Open Borders Chaos: ISIS Recruiter Arrested in Spain (Watch)

As mostly adult male migrants continue to flood Spain, the embattled country in Southwestern Europe will certainly continue to confront dangerous criminals.

A 50-year-old Moroccan citizen was arrested earlier this month for alleged terrorist activities in support of the terror group ISIS. The unidentified man was captured after his recruitment activities online were discovered by officials, who should be commended for their efforts at thwarting potential terror attacks against the citizens of Spain.

According to a local report translated for RAIR Foundation USA, Agents of the Intelligence Service of the Civil Guard and others were able to “detect the activities this person was engaged in via the internet to attract youths and radicalize them.” EuroWeekly reported that a second person was detained after he was found to have been “allegedly radicalized by the recruiter” but was released after providing a statement to authorities.

According to a newspaper in Spain, the ISIS supporter was very careful to stay under the radar, going online to find people he thought may be open to recruit “whom he later redirected to private messaging applications in order to deepen the radicalization processes.”

Earlier this year, yet another radicalized Moroccan citizen who was “linked to Isis for at least four years” was arrested after authorities noted a change in his behavior during the coronavirus lockdowns.

The Effect of Open Borders

As mostly adult male migrants continue to flood Spain, the embattled country in Southwestern Europe will certainly continue to confront dangerous criminals, as reported at RAIR only last month.

Last month, RAIR’s Amy Mek reported that the Deputy of Spain’s Vox party Rocío de Meer, who suffered a physical attack by Antifa that left her bloodied in August, bravely confronted the socialist government of Spain for their open borders policies. The member of the “Make Spain Great Again Party” declared that “Spain is not protecting its sovereignty,” she said. “It is not protecting Spaniards, and it is not protecting the doors and walls of it’s house.”


See RAIR’s list of articles on Spain below the translation.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation:

Agents of the Intelligence Service of the Civil Guard, with the help of several units of the agency
and Europol, carried out the arrest last Wednesday, October 20, in Altea (Alicante) of a
Moroccan citizen for his alleged terrorist activities as a radicalizer and recruiter on behalf of
the terror group, Daesh (ISIS).

The joint operation allowed the agents to detect the activities this person was engaged in via the
internet to attract youths and radicalize them.

The arrested man is a Moroccan citizen, born in 1970, illegally in Spain, by his own
description a militant of the terrorist organization Daesh.

He spent a large part of his time researching, editing, commenting, and disseminating
material of the terrorist organization.

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Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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