Nokia CEO in Davos: By 2030, Smartphones Will Not Exist, Technology 'Built Directly Into Our Bodies' (Video)

According to Pekka Lundmark, in the 6G era, we can also expect very high-quality holograms. 

As part of a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark said that sixth-generation networks will appear on the commercial market by 2030. He also noted that the smartphone would cease to be the most common gadget in the near future.

The businessman believes that people will begin to abandon their usual phones in favor of more convenient and modern devices by the end of the decade. The head of the company refers to smart glasses and other devices that people will wear on their faces.

According to Lundmark, many of these inventions will be built directly into our bodies. He also predicts that by 2030 there will be a technology for developing digital twins, which will require substantial computing resources.

In order to transmit all the computer bits that the metaverse will require, networks will need to be at least 100 times or even 1,000 times faster than they are today, Lundmark said.

According to the Nokia boss, in the 6G era, we can also expect very high-quality holograms. “We could then have this meeting when in reality, we would be sitting in different parts of the world.”

Speaking on the same panel, Google CFO Ruth Porat said: “We believe that one of the big advantages of augmented reality is actually solving problems here on Earth.”

“It will be things like having glasses and being able to translate as you speak with glasses,” she added. “Those are very close.”

Google previously launched an AR headset called Google Glass but ultimately pulled it after the device failed to gain traction.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Pekka Lundmark can stuff the Nokia 6G into his ass.
    Why should anyone listen to world’s most shit mobile company that screwed their number 1 position because of arrogance.
    And what does this idiot doing in Davos together with the Google shit. I bet their Mark Suck Fuckerberg is also there sucking Terrorist leader Schwab’s dick together.

  • Scientist: We don’t need you, God, we can make our own life now.
    God: Ok, lets see it.
    Scientist: “Reaches down to grab some dirt”
    God: Oh no you don’t, create your own dirt!

  • I will never let myself swallow this trend, my body is a Sacred Temple which was given to me by Him.
    But I bet a lot of imbeciles will b happy to insert an eletronic non-natural sh.. inside their already compromised mRNA weak bodies.
    Good luck withat!

  • Not a world I want to live in!
    For many of us this will never happen, but the ignorant will “Feel” this is progress.
    I refuse to be connected all the time, never carry a tracking device, or rather “Smart phone”.

    Good luck next generation, your autonomy is on the line.

  • Yes, but they don’t tell you that your bodies won’t be human bodies after they get through with the changes they plan to make to them. “they” are sadists of the worst and most evil type. They want total control over their future, remanufactured submissive mind controlled slaves with AI installed in their former brains.

  • Where are all these people that everyone on youtube keeps saying are waking up? People I ask have no clue of anything, not even the food shortage that’s coming. People are cluess.


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