Ohio Community Rallies After Pro-Police Flag Banned at School Football Games (Watch)

“To see that the public cares about us, that means a lot to the officers,” Chardon Police Chief Scott Niehus said.

“To see that the public cares about us, that means a lot to the officers.” – Chardon Police Chief Scott Niehus

The community held a rally for police officers after Chardon Superintendent Michael Hanlon banned the Thin Blue Line flag from school after the Chardon Hiltoppers football team brought it out during one of their games in support of the coach, who is also a police officer. The Chardon Board of Education agreed with the decision to ban the flag, claiming that support of police officers amounts to “political activity.”

Faye Higbee of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children revealed that thankfully, at least one person disagreed. Geauga County commissioner Ralph Spidalieri “wrote a letter calling for Superintendent Hanlon’s immediate resignation.”

After the superintendent Chardon Board of Education banned Chardon Board of Education President Madelon Horvath wrote “on behalf of the board”:

“We understand that the team’s intent was simply to support our community first responders…We also understand that this action evoked immediate concerns from some members of our local community.”

Perhaps Horvath is one of the citizens who has “immediate concerns” about showing support for police officers. A quick perusal of Madelon Horvath’s Twitter feed shows exactly where she stands politically. Ms. Horvath actually retweeted an article claiming that President Trump is at fault for antifa violence in Portland:

The Board of Education member claims to have been “speechless” over a patriotic caravan retweeted by President Trump. Evidently, the community leader would prefer antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs to have the ability to attack people and property without resistance:

Cleveland Police Detective James Skernivitz, 53, a 25-year veteran of the Cleveland Police Department was murdered in the line of duty the evening before the rally.

The community decided to hold a special rally in support of police officers after the community leaders failed them.

Watch this awesome report:

Police officers notice the support, and Americans should be sure to do all they can to show officers that they stand with them during these crazy times.

It is important to take a stand, and the citizens who took part in the rally should be commended. Then, they should vote out the tyranical local officials who evidently do not have respect for those who protect and serve the community every single day.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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  • Now the police need to protect its people instead of their pensions. Time and time again I see communities support police but then the cops go ahead and arrest people in altercations with antifa. The police need to stand up for the law abiding people in their communities.


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