs in another neighborhood, doest go into houses at night and runs when questioned,then in weird action turn and attck and beat a person,shows he wasnt afraid,maybe even racist cause he didnt like white men to ask him why he is coming into neighborhood over and over at night

    • Interesting name .. that would be the same Nat Turner that viciously killed a lot of innocent Southerners. Listen this is a classic Marxist propaganda case. Guys like CNN setting this up as a race thing. Dont thing they don’t strategically pull out these stories because they know historically it pushes peoples emotional buttons. Now there will be a push to rid the country of the confederate flag or something else. We’ve seen this stupid playbook before.

    • Nat, Good Morning. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. I have read your response and am going to comment on your thoughts. I agree with you this was a senseless killing and those “hillbillies” as you referred to them will pay for that. Now, Ahmad was not jogging, he was looking for something to steal. There was nothing there, so he kept walking. I don’t know many people that are up going into a construction site at 4:30AM. The videos were enhanced to appear that it was day light, but it was almost pitch black (the media at work). It is true that blacks have been being killed for 100’s of years but, remember which race started all of this. Africans selling their brothers for chump change. Fast forward a couple 100 years. If you want to point fingers as you have done let’s blame the real culprits. The United States politicians. How, you say, by destroying our manufacturing base and starting an industrial revolution in China. You see those 10O’s of millions of jobs indisportionately affected the black population in America resulting in a fight or flight situation for black men. Over the past 50 years that has led to increased crime and incarceration. Next, the liberal media, wants a revolution, a race war if you will. They spread hatred and divide us on every aspect of our lives. Another interesting fact is that there is not a single individual alive that has owned a slave in the USA, but somehow slavery is a smoking gun in this country. There is a country that actively participates in slavery, can you guess which country that is? I’ll give you a hint, China. Can you change the past, no. Do you want a civil war pitting one race against the other as the media and the aristocrats are begging for? You sound agitated and you are making threatening statements in your comments. We as a country need to bury our differences and begin to hold accountable the individuals and corporations that made all of this miserable situation possible. You ask how, start over! Never vote for an incumbent as long as you live, get rid of the aristocratic politicians who have spent their lives selling off our country and creating the situation that you so much hate. It is not white people, it is politicians of all colors that have caused this all. Secondly, ban all lobbiest for those are the devils that have made it happen. You see, this country is full of corruption. The root of all evil. Until we as Americans stand the ground which was once ours we will never be happy as a country. They won’t let us. United we stand divided we are and we are failing.

  • The media has done this sort of thing for years.Always hyping every case where a black person was the “victim” by deliberately engaging in calculated deceit.They not only make the black victim look like a choir boy,but they always make the white perpetrator look like a despicable racist hater.They hammer home their narrative to such a degree that the false picture remains cemented even after the facts are revealed.Many of these black “victims” have long felony records and are far from being innocent pillars of the community.And of course if the victim is white the story is presented ambiguously or simply buried.It’s gotten so that a white man cannot do his duty or simply defend himself from the predations of a black thug without being charged with murder or causing a riot.And white people continue to tolerate this nonsense because of the endless propaganda from the media and academia making them feel guilty and obliged to take the black side instead of their own.The whole thing is a racket.

  • Use of deadly force to protect property should be allowed in the United States. In capitalism a persons labor throughout life and their abilities, sometimes privilege or dumb luck, are rewarded with money and/or “property” and is a fundamental part of our system. To have a mob or individual destroy a lifetime of work on a political whim is unacceptable and an attack on our system. We are willing to go to war to protect it but not eliminate those trying to burn it down. Freedom is not free, it is paid for with the blood of patriots. If the police could do the job we have hired them to do then citizens would not be forced too protect their lives and property.

  • Whether jogging, or holding stolen goods.

    He’s black. You don’t like his non-white sounding name.
    So you think it is ok.

    If it were YOUR SON. Your son NOT jogging. Your son stealing.
    You would NOT want him KILLED.

    Damn! BE human first! FIRST. WHO YOU ARE matters. FIRST!

  • What was he doing in the home, that didn’t belong to him…this is the question that the owners of the home and law enforcement should have asked, but weren’t given the chance. Was he looking at the construction, planning on taking something or was he casing other homes; I would be asking these same questions if he was white too, just for those who are going to say some racial BS. These neighbors should not have confronted this guy. What they should have done was get as much documentation as possible, video evidence and call the police…I understand in the moment you might think, by the time the damn police get here he’ll be long gone, so I get that view point…but you have to use your brain, the house is under construction, there are no personal belongings inside yet, certainly none that would belong to the neighbors and there was no one inside that might be in danger; therefore, bringing any confrontation is unnecessary and engaging a complete stranger with a firearm is the most ridiculous thing that someone could do. I don’t think the neighbors should have been charged with MURDER because I honestly don’t believe they had any intention on killing the guy. I think whoever got the firearm probably did so as means of protection in case the guy had a weapon AND may have had the intention of using it as a means of intimidation, in order to keep him there until the police shows up; I really don’t think the intention was to shoot him, now I could be dead wrong here, but this is what I feel.

  • If one is to take known stats of black on white assails and the reverse one would note that a massive preponderance of these assaults lies with black males 50 to one odds that black males are 50 times more likely to assault a white person! White males comprise 30 percent of the US pop. You can divide 7 percent into 30 which kicks up the assault likelihood in favor of the black male pop by 200 to one odds that a black male will assault a white person including rape of women as well! If we use these stats like the left does for proof of racial hatred it clearly lies with the blacks in America!

  • You need to look at his priors to make an informed decision! He had previous encounters with where the police were injured!

  • All I can say is where a disregard for ligament rule of law based on hard facts, in favor of damning decisions based on opinions of threatening, screaming mobs and political agendas, amounts to a literal political inquisition running the country. Inquisition virtually always precedes tyranny. This might as well be 350 years ago when we had the same situation; screaming mobs, pointing fingers, and a condemning inquisition based on religious agenda rather than hard verifiable facts. Back in those days, the appeal to emotion screamed by the mob was “witch” rather than “racist.” During the last National Socialist tyranny, the appeal to emotion screamed by raging mobs was “Jew!”

    Personally, I’m disappointed in America, lording o’er her citizenry by an emerging political inquisition, as Lady Liberty coddles to a dawning National Socialist tyranny. If anybody thinks it’s bad now, just wait until she robs away your second amendment rights, if not your constitution outright.


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