NY Republican Gubernatorial Candidates Astorino and Giuliani Speak at Albany Rally

“This November is going to be the revenge of the normal people”

Republican New York gubernatorial candidates Rob Astorino and Andrew Giuliani made a surprise appearance at Monday’s They’re Still Coming After Your Kids rally in Albany, sponsored by Children’s Health Defense. Both were given the opportunity to address the crowd and promised to end mask and vaccine mandates promptly upon ascension to the office of Governor. They are both also unrelenting critics of current Governor Kathy Hochul.

RAIR Foundation USA was present at the rally and captured videos of both speeches.

“This November is going to be the revenge of the normal people,” asserted Astorino, to the crowd’s delight. “We’re going to take back our government on all levels because our rights trump their votes… If we’re not thinking about tomorrow in this country, they’re going to take our tomorrow from us.”

Astorino’s campaign has been focused on ending “unscientific” mandates, preventing critical race theory and gender ideology from being incorporated into the K-12 curriculum, reversing the “soft-on-crime” policy, and uncovering the truth about relocation flights from the US-Mexico border into New York state – a story that Astorino himself broke when he obtained bodycam footage of a government contractor telling police that “everything is supposed to be hush-hush.” See the following posts:

Astorino is a longstanding opponent of mandates, believing that the decision to get the injection should be an individual choice. In his speech Monday, he promised to rehire all municipal workers who were fired because of mandates on “day one” and that he would use his authority to compel New York City to end its mandates along with the rest of the state. He encourages New Yorkers to get involved, stay involved, and vote.

Watch the following speech by Rob Astorino:

“We should all not have to choose between our health and our job[s],” said Giuliani, who is proud to be unvaccinated. “In so many ways, what the state of New York has done, it has been flat-out warfare on anybody who does not comply… This has nothing to do with the science anymore.” Not one to mince his words, Giuliani calls Hochul a “complete tyrant” when it comes to Covid policy.

Astorino accuses the government of hiding data that the so-called vaccine is ineffective, hiding data that the injections cause harm, and he demands financial accountability from the state for anyone who was coerced into receiving the shot and injured as a result. He also promises to hire back everyone who was fired over Covid policy and give them back pay.

Giuliani likewise promises to remove the “unconstitutional” mandates, if they are still in place, at 12:01 am on January 1st, 2023 (day one). His campaign also focuses on opening New York’s Southern Tier region to fracking to increase fuel production and electing anti-mandate, pro-parental choice candidates to school boards. Giuliani made several campaign endorsement videos for such candidates in the days leading up to the state-wide elections on May 17th. Curious to know how the candidates Guiliani endorsed had fared, I looked up the election results and found that all but one of his endorsed candidates (Steve Enella, an incumbent) had lost.

Watch the following speech by Andrew Giuliani:

Both candidates encourage New Yorkers to vote in the Governor’s race primary on June 28th and the election proper on November 8th.

Charlie Harden

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  • If things continue to go the rate they are going, there won’t even be an
    “America” or Western world in November 2022.


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