'OMICRON PARANOIA': 'Scientists and Journalists in Love With Covid are Irreparably Destroying Italy'

Dr. Alberto Zangrillo fears that the Covid restrictions and “paranoia,” as he defines it, will lead Italy to an irrecoverable economic situation.

After Italy’s left-wing government announced new oppressive Covid measures just before the Christmas and New Year holidays, Italian doctor Alberto Zangrillo urged people to stop buying into the climate of Covid terror and start dealing in reality. Dr. Zangrillo is a rare voice out of the chorus of the science of acquiescence, crushing the widespread alarmism on the variant Omicron. According to the head of the Anesthesia and Intensive care Department of the San Raffaele in Milan, we are facing a political and media campaign that only generates an avoidable panic.

Italy Reimposes Covid Restriction

Prime Minister Mario Draghi decided on Thursday to reimpose mandatory use of masks outdoors and indoors throughout the country. He also reduced the length of validity for Covid passports to six months from the current term of nine months. Most indoor businesses are only reserved for those who have had the “vaccine.” Italy will also reduce the time between the second “vaccine” and booster shots to four months. In the meantime, the vaccination campaign continues unabated.

Dr. Zangrillo does not support the new restrictions by P.M. Draghi to deal with a Covid variant, Omicron, that the World Health Organization (WHO) reports is predominantly mild

Omicron Variant Is Not A Death Sentence

Dr. Zangrillo is trying to restore calm and analyze the situation clearly, expressing concern for Italy’s economic and social situation instead. “People stay at home; they are afraid to go to the shops because it has been said and written that if you go out, you get the Omicron variant, and you die, but it is absolutely false,” exclaims Zangrillo to “Here, if we don’t all get our act together, but especially the media, Italy becomes an increasingly poor country.”

Economic Destruction

Zangrillo fears that the coronavirus restrictions and “paranoia,” as he defines it, will lead Italy to an irrecoverable situation at an economic level. The doctor believes that Italy faces peril until it once again attracts international shoppers to its retailers. “Do you know where I am right now? I’m in one of the most beautiful stores in Milan, but it’s desolate and completely empty,” Zangrillo says again.

The professor is condemning everyone, even colleagues who feed into alarmism. “When the country is irreparably destroyed, we will ask the “scientists” and “journalists” in love with #COVID19 ” about it, he wrote on Twitter.

However, Zangrillo has continuously attacked the media for their continued Covid hysteria. Several days ago, the professor stated on his Twitter account that the large groups of people waiting to be tested for Covid outside of pharmacies is adding to the paranoia. The media seizes on these gatherings and further spreads “contagion paranoia,” which he adds is an “incurable disease.”

Earlier in November via Twitter, Zangrillo pointed out: “Thanks to the Omicron variant, the irresponsible and disgusting media debate between experts on nothingness will ruin this last part of 2021”. 

Illnesses Other Than Covid Need Medical Attention

Zangrillo stresses the need for a competent and balanced approach in communication to avoid unnecessary alarmism. Furthermore, the doctor does not want to leave patients with different illnesses that are no less serious and lethal than Covid untreated. “At this moment,” – said Zangrillo, “we are concerned about the huge waiting lists of patients who have nothing to do with Covid.”

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Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist



    • Firsst of all the men need to grow back bones and become alpha men, not passive wimps. They need to fight back, throwing off their chains of enslavement. Humans are not livestock or meant to be slaves.

  • Omnicron Propaganda I would rather call it.
    Propaganda induced paranoia in reality it is.
    They can do it because they control the media in fact they invented the media by inventing the “Volksempfänger” with which they were able to reach every German in the old days who believed Joseph Goebbels the Omnicron Propaganda minister of his time who sold the German people the vaxx of Dr. Mengele at the time.
    Do not drink the Cool Aid!
    There and then as right here right now the same people are doing the same thing do not be fooled they are using the same methods and as such are predictable.
    They want a civil war so they can bring in Boston Dynamics army of machines replacing you and me.
    Take back your authority over your life and their authority will vanish because their authority comes from controlling you.
    Do not let yourself be fooled to act upon Lies you will only hurt yourself.
    Governments crack and systems fall ‘Cause unity is powerful – Paul Weller

  • Claude-François Robert is an idiot saying natural immunity is more dangerous than vaccines!
    What a complete idiot!

  • ” “Interrogé dans le 19h30, Claude-François Robert, médecin cantonal neuchâtelois, a “vivement déconseillé l’auto-infection. On ne maîtrise rien avec l’infection naturelle, on a 10 fois plus de risque de myocardite par l’infection naturelle que par le vaccin. Le vaccin est un produit sécurisé”.

  • Sadly, the way things are going, the Good Doctor is right, Europe’s economy is going to collapse along with its civil society. After two years of this mindless paranoia and propaganda, there can be no other result. We are witnessing mass psychosis on an apocalyptic level! Media (with censorship) and governments are solely to blame. My question what will happen when average people can’t eat or provide for their families due solely to fear and government overreaction? They will revolt, and it will be ugly, as citizens will have no other choice.

    What I can state with confidence, this cannot ultimately succeed in America, as Americans embrace a much different mindset. Once a point of critical mass has been reached nobody with half a brain will listen to anybody in supposed “authority”.

    Most Americans don’t care for people telling them what to do. You are free to ask, but not tell. Slow to anger, push too hard and average people will push back with a vengeance. Not pretty. Our Italian friends need to do the same.


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