One Year Ago, Alban Gervaise had his Throat Cut By Allahu Akbar Screaming Migrant In Front of His Children's School

On May 10, 2022, a 41-year-old military doctor, Alban Gervaise, was brutally attacked by a Muslim when picking up his two children from their Catholic school in Marseille, France. The perpetrator, Mohammed L., a 23-year-old Islamic migrant, stabbed him multiple times in the throat, causing fatal injuries. Witnesses reported that Mohammed shouted the Islamic battle cry, “Allah Akbar,” during the attack. Despite the intervention of the police and firefighters, Gervaise died from his injuries ten days later.

The left-wing media has not given attention to the killing of Alban Gervaise, who was murdered in a similar way as Samuel Paty two years earlier. The media whitewashed the attacker’s Islamic motives and immigration status. This lack of attention has caused pain to Gervaise’s family. As a response, his wife Christelle founded the Alban Gervaise Association (AGir) to honor her late husband’s memory, raise awareness about the issue, promote research, and support other families in similar situations. As she explains, her main goal is to help bereaved families when there are dependent children.

Media Attack

The media’s apparent apathy can be attributed to several factors, such as the upcoming legislative elections and the perpetrator’s identity as an Islamic migrant. The left-wing press may have chosen to overlook the incident due to the concern that it could fuel public demand for stricter immigration policies and criticism of Islamic immigration. Additionally, Gervaise’s profile as a devoted Catholic, a loving husband, a doting father, and a soldier did not fit the typical victim profile that the media likes to highlight.

The French news aggregation site Fdesouche notes that the mainstream press outlets that did cover the gruesome murder conveniently exchanged the assailant’s invocation of ‘Allah’ for ‘God,’ leading many to believe they were deliberately trying to conceal the Muslim murderer’s Islamic motives.

Mental Health Excuse

Adding further insult to Gervaise’s family was the court-appointed psychiatrist who reported that a “fight broke out” and described Alban Gervaise as the “presumed victim.” He also claimed that Mohammed has a “total abolition of discernment.” The terms used deeply hurt the wife of the soldier, Christelle Gervaise, who described it as a brutal murder, “I cannot tolerate talking about a fight. It’s not a fight; it’s a brutal murder. And my husband’s victim status is unproven?”

Gervaise’s tragic murder highlights the failed open borders immigration policies of French President Emmanuel Macron. The country continues to put its citizens at risk by failing to vet immigrants properly and ignoring the warning signs of those who have terrorist ambitions and hate the West. The media has also been accused of whitewashing the crimes committed by Islamic migrants, blaming mental illness instead of addressing the hatred for Westerners that many of them hold.

Prior Criminal Record

Mohammed L., who was already known to the authorities for narcotics trafficking offenses, was subsequently arrested by police officers from the Specialized Field Brigade (BST) of the 14th arrondissement of Marseille before being placed in pre-trial detention.

The French Army Support Association (ASAF) extended its condolences to Gervaise’s wife and children while slamming the county’s mainstream press for failing to honestly and adequately inform the public.

The tragic events of May 10, 2022, serve as another reminder of the need for action to prevent violence by an Islamic migrant from happening again. Justice should be served in Gervaise’s case, and his memory should be honored.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist



    • Absolutely right. Stern measures are needed to confront mad dogs.
      Those pigs are given too much indulgence.
      Hard thrashing needed.

  • French clever people: Why is Macron not yet hanged for crimes against humanity?
    Or better: Take the guillotines from the museums and use them!

  • Yep, media whitewashes hate crime murder, and blames mental illness. We see this all to often. A formulaic response. If you disagree, then you are castigated, and called racist. The third world does not belong in the first world. This clash of civilizations is designed to overwhelm the infrastructure. Cloward-Piven tactics. No more! Enough of this subversion by mahem!


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