Canadian Frontline Nurse Co-Founder Responds to Brutal Political Persecution by Fighting Harder (Exclusive)

Despite being fired from her job, doxxed, labeled ‘dangerous’ by the CBC & being visited by police, Kristen Nagle pushed ahead and co-founded ‘Canadian Frontline Nurses’.

RAIR Foundation USA is honored to present an exclusive interview with Canadian Frontline Nurses co-founder Kristen Nagle, who is fighting behind the scenes for citizens every day during this time of unprecedented tyranny in Canada and around the world.

Watch the exclusive interview here and read the discussion below:

The ‘Gateway Door’

Kristen Nagle, who is sitting next to independent journalist Monique Leal during the exclusive interview, was fired from her job for advocating for freedom. She told RAIR that her “gateway door” to becoming active in the freedom movement actually stemmed from the enormous responsibility she felt as a new mother, choosing how to feed her son, who is now six. While researching the best food for his development, she discovered “corruption around our food system.” Pediatricians, for example, were not necessarily advising parents in the best interest of the children, she said.

Kristen Nagle

“And then I realized … if I’m so concerned about what he is eating, what is he being injected with?”, she said. “As a nurse, we’re not taught this,” she continued. So the young mother took it upon herself to study vaccines, which led her to believe that they are the “biggest farce in our medical system,” she said.

“So I started advocating about childhood immunizations and natural health several years ago,” she explained. Her advocacy was not appreciated by the College of Nurses of Ontario, and she “took the slap on the wrist.” But based on her own research, she believed “the next step was to mandate injections on adults, but I didn’t know how they were going to do that.”

Then, the pandemic hit.

“So December 2019, when they started talking about Wuhan, with my new knowledge of germ theory versus terrain…this was how they were going to do it,” she explained. From the beginning, Kristen knew the goal would be to “force” adults to be injected.

So Kristen organized a Freedom Rally, which “lit up the media,” which resulted in her suspension as a nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Further, she was “put under investigation” by the College of Nurses. But the rally exposed Kristen to another freedom fighter – a fellow nurse from Toronto.

Together, they went to Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2021, with four American nurses for a “health and freedom” event with the Global Frontline Nurses:

Poster for January 6 Event

The CBC ‘Destroyed Me’

Upon their return, the media naturally labeled the nurses as domestic terrorists. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) even visited Nagle at home. Read an article at Rebel News about the “witch hunt” against Kristen Nagle:

Kristen pointed out that the stage where she spoke was a few kilometres away from the Trump rally that same day, so while she did not partake in the large gathering nearby, she was aware of it. She asserted that the day was peaceful, full of good vibes and information sharing. Of course, this is a stark contrast to the cherry-picked mainstream media display of what occurred in D.C. that same day.

Nagle discussed how the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) “destroyed” her. The CBC quoted the leader of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO), Doris Grinspun, as calling Nagle “dangerous,” which prompted calls to the hospital where she worked, death threats, and divisions within her own family.

Doris Grinspun with Premier of Ontario Doug Ford

A quick perusal of Doris Grinspun’s Twitter account confirms that she is a militant leftist. Grinspun is reminiscent of radical partisans now being placed in charge of institutions and quoted by the legacy media. Just yesterday, she tweeted in support of the dictatorial Emergencies Act, and referred to protesters who dare to fight injection mandates as abusing “white supremacy powers.”

Doris Grinspun would be better suited at an antifa rally than as the head of a prominent – and now fully discredited – nursing organization.

During the Trucker’s Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa, Nagle had the opportunity to confront a CBC news crew for spreading lies and misinformation. Instead, the mother of the two asked the media if they genuinely understood the damage they were causing Canadians and their children with their lies? 

You have destroyed my life CBC. You write a lot of hit pieces on me. My family has been doxed. I have a lot of death threats. I have a 6-yr-old son and a 3-yr-old son, and you’ve literally destroyed my life because I ask a lot of questions. And do you actually believe the work you do, or do you just do it for a good paycheck?

I’m Kris Nagle. I’m a nurse, and because of the hit pieces, you guys have totally ruined my career. And I’ve been fired because of it. People have doxed my address. People have given me death threats because of the lies you’ve told.”

Co-Founding Canadian Frontline Nurses

Despite being fired from her job, doxxed, labeled ‘dangerous’ by the CBC & being visited by police, Kristen Nagle pushed ahead and co-founded ‘Canadian Frontline Nurses.’ “We could let this break us, or we could form stronger because we realized how deep this corruption was….so we formed “Canadian Frontline Nurses…”

According to their website, the mission of the Canadian Frontline Nurses “is to unite nurses, educate the public and bring ethics back into healthcare.”

Their vision is as follows:

To restore our freedoms and rights as Canadian citizens and reinstate the four ethical principles of autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and justice within nursing. We envision a future with a bigger focus on preventative care, more natural healing and the well-being of a person as a whole.

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