No, the Australian Bushfires are not caused by Manmade Global Warming

The alarmists are in full force over the devastating bushfires in Australia.

The alarmists are in full force over the devastating bushfires in Australia. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been dealing with the fires in his country, as well as bearing the brunt of alarmist rage for not bowing to the mob.

“We don’t want job-destroying, economy-destroying, economy-wrecking targets and goals, which won’t change the fact that there have been bushfires or anything like that in Australia,” Morrison said earlier this month. “The suggestion that there’s any one emissions reduction policy or climate policy that has contributed directly to any of these fire events is just ridiculous and the conflation of those two things, I think, has been very disappointing,” he continued, as reported at The Guardian.

According to the article, MP Craig Kelly was also “lambasted on UK television for denying the role of climate change [in the bushfires].” The climate bullies will never let a crisis go to waste, conveniently forgetting about the natural disasters prevalent in all of history. As reported at WUWT, “fires have burnt very large areas before, and it has been hotter” in Australia.

Prime Minister Morrison is under a massive amount of pressure, but hopefully he will stand strong, because bushfires have been happening in Australia since way before the left decided to use “manmade global warming” as their springboard to socialism.

History of Bushfires in Australia

The Australian government website “Forest Fire Management” has a list of of “major bushfires in Victoria from 2013 back to 1851”. The fire from 1851, according to the site, “covered a quarter of what is now Victoria (about five million hectares)…Around 12 lives, one million sheep and thousands of cattle were lost.”

The devastating bushfire, dubbed “Black Thursday,” was documented by artist William Strutt Much reproduced and referenced in a substantial body of literature, the painting “was first displayed in the Scandinavian Gallery, at the Haymarket, London in 1864″:

William Strutt, artist. Black Thursday. La Trobe Picture Collection

An astonishing excerpt (read the whole thing) from author William Howitt, which appeared in Cassell’s Illustrated Family Paper, Vol. 1. No.6. London, Saturday, February 4, 1854:

“BLACK THURSDAY is one of the most remarkable days in the annals of Australia. It is a day as frequently referred to by the people in this colony as that of the Revolution of 1688 in England, of the first Revolution in France, or of the establishment of Independence in the United States of America. Great political events have, as yet, had a rare recurrence in this colony; national ones are but two-the discovery of gold and the occurrence of the Great Bush Fire, par excellence, of Thursday the 6th of February, 1851. That is a day memorable in the popular mind for its terrible and unexampled devastation, and which will no doubt continue to remain so for long years to come.

Bush-fires are of almost daily occurrence in one part or another of the Australian colonies, during the summer. They arise from various causes, and are, in many instances, originated purposefully, both by natives and colonists, from ideas of utility. The long dry grass of the wild country is extremely ignitable, and once kindled, the fire runs along it with startling rapidity. The fire of the grass is soon communicated to the scrub, as it is called, that is, the shrubs and underwood of the forest. These, in the long droughts and heats of summer, are as ignitable as the grass, and burn with equal rapidity, and a much intenser heat…”

A fascinating and detailed history of bushfires can be found here.

Just as in the case of the recent flooding event in Venice, Italy, it takes painters and authors who documented the natural disasters of the past to expose today’s alarmists as spewing a bunch of hot air for their own agenda.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.



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